5 Essential Gym Website Features You Can No Longer Ignore

There are website features that are needed to make the website function. Then there are those features that make the website better for the user and in turn make money for your business.

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What Your Gym Website is Missing!

There are many aspects that need to come together to make a gym website successful. You need to consider, design, photography, SEO, copywriting, shareability, responsiveness, blogging, etc.

You can’t single out one item that would make a website successful. You can’t have a great SEO without wonderful copywriting and blog. A design not only has to be beautiful with one of a kind photography, but it also needs to be responsive.

There are website features that are needed to make the website function. Then there are those features that make the website better for the user and in turn make money for your business.

These are the five features that a lot of gym websites don’t have but should! If you want to have a successful gym website that constantly sends new people to your gym, then you need to implement these five features immediately.

5 Essential Gym Website Features You Can No Longer Ignore

Gym Reviews Page

People coming to your website want to know if you have a good gym and they are not going to take your work for it. They need to see others saying positive things about your gym to instill trust and confidence in your fitness business.

When a new movie comes out how often do you read the reviews? How about for a product you’re going to buy online? For restaurants, movie theatres, clothing stores and every other product or service sold there are reviews.

Add a page to your gym website where you share with visitors all of the positive reviews your gym has. These reviews are from Facebook, Google Plus, Yelp, etc. To show reviews of course you have to get some first. Ask your members to leave you a review next time they are in your gym.

Gym Blog

A blog provides fresh content to your website, and that’s great for SEO. A gym blog also provides relevant new content for your yet to become website visitors and current gym members.

As a gym owner you want your website to be a true representation of your gym and a non-active website may translate to a non-active gym to your website visitors. Share with your community that there’s a lot going on at your gym.

Share blog posts on events that you may host, a new trainer, healthy meals, fitness tips, weight loss tips, anything that you believe your members and the general visitors will love to read.

When you do start blogging for your gym write each post for your ideal member. In other words, who is it that you want as members? Are you looking for people trying to lose weight or gain mass? Create your ideal buyer and write every blog post for that buyer.

Blogs are also a great way to build a gym community on your website. Read more about How To Build a Gym Community With Your Website.

Awesome gym member spotlights

This feature falls in line with reviews. Individuals are joining gyms because they get fit, stay fit, or get super fit. These are the general three buckets that gym members fall in. If you know that the majority of people join your gym because they want to lose weight, then share blog post updates featuring members that are losing a lot of weight.

Show people coming to your website that your fitness business delivers results. Show proof that your members are happy and working towards their goals successfully. These awesome member spotlights accomplish two key things. It gets people to trust in your gym and the results your trainers deliver and it gets them to believe. Seeing someone else accomplish or make progress towards a goal that is similar to theirs will motivate them to act.

Valuable free fitness ebooks:

If you’re looking to increase the number of people you have access on a daily, weekly or monthly basis use your website to your advantage.

Provide visitors arriving at your gym website valuable content offers they would give you their email address. The individuals that download the offer would end up on your email list where you nurture them into gym members.

These ebooks can be about a topic that people currently going to your gym would find valuable. For example; if you own a CrossFit gym you could provide an Olympic Weightlifting Training Guide.

This point rolls in nicely into our final feature.

Gym Email Marketing

This is not a feature strictly on your website per se, but your website is what gets the ball rolling.

I mentioned in the previous point that your gym website needs to start collecting email addresses. These addresses are of people wanting more information about your gym, fitness advice or healthy eating tips.

Once people get on your email list, you can’t forget about the. You need to send them information every week or month. The time intervals need to be consistent, and the content should always be valuable. The goal is to turn these email subscribers into gym members.

For the people that are in your city, this will keep your gym top of mind. If they are thinking about joining a gym, they will most likely think of yours when the time comes.

Providing ongoing blog posts and ebooks to the individuals in your email list will keep them interested in your fitness business over your competitors.

Read more about email marketing in How Email Marketing Can Grow Your Fitness Business.

If you have yet to implement these five website features into your gym website the time to start is now!

As a fitness business owner, the importance of a gym website can seem overwhelming but if implemented and managed with a proper digital strategy it will have a tremendous impact on your business.

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  1. There should be a good reason why people would want to provide you with their email address. Think about your specialty. Thanks for the best tips!

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