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Want a great app, but don’t have time to become a coding guru? Do you find the idea cool, but the implementation intimidating?

When it comes to app development, don’t settle for some off-the-shelf product that does not offer the functionality that you desire. If you’re tired of figuring out workarounds in pre-made software that doesn’t do exactly what you need, then we can help. When you’re creating something that’ll fuel your unique brand, a custom build is the only option. It’ll turn visitors into new customers and old customers into loyal fans. 

See how we help businesses get the perfectly-functioning app of their dreams, so they can grow like never before with an interface built from scratch around their vision.


Why Choose Uhuru’s

Custom App Development?

With Uhuru’s app development program, you’ll get new tools to dominate your market and reach all your goals—fast.

Uhuru provides strategists, designers, and highly-skilled developers for a full-service experience. You won’t have to worry about a thing.

We ensure a comprehensive team is always at the ready so you can push your brand to the next level, regardless of your tech skills.

Core Features

Check out the features you can expect from our dedicated team when you select us for your critical app development project:

A Dedicated (Hive) Team:

From Day 1 of your program, you’ll have a team with a variety of skill sets, optimized to get results. Learn more about our hive marketing team structure.

World-Class Developers:

Take advantage of working with our team of amazing developers. Their years of experience and expertise cover a broad range of skills necessary for your custom app project.

UI/UX Expertise:

UX/UI design is a mix of visual, usability, and interaction design that aims to improve the overall experience for both users and non-users. Our team brings a wealth of experience in UX and UI design, and a thorough understanding of usability principles to each project we undertake — giving us a unique perspective on what works best for our clients.

Holistic Approach:

Our hands-on approach ensures that we consider all aspects of your business, not just your app. The end result is something that has been designed specifically for your business needs and requirements.

Creative Services:

Uhuru enhances your business image by maintaining consistency throughout all your marketing and branding initiatives. Beyond app design, Uhuru can develop creative content for social media campaigns, ongoing digital management, and any other form of media. A beautiful design will make your brand stand out from the competition.

Technology Services:

Uhuru creates and utilizes the latest technologies to design solutions that increase sales, reduce operational costs, and improve management control. Our diligent and  in depth internal QA and review process guarantees clean working code before we launch your website. That means fewer headaches for you.

Consulting and Training Services:

Uhuru teaches you step-by-step how to grow your business and take it to the next level, so anything you don’t yet know will soon become a breeze. We’re here to make your life easier.

Complete Activity Transparency:

Enjoy 24/7 access to activities, task lists, campaign milestones, files, and messages. Our platform is intuitive and transparent, so you’ll be able to track the project’s status and stay in the loop.

We Solve Your Biggest App Development Problems

Here’s what we can do to take you to the next level:

We need help with our app design
We need help in the planning and strategy phase
We need help with our UX/UI design
We want to automate repetitive tasks
We need to maximize our technology investment
We want to provide more value to our customers

Our Work Speaks For Itself

“We were frustrated and had invested a lot of time and resources into online marketing but were disappointed it wasn't producing the qualified leads and customers we hoped for or the consistent amount needed to sustain growth. Uhuru was brought on and aligned lead generation to our buyer's journey and filled the gaps in CallFire and EZtexting’s marketing and sales organization while implementing strategies and tactics that focused on improving the primary metrics: conversions and sales.”

Lucas Wilson
CallFire | Chief Revenue Officer

Custom App Development

Each program comes with a full hive team including a Strategist, Copywriter, Graphic Designer, Developer(s), Editor, and a Digital Marketing Consultant. We can’t wait to hear more about your project so we can help your vision come to life! Please fill out the form below with your project details.

Our App Development Program Highlights

Exploration research and strategy development

Scope in research, strategy development, and app design is an integral part of what we do. Through effective app discovery, we determine how your business can improve through a mobile app and how will customers and employees benefit. We will define your app's purpose and identify your app's audience. We also research competition and establish the app's goal and purpose.

App Design

App design begins with identifying the desired customer experience and reaching a consensus on what you want your app to achieve. The app's general flow and structure are established, as well as stylistic choices including color palettes, fonts and imagery. Designers balance user feedback with their own instincts through many iterations and cycles of prototyping.

App Copywriting

The key to success for your app or mobile application is user-friendly copy that leads the user through their journey to establish trust and loyalty. Our professional copywriters will enable you to communicate your mobile app’s information in a way that benefits your user’s needs. In this phase we will create quality content, that can deliver the core message clearly and concisely.

App Build and Development

This is when coding can officially begin! Our app-building process includes gathering requirements, designing prototypes, testing, implementation, and integration.

Speed Optimization & Analytics

Before we can deploy the app, testing the speed and reviewing the analytics is vital to the success of the app. Users have high expectations so to avoid these issues, we make sure your app is optimized for growth, performance, and customer experience.

App Launch

After all of these steps, it’s finally time to launch your app to the public!

Project Wrap-up Meeting

We use this time to meet with you and review the final product, answer any questions you may have, and determine if there are any final items that need to be completed before we officially close the project.

Our Work Speaks For Itself

“Uhuru takes the 'nail it then scale it approach' and has experience in strategy and tactics for both ends of this spectrum. You will be in good hands working with Uhuru.”

Alister Rollins
MoveGB | Founder, and CEO

Frequently Asked Questions

About App Development

Mobile and desktop app development are some of our specialties.

We can build an app to fit just about any business need. Our team of expert developers will work with you to choose the best solution for your project. We can build web-based solutions, iOS and Android Mobile apps, Windows/Mac desktop apps, Smart TV apps,  or even hybrid solutions that can do everything from a single codebase – saving you time and money!

Absolutely. We offer maintenance plans and retainers for our clients that have completed a custom app project with us. Our team of experts will be able to walk you through these options.

Yes! We would gladly give your current app the tweaks—or full refurbishment—it needs to help take your business to new heights.

Yes, we can assist with ideation to the complete build of your app! But we can also update your website, help with marketing, set up email campaigns, and advise on how to grow your business. We take a holistic approach that can consider all aspects of the business instead of just the app.


Schedule a Free App Diagnostic

We don’t ask you to sign a contract on a leap of faith. We’re all about forging mutually beneficial relationships for long-lasting success with our client partners. We’d love to connect you with an expert and walk you through exactly how we can help your business with a complimentary app diagnostic. You’ll get a better sense of our app development knowledge and see our experience in action before making your decision on working with us.