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Uhuru’s HubSpot Onboarding

At Uhuru, you will be set up for success with one of the most powerful digital marketing tools available today. As a dignified partner, we are experts in HubSpot—each of our team members has garnered many of their certifications.

We can walk you through the platform effectively and efficiently, to gear you up for the fullest utilization with plentiful opportunities available (some that other businesses may not even be aware of).

Explore our HubSpot onboarding services and learn what they can do for you!

Does This Sound Familiar?

We Can’t Determine How Effective Our Campaigns Are

To determine the effectiveness of your campaigns, you need to identify which actions are leading to a conversion and understand the insight your data is providing. With HubSpot onboarding, this can be done easily.

Our Customer Interactions Aren’t Being Tracked Across Different Platforms

When your marketing and sales efforts are aligned across platforms, you will see higher success in your campaigns. HubSpot automation takes manual labor and reporting out of the equation so you can focus on results.

We Need a Better System for Moving Users Through the Sales Funnel

Your sales funnel should be a clear representation of how each prospect became a lead, what converted them, and the length of time it takes to move them down the pipeline. HubSpot will empower your sales team with the tools they need to close more deals.

Why Do You Need Uhuru’s HubSpot Onboarding Services?

HubSpot Onboarding to Align Your Sales, Marketing, and Support Efforts

HubSpot can be an amazing tool that provides you with access to create custom implementations of the CRM, marketing, sales, and support hubs and align all your sales and marketing efforts. With Uhuru HubSpot onboarding, we work with you to develop strategic planning and process building for full-funnel, cross-channel automation and reporting.

Customer Interaction Strategy—A Foundation for Success

When we work with you during HubSpot onboarding, there are certain foundational checklists that are critical to the success of your marketing strategy. This begins with implementing your goals, OKRs, and KPIs; creating your buyer personas; and making sure all documentation and reporting are streamlined for full optimization and analysis of your customer interactions.

HubSpot Infrastructure and Process Execution

If you aren’t familiar with HubSpot, it can feel like a maze and be a little overwhelming. However, once you have the right road map in place, you’re going to see how beneficial this service can be for your company’s overall prosperity. At Uhuru, we use HubSpot day in and day out, and we have used and tested its tools for ourselves before we started implementing HubSpot for our clients. We are experts at HubSpot process execution and can develop an infrastructure that will take you to the next level.

Ongoing Support and Management

We can build new campaigns and help manage future marketing and sales efforts via HubSpot through our Business Advantage program. Additionally, we can support and clean up your HubSpot setup. In other words, we don’t have to set it up or manage your HubSpot when it is first implemented to help make the platform work for you in its entirety.

Create a Consistent Experience Across Sales, Marketing, and Support

When a team does not function well as one cohesive unit, it simply cannot operate optimally. We can help you enable your team so you can see the fullest potential of your workforce. Prevent your staff from becoming too siloed—let us give you the tools they need so you can watch them excel. Consistency across your company will streamline operations and prevent needless slowdowns or unnecessary errors.

Prime Your Business for the Highest Level of Effectiveness with Uhuru’s HubSpot Onboarding

Develop and manage a better system for your campaigns, funnels, and sales & marketing documentation when you work with Uhuru for your HubSpot onboarding.

Uhuru’s Approach to HubSpot Onboarding

A Dedicated Marketing Hive on Your Team

We’re not just HubSpot experts—we’re a full-funnel marketing organization. We champion sales and marketing alignment, giving you the full benefit of our expertise throughout HubSpot implementation. Plus, your portal will integrate seamlessly with your processes and structure.

An Agile Approach for Efficient Strategies

We are not only proactive but reactive, too—and fast. Our agile marketing processes allow us to pivot quickly to meet needs as they arise. That way, you’re never locked into a project scope or deadline that fails to adapt to new priorities or needs—we work with you until the system functions the way you need it to.

Consultative Partnership for Flexible Operations

Nothing is a straight “out of the box” or bare-bones setup with us. We’re all about customization and figuring out what works best for your company—and yours alone. At Uhuru, we keep an open line of communication at all times so we can mold your portal to the needs of your organization.

Personalized Integration Support and Ongoing Support

If you need other tools or systems to work with HubSpot, we’ll help implement an existing integration or custom-build a solution from scratch with our skilled development team.

Full Transparency and Documentation

You’ll always have access to your HubSpot platform and be able to see everything we do. We’ll even document how to manage any processes that have a unique setup or aren’t native to HubSpot so you can take on more on your own if/when you wish.

Don’t Take Our Word For It

“In a single year we generated $1,165,000 in tracked revenue from a $263,800 ad spend.”

Antonio Scognamiglio
MAZUUM | Owner

Frequently Asked Questions

About HubSpot Onboarding

For a better projection, we recommend getting started with our HubSpot diagnostic so we can review your current technology setup and which Hubs you want to use. The most complex setups can take upwards of six months, but most organizations can be running with HubSpot in 90 days or less. Minimal setups can be typically completed in just a few weeks.

When you onboard with Uhuru, we’ll make sure you understand how to use everything we’ve built for you in HubSpot. For more general training on the Hubs and available tools, we recommend the HubSpot Academy sessions.

If you’re considering HubSpot, we can help guide you through the best options for your technology needs. As a HubSpot Platinum Partner, we work very closely their team to fit the right fit for your goals and budget.

Uhuru’s onboarding process follows a similar framework, but takes a deeper, more hands-on approach to HubSpot. In addition to the technical setup and product guidance, we’ll help you review your entire customer journey and find strategic opportunities to improve your processes and get the most out of your HubSpot setup. We can then help you build the automations, templates, reports, and more you need to be successful.

Yes! We can work with you to migrate or even redesign your website on HubSpot CMS, WordPress or other content management systems.


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