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Crafting Ideal Prospect Personas
For Sales Targeting

When you develop a sales prospect persona, you’re documenting an imaginary—yet as realistic as possible—representation of what your ideal prospect will be like. 

Since these are new clients or customers you’re looking to bring in, you won’t know them very well or on a personal level ahead of time, so you need to be able to help yourself visualize them and what their needs and desires likely are, using pre-existing data and research—and based off the kind of people you want, too. Keep in mind, a prospect has to be a good match for your company values, not just anyone who you think would like your products or services.

Does This Sound Familiar?

We are Struggling to Give Our Outreach Purpose

When you have defined who your business is targeting, you can specify the aim and purpose of your outreach. You aren’t just creating ambiguous campaigns that may reach someone in a way that speaks to them and their needs. You will be able to engage with a purpose – you have an ideal prospect persona to think about when creating outreach campaigns.

We Need to Shape Our Business with Our Customer’s Needs

Value selling and marketing have become the foundation to a sales and marketing blueprint. Consumer buying patterns have evolved over the years, no one wants to feel like they are being “sold to”. Provide value at each step by focusing your content with information that addresses their needs and challenges, this helps prospects to feel connected to you for helping them solve their problem.

We Need Help Communicating Our Solution to Our IPP’s Challenges

You can identify with your prospects by connecting over what their pain points are – but how do you determine what are those pain points? That’s where we can help. When you partner with Uhuru, you’re getting a team of experts who do this day in and day out. Let us classify your ideal prospect persona, so you can engage with your consumers like never before.

Why Do You Need an Ideal Prospect Persona?

Build Trust with Your Prospects

Trust with your prospects is built through providing value, and presenting yourself as an industry leader. When prospects think of your company, you want them to think of you as a source for valuable information that they can count on. Let Uhuru help you build trust.

Incorporate Same Side Selling

Same side selling indicates collaboration between the buyer and seller to build a solution to the problem together. Creating an Ideal prospect persona allows you to think and view the sales process in a different way, opening up other avenues for reaching your prospects in a meaningful way.

Develop a Strong Relationship with Your Prospect

Ideal prospect persona promotes a strong and impactful relationship because your content and outreach feels individualized and tailored to them and their challenges. This is huge for building trust for your brand and with your future consumers.

Be Turned into Internal Champions for Your Product or Service

The earlier this is done, the better, no matter your size or type of vertical, as these personas will help you build a framework off of which to base the rest of your sales and marketing efforts. This will essentially ensure that you are making more calculated, purposeful moves going forward. An impactful strategy.

Any Industry can Benefit with a Sales Prospect Persona

There is no limit to the list of industries and types of businesses we feel could benefit from the generating of sales prospect personas. The earlier on this is done, the better, no matter your size or type of vertical, as these personas will help you build a framework off of which to base the rest of your sales and marketing efforts.

Help Your Sales Team Connect With Leads on a Whole New Level

You want the engagement you could be starting to be great for both sides, so build sales prospect personas to have a higher chance of forming a symbiotic relationship—where everyone wins.
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Identifying of Target Accounts (Ideal Customer Profile, or ICP)

If you want to sell not just faster but more efficiently and effectively, bring on the help of professionals who create ideal sales prospect personas all the time. Our team of seasoned professionals would be honored to take a deep dive into the data you have—or if you could use more, assisting you with garnering more of the right intel—so that you are set up to get the most out of your sales efforts.

Discover Who is Your Champion

A Champion for your ideal customer profile is a very influential role for persuading your ideal prospect persona why your product is the solution to their challenge. A champion will work in your favor when converting prospects to leads – To effectively reach your champion, you need to tailor messaging at every stage of the sales process.

Understanding Your Prospects’ Problems and Pain Points

Your company solves a problem for a target audience, and by identifying your ideal prospect persona, you can do a better job of highlighting and addressing their pain points and reaching prospects in a way that connects. At Uhuru, we will help you redefine and harness the strength of your brand to reach and serve more people than you have before.

Defining How You Align with Individuals’ Values

Understanding all aspects of what makes up your prospect persona is big when defining what contributes to their decision making process, and is a huge advantage when it comes to selling your product or service as a solution. Individual values are a huge contributing factor when determining whether they’re a good fit – aligning that along with someone who will also like your product or service is key.

Pinpoint How Your Solution Makes Them a “Hero”

Providing specific solutions is a key way to attract your hero. Providing them with the tools to be successful will empower them personally and in return they will champion your product or service. Pinpointing your solution will ensure that you are making more calculated, purposeful moves going forward. And we’re all about strategy.

Our Work Speaks for Itself

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Frequently Asked Questions

About Ideal Prospect Personas

Sales prospect personas are great to be able to really get to know who you’re trying to sell to. If you don’t, you may fall short when it comes to efforts to bring in new clients—seeing as you could attract customers that aren’t a good match, or you could accidentally ward off ones you want by not showing them you took the time to do the work and deeply understand their wants and needs. People always prefer a customized experience. Make it apparent that you really care and are there to be the best solution.

A sales prospect persona will help you imagine what you’re ideal client or customer might be like, since again, you won’t know them very well before you start. Gather whatever information you can that will help you put the pieces together in your head of who this person really is. Take notes on anything from age range and location to their income bracket and emotional triggers. Anything that can paint the picture of what this person might want and how you can meet those needs, while also being confident it will improve your company’s bottom line.

After we interview you about your buyers we’ll do some more market research to create fictionalized representations of your ideal buyers. Once you know who these target personas are, our team will begin crafting creative (copy and design) that attracts those personas. And you’ll be able to do the same on projects outside your Uhuru program so that your messaging is consistent.


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