Uhuru Careers

Most people who read this page aren’t a good fit for Uhuru and that’s okay. We’re not a regular agency job. Uhuru offers digital freedom for exceptional and talented people.

Are You Exceptional?

There are two types of people: people who are looking to do the bare minimum to get by and people who say push me, I want to grow, I want to be challenged.

At a high level, we look for people who think independently, argue open-mindedly and assertively, and above all else value the intense pursuit of truth and excellence, and through it, the rapid improvement of themselves and Uhuru.

We treat work as more than just what we do to make a living, we look at every potential team member not just as an employee but as someone we'd want to share our lives with.

We believe in creating the best.

If these sound like you, You Might be Good Fit:

You DREAM of big things and set high goals
Driven to be successful
Trust the process
React to obstacles with persistence
Have a growth mindset
Sustained effort and unselfish collaboration
Honor your commitments.
Work with belief in yourself
Work smart AND hard
Know the importance of efficiency
Tenacity, confidence under pressure
Loyal, enthusiastic and helpful
Can’t succeed alone. Needs the helps of others.
Strongest effort to become as good as you can be.

Uhuru Means FREEDOM


  • work on your passions
  • travel
  • work remotely
  • spend time with loved ones
  • grow, personally & professionally
  • ask for help
  • live the life you want...
Uhuru Means Freedom


  • Work Remotely! Yep, 100%! Anywhere in the world (with reliable internet)
  • Opportunity to attend top creative, online, & marketing conferences
  • Yearly team travel experiences & retreats
  • Maternity & paternity leave
  • End of year bonus (based on performance)
  • Ongoing training and career development
  • 6-month performance reviews & salary increases

Open Positions

Only request more information if you are ready to work with a team that; thrives in results, is constantly improving, hyper-communicates, has a high standard of quality, understands that it takes a team, prioritizes health and happiness.

Digital Marketing Strategist Marketing/Client Services Remote View Position
Digital Marketing Consultant Marketing/Client Services Remote View Position
Digital Advertising Manager Marketing/Client Services Remote View Position
Graphic Designer Creative/Client Services Remote View Position
Content Marketing Copywriter Marketing/Client Services Remote View Position
Copywriter Marketing/Client Services Remote View Position
Business Results Specialist Sales/Providing Value Upfront Remote View Position
Business Strategist Sales/Providing Value Upfront Remote View Position
Inbound Marketing Manager Marketing [Internal - Uhuru Ops] Remote View Position

What’s it like to work at Uhuru?

Uhuru Network Reviews
working at Uhuru
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Morgan Chamberlain Editor

I can genuinely say that I love my coworkers, my bosses, and the incredible work I get to do every day. When I was applying for the editor position, I read Uhuru’s mission statement and Glassdoor reviews and thought they might be too good to be true. I promise you, they are not. Here are some of the biggest highlights:

As long as you have a good Wi-Fi connection, you can work anywhere. That means working during the hours that are best for you, your productivity, and your schedule. Beyond showing up to daily team calls and client meetings, the rest of your time is yours. Our team works across multiple states, countries, continents, and time zones.

Not many people are disciplined enough to work from home. But at Uhuru, the systems we have in place are so streamlined and organized that it’s impossible to fall through the cracks. Daily check-ins and constant hyper-communication ensure that you are accomplishing what you need to every day.

At Uhuru, it’s all about supporting the team and helping each other. We believe this starts with nurturing individuals’ skills and passions so they can become excellent assets to each other and the company. If you feel you need to learn or refine a skill, management will make sure that you get the proper training. Your job is shaped around your talents and interests.

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Cynclarie Hambrick Digital Marketing Consultant

I was in your position at one point, reading all of these positive reviews, thinking Uhuru was too good to be true. I’m here to tell you the truth; all of these reviews are accurate. This is an incredible company. I wake up excited to start work every day (I don’t think many people can say that). Part of this can be attributed to the fact that I love all of my coworkers.

Important note: I was at a traditional agency that was acquired by Uhuru. The acquisition is the absolute best thing that could have happened for my career.

-This company isn’t for you if you aren’t willing to put the work in to grow both professionally and personally.
-If you value structure and can also hold yourself accountable, you will thrive here.
-You get to create your schedule, work when you’re the most productive!
-Processes and systems are continually being improved because the opinions and ideas of employees are taken seriously. Which means this company is becoming better every single day.
-You check in with your team every morning and utilize multiple internal communications tools that keep you organized and ensure that you always feel supported by the team.
-Uhuru is a fully remote company—which means you can work from anywhere as long as you have internet (generous vacation time is a bonus).
-You won’t miss out on establishing relationships with your coworkers because it is encouraged that we share our personal lives AND we go on company retreats!