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Uhuru’s Strategic Framework:
A Marketing Engagement That’ll Take You Further

We are proud to say that we have built a strategic framework that really works and are ready to do the same for you. This is due to our results-driven mentality and values of predictability of results, repeatability, and ability to build a full inbound funnel that converts. You will benefit from these qualities as well as from the vast array of skills our global talent brings to the table. 


Why Uhuru's

Digital Marketing Strategy?

marketing strategy engagement

Our strategic framework is built upon proven methods that we only started using on our clients once we felt we perfected the process. We felt it wasn’t good enough for our customers unless it was good enough to be used internally, for the marketing of our own agency. We use the same for both because we’ve tested our tactics, and then tested them again, analyzing the outcomes and documenting every step in the most detailed way so we can repeat it.

Marketing Strategy Engagement Core Features

When you leave your strategy in our hands, you can think of it like investing in something that produces passive income, where the concept is to essentially benefit “while you sleep.” We work proactively, so you won’t have to sweat something slipping through the cracks while you tend to your other responsibilities. Uhuru is a force that is always watching out for you—thinking ahead, and catching things before they happen, rather than just being reactionary. We also believe in being transparent throughout every touchpoint, so you have a clear window into what’s going on at all times.

Management and Meetings (Included!):

Stop worrying about being billed for every email, call, and meeting. There are no charges for client meetings and communications!

Ongoing HubSpot Management:

Our PPC experts don’t just set it and forget it, we actively monitor and optimize ads daily to ensure your advertising dollars are getting you results. 

Work Within an Agile Framework:

Uhuru moves twice as fast, has more predictable outcomes, and gives our agile agency—and our clients—a competitive advantage in their digital advertising efforts. Learn How Our Agency Uses Scrum for Agile Marketing.

Digital Marketing Consultants (DMCs):

You can rely on your dedicated expert, a hybrid professional with a unique blend of capabilities and experience in web, branding, search, social, content, and business growth. Learn What Is a Digital Marketing Consultant?

Complete Activity Transparency:

Enjoy 24/7 access to activities, task lists, campaign milestones, files, and messages. The platform is totally intuitive and transparent. 

Monthly Performance Reviews:

Adapt your strategy monthly with monthly meetings that include full updates on all activities, results, and recommended action plans.

From day 1 of your program you have a dedicated team that represents a variety of skill sets that are dedicated to getting you results. Learn more about our hive marketing team structure.

We Help You Solve Your Biggest Strategic Marketing Problems

There isn’t a marketing problem we have come across that we could not solve, as of yet. Our collective expertise and our irrefutable strategic framework makes us the most powerful fit for any job in the digital marketing space—especially inbound, that’s our favorite. So allow us to make your life easier by leaps and bounds. Because we are always evolving and keeping abreast of the latest technologies and information, we are able to scale with your needs and provide whatever solution is required to boost your bottom line with ease.

Don’t Take Our Word For It

“In a single year we generated $1,165,000 in tracked revenue from a $263,800 ad spend.”

Antonio Scognamiglio
MAZUUM | Owner

Marketing Strategy Programs to Drive Results

Each program comes with a full hive team including a, Strategist, Copywriter, Graphic Designer, Developer, Editor, and Digital Marketing Consultant.

Advanced Program
  • Service Points/Month
  • Team Size
  • Digital Marketing Strategy
  • Marketing Execution Plans
  • Campaign Management
  • Online Client Center
  • Term
  • Programs Start At
  • 80 BA Service Points/Month
  • Full Hive Team
  • Multi-Channel PPC Strategy (Desired Channels)
  • Multi-Channel PPC Execution Plans
  • Ongoing Campaign Management
  • 24/7 Access to 24/7 Access to Priorities
  • Good 'Til Canceled
  • $45,000 for a 90 day engagement
  • Service Points/Month
  • Team Size
  • Digital Marketing Strategy
  • Marketing Execution Plans
  • Campaign Management
  • Online Client Center
  • Term
  • Programs Start At
  • 60 BA Service Points/Month
  • Full Hive Team
  • 2 Channel PPC Strategy
  • 2 Channel PPC Execution Plans
  • 2 Channel Campaign Management
  • 24/7 Access to 24/7 Access to Priorities
  • 90 Days, then Good 'Til Canceled
  • $30,000 for a 60 day engagement
  • Service Points/Month
  • Team Size
  • Digital Marketing Strategy
  • Marketing Execution Plans
  • Campaign Management
  • Online Client Center
  • Term
  • Programs Start At
  • 40 BA Service Points/Month
  • Full Hive Team
  • 1 Channel PPC Strategy
  • 1 Channel PPC Execution Plan
  • Single Channel Campaign Management
  • 24/7 Access to 24/7 Access to Priorities
  • 6 Months, then Good 'Til Canceled
  • $15,000 for a 30 day engagement

Advanced Example

The following is an example of what you would receive in a month.


Our Inbound Marketing Process Highlights

Create Buyer Personas



Documenting the Buyer’s Journey


Document Current Sales Process


Funnel Stage Definitions


Content Gap Analysis


Goals, OKRs, and KPIs


Competitor Analysis


Keyword Research and Analysis


Content Production Calendar


Ongoing Marketing Strategy Engagement Execution

We offer true agile market domination, and two of our most popular programs that stem from there are the Business Advantage and BA Attack. With BA, you get ongoing lead generation to help grow your company. We work with businesses of every shape and size, from all sorts of industries. With this, you won’t just get qualified leads, you’ll also get accurate reporting, cutting-edge tools, and invaluable training. 


On the other hand, with BA Attack, you can plan to sell more—and sell faster. Our strategic framework and trusted system for paid media success is simply unmatched, which is why clients love these features (not to mention, it takes a hefty amount of work off your plate so you can return your attention to running the business or your internal marketing department without unnecessary stress).

Monthly Success Call: Consulting,
Planning, & Reporting

We’ll provide ongoing strategy and monthly reporting of our progress so you can feel confident that things are moving forward. We’ll provide this counsel through a monthly 60-minute phone call/web meeting. We’ll also spend time helping you analyze your existing results and strategizing for each next step outside the time frames of these meetings. We’ll recap this monthly meeting with marketing performance, optimizations, strategy, recommendations, Uhuru activity review, and next steps.

“Uhuru takes the 'nail it then scale it approach' and has experience in strategy and tactics for both ends of this spectrum. You will be in good hands working with Uhuru.”

Alister Rollins
MoveGB | Founder, and CEO

Frequently Asked Questions

about Marketing Strategy Engagement

Typically a strategy engagement  investment is $15,000 – $20,000. 

This price does not include the cost of buying software, tools, or traffic from Facebook, Google, or other networks. 

If your situation is a good fit for an accelerated strategy engagement our team will advise. 

In order to set the right expectations for your future marketing performance, you need to have clarity on what those expectations really are. That often means rebuilding your previous efforts.

If you’re not yet ready to start a retainer agreement we will provide our strategy and planning stage independently. Depending on your capacity our strategy engagement can be tailored to your availability. Typically 45-days. 

A strategy engagement will typically take 1 – 3 months depending on the complexity of the problems being addressed.

When you succeed, we succeed. To increase probability we highly recommend a full strategy. That said, we have a few highly focused lead gen programs that might be a fit. 


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