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We’ll produce quality content that attracts and converts, build your leads list, drive those leads into lead-nurturing sequences, and help you convert those leads into buyers while optimizing your marketing funnel.


Why Uhuru's

Investor Acquisition Solution?

Your business has hit a critical stage in its growth.

You have a viable concept, but you need additional funding in order to grow your business. That means it’s time to dial in your brand awareness and marketing strategy.  

By doing so, you push your business into the spotlight — the perfect position to acquire new investors and capital.

The Uhuru team will cement you at the top. Our proven techniques allow us to produce content quickly, build an audience, drive that audience into your lead-nurturing sequences, and then turn those leads into investors while continuing to optimize your marketing funnel.

Say goodbye to unpredictable, inconsistent marketing without meaningful ROI — say hello to Uhuru’s Investor Acquisition.

Investor Acquisition Program Core Features

Our investor acquisition program is designed for businesses committed to growing through digital marketing. We place a dominant focus on paid and organic search, conversion funnels, and search engine optimization while using HubSpot for marketing automation.

The Foundation

Define and differentiate your brand, and deploy a content-driven website that serves as the foundation for all of your campaigns.

Phase 5 Digital Marketing Strategist

The Digital Marketing Strategist is the pinnacle of digital marketing. Reserved for consultants who can respond to any scenario with tested strategies and tactics.

Digital Marketing Strategy

Put the campaign strategy in place, and shift budgets and resources to make digital marketing activities more effective and more measurable.

The Uhuru System

Follow a proven marketing and management system to success.

IA Service Points

Base program points are used for training and education, brand consulting, website support, search marketing, social media marketing, and general strategy.

Agile Marketing

Uhuru moves twice as fast and has more predictable outcomes due to our Agile methodology — a competitive advantage we pass on to our clients.

From Day 1 of your program, you have a team representing a variety of skill sets that is dedicated to getting you results. Learn more about our hive marketing team structure.

We Help You Solve Your Biggest Investor Acquisition Problems

We save you the time it takes to learn how to build and optimize your paid search, inbound marketing, HubSpot software, and social ads yourself. If you’re experiencing any of these issues, schedule a free diagnostic with one of our specialists. We’re here to help.

We Don’t Know How to Target Our Ideal Buyers
Our Content is Not Ranking for Any Keywords
We Don’t Have a Documented Strategy in Place
We Don’t Know the ROI of Our Campaigns
We Need Help Setting Up HubSpot Correctly & Utilizing It
We Need Help Improving Our Website
We Don’t Have Marketing Automation Software
Our Ads Are Not Generating Quality Leads
We Need To Generate More Leads Quickly

“We were frustrated and had invested a lot of time and resources into online marketing but were disappointed it wasn't producing the qualified leads and customers we hoped for or the consistent amount needed to sustain growth. Uhuru was brought on and aligned lead generation to our buyer's journey and filled the gaps in CallFire and EZtexting’s marketing and sales organization while implementing strategies and tactics that focused on improving the primary metrics: conversions and sales.”

Lucas Wilson
CallFire | Chief Revenue Officer

The Investor Acquisition-Performance Programs

Each program comes with a full hive team including a Strategist, Copywriter, Graphic Designer, Developer, Editor, and Digital Marketing Consultant.

Advanced Program
  • Service Points/Month
  • Team Size
  • Digital Marketing Strategy
  • Marketing Execution Plans
  • Campaign Management
  • Online Client Center
  • Term
  • Your raise of $75,000,000 will be
  • 320 IA Service Points/Month
  • Full Hive Team
  • Completed in 30-45 Days
  • Update Quarterly (Included)
  • New Campaigns Monthly
  • 24/7 Access to Priorities
  • Good 'Til Canceled
  • $50,000/Month
  • Service Points/Month
  • Team Size
  • Digital Marketing Strategy
  • Marketing Execution Plans
  • Campaign Management
  • Online Client Center
  • Term
  • Your raise of $50,000,000 will be
  • 225 IA service Points/Month
  • Full Hive Team
  • Completed in 2 Months
  • Update 6-Months (Included)
  • Campaign Management
  • 24/7 Access to Priorities
  • 90 Days, the Good 'Til Canceled
  • $35,000/Month
  • Service Points/Month
  • Team Size
  • Digital Marketing Strategy
  • Marketing Execution Plans
  • Campaign Management
  • Online Client Center
  • Term
  • Your raise of $30,000,000 will be
  • 160 IA service Points/Month
  • Full Hive Team
  • Completed in 3 Months
  • Update Quarterly (Not Included)
  • Campaign Management
  • 24/7 Access to Priorities
  • 6 Months, then Good 'Til Canceled
  • $25,000/Month
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Additional Program Features

The following is included in your Investor Acquisition Program.


Our Investor Acquisition Marketing Process Highlights

Digital Marketing Strategy — the Foundation for Investor Acquisition Success

During the strategy phase, we’ll have eight strategy sessions to discuss your buyer personas, website funnels, KPIs, sales process, content plan, and strategy process. At the end of the strategy phase, you will own a digital marketing strategic framework that contains each action needed to run effective inbound marketing.

Create Buyer Personas


Document the Buyer’s Journey


Document the Current Sales Process


Funnel Stage Definitions


Content Gap Analysis


Goals, OKRs, and KPIs


Competitor Analysis


Keyword Research and Analysis


Content Production Calendar


“Uhuru takes the 'nail it then scale it approach' and has experience in strategy and tactics for both ends of this spectrum. You will be in good hands working with Uhuru.”

Alister Rollins
MoveGB | Founder, and CEO

Frequently Asked Questions

About Investor Acquisition

Our contracts are good until canceled. If you’re not satisfied, you can cancel at any time.

We offer you our full expertise. We promise you’ll be happy and see us as your partner for your business growth.

To support products or divisions, specific funnel goals, and focus on demand generation with fully integrated campaigns across search marketing, social media, content marketing, strategy, analysis, automation, graphics, and more, programs range from $25,000 – $50,000 monthly retainer. 

This price does not include the cost of buying the traffic from Facebook, Google, or other networks. 

Ad spend is on your own account, which is separate from our program fee. Whatever you pay for ads on Facebook or Google, etc. goes directly to them. We don’t mark it up. 


Yes, you can upgrade or downgrade your program for the coming month at any time. Most programs are Good-Til-Cancelled (GTC) unless otherwise agreed upon.

Scrum is a framework that boosts transparency and adaptability. It makes it easier for each member of our team to consistently return high-quality results. To implement the Scrum framework, each hive team must include certain events in their work structure. At a minimum, it starts with a Daily Huddle, Weekly Sprints, and Sprint Review and Planning. You can read all about How Uhuru Uses Scrum for Agile Marketing.

You will work directly with a Program Owner (Strategist and Digital Marketing Consultants) and the rest of their hive team. The goal of the hive structure is to create a core team that can service all your needs.

Our hives use the Agile Scrum Marketing methodology and apply it to produce tangible business results.

Get a deep dive into our teams by reading our resource: The Best Marketing Team Structure to Increase Efficiency and Output.

We specialize in working with established marketing teams, where at least one person owns the marketing relationship with Uhuru. We aren’t a transactional, outsourced vendor. We complement your team, we support you how you need us to, and we work together with your internal marketing and sales team.

Yes! Before committing to a full inbound marketing plan, you can take Uhuru for a spin thanks to our BA Attack program.

Even better: we’re flexible about program lengths and the minimum is three months.

Uhuru’s proprietary Strategic Framework is the foundation for all marketing activities and provides guidance in the long term (12–18 months). It is a framework under which marketing decisions can be made, as well as a reference and guide for campaign development.

If the campaign launch time is compressed due to short-term objectives or time-sensitive initiatives, the Uhuru Strategic Framework can be implemented in 30 days. 

To accommodate this timeline, we offer the strategy as an independent component of your ongoing program. Read Marketing Strategy Engagement for more information.

According to, just to hire one marketing manager costs well over $100k with salary and benefits.

Add that to the cost of an SEO expert, a writer (or two), a web designer, a developer, a social media manager, an analytics person, and a marketing operations person, and you’ll be spending upwards of $500k a year just for the marketing team.

Then add the tools they’ll need to get their jobs done, the training time needed to stay current, and the expense of replacing any of these employees who don’t work out. It’s our responsibility to recruit, train, and provide you with an experienced and skilled marketing team. Uhuru’s program, for example (say, $12,500 per month), gives you the combined experience of an entire marketing team — $500k in skilled comp, for $150K per year.


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We’ll complete a free audit of your website and funnels to uncover the improvements you could make so we can find the best potential investors for your offering, effectively tell them your story, and make it as easy as possible for them to invest.