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Agile Marketing:
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Learn how we work, and how you can work with us to best meet your marketing needs—and ultimately reach, or exceed, your business objectives. We will work together using our agile marketing approach to enhance your voice while filtering out the noise.

Our structure and consistency will provide the stability needed to excel in a constantly changing environment that is the world of marketing and competitive business growth. The strategy to hit your key metrics lies below. Each quarter, you and the Uhuru team will identify where there is the most impactful room for improvement within the Value Journey and pull in its associated tactics for your quarterly campaigns.

We Are Agile.

We Get Things Done.

With our agile marketing framework, we balance rapid results and your long-term strategic goals. And we do that with a specialized framework that’s been put to the test countless times in order to ensure it’s effectiveness before applying it to your company.

This system is called Agile Marketing. It gets more done, faster and more efficiently than any other type of marketing. We can vouch for it because we at Uhuru experienced an acceleration by 50-75% on our end compared with the speed at which we were running prior to adopting agile. It’s also had an impressive impact on our culture, and we want the same for our business partners.

This powerful type of marketing is simply a no-brainer. Agile marketing is an approach through which teams can identify high-value areas on which to focus. They can then collaboratively work through projects in a calculated and purposeful way—so that results can be continuously measured and changed as needed in order to be ever-improving as a unit.

We get to feed our unquenchable thirst to be the best, and you, in turn, get work that is simply unmatched in quality. Essentially, an agile marketing style can’t be beaten because it’s always evolving. Being agile gives us the ability to quickly pivot to address anything that pops up for the client—and at the same time, allows us to be looking ahead so we can make proactive, strategic moves for them.

Why We Love Scrum

Uhuru uses Scrum—the lightweight, agile project management structure that empowers us and our clients to solve complex problems, in much less time. At Uhuru, we run this structure on weekly sprint cycles. A sprint is the timeframe in which we work, where all our tasks are organized to fit precisely into the best way that makes sense to get the most done, at the highest quality and level. It’s essentially what most agencies refer to as their week.

Every 90 days, we hold brainstorming sessions and provide a 90-day roadmap, too. This enables both our team, internally, and our clients to have full transparency and always know what is gtoing on behind the scenes. Our inner workings are an open book. Our client partners get to know us on a more intimate level than most agencies because it’s important to us that there is genuine trust in any business relationship.

We aren’t here to collect a retainer, rather, we’re here to be your sherpa and steer you to success—because when you succeed, so do we. It’s a symbiotic partnership. We always want what’s truly best for your messaging and your numbers, as much as we want our employees to grow, simultaneously. Our aim is for everyone to become the best they can be. It’s echoed in our mantra to “leave people better than we found them.”

As such, our agile marketing and scrum process boasts a weekly Stand Up meeting between ourselves and clients, as well as a daily 15 minute Huddle call between all our teammates, internally. This makes it so we can overcome any impediments that may come into play almost as soon as they arise as we execute each sprint.

During our weekly Scrum meeting, our planning and retrospectives take place where we have the opportunity to review our sprint, trailing average sprint velocity, completion rates, capacity utilization, happiness scores, and beyond. It basically tells us what went well and what could have gone better. It should be clear by now why that is an invaluable tool for any business and why we highly recommend it.

Our monthly Backlog Grooming goes over the P factors: performance, progress, priorities, and points (another measurement that helps us perfectly prioritize items within each sprint). This sees to it that nothing important is missed and that anything that needs to be buttoned up gets the attention it deserves.

Our Work

Here are some of our all-time favorite pieces we’ve brought to life for our valued clients. Here at Uhuru, we love presenting our work and seeing how delighted our clients are with the end result. We don’t consider our job done if our clients aren’t delighted with what we have produced. And we don’t give up easily—if they aren’t impressed, we implement edits until they fall in love with the project as deeply as we have.

We’re fueled by your excitement.

The Hyper-Organization

That Drives Us

It’s not even just about the agile marketing or the scrum framework, but about other key aspects of our team structure. Namely, we work in hives.

Departments simply don’t do it for us. Traditional departments that many other organizations use don’t offer enough of a window into the way a company works. And we want our clients to really know us. We want you to wholly understand what moves us, what the status is on any given project at any given time, and always know what’s going on. We don’t like to be siloed because we don’t want you—or any of our team members—to ever feel left in the dark.

Our clients deserve access to any team member they want, when they need them most. It only adds to the cohesiveness and authenticity. We have strategists, paid media specialists, content specialists, designers, and developers just like any good agency—but make it really feel like we are your team, not just a service provider. Each and every one of us is in your corner, and in each others’ corners, at all times. We like to all remain on the same page, and this facilitates that.

We also love working in the cloud. It boosts collaboration and integrity that much more. Our Online Client Center, Google Drive, and Client Dashboards (like Redbooth) are all technology platforms we have brought on after thoroughly vetting what works best for everyone. This puts you in the drivers’ seat. Remember, we are here to guide you, not take over a business that may very well be your baby, so to speak—just like Uhuru is ours.

We have experts all around the world, which means regardless of what timezone you’re in, someone is likely available to answer your questions, comments, or feedback. Live updates and looking at the same thing as you, from whatever part of the globe you’re working—in real-time—excites us, and we are sure it will have the same effect on you, as well. The tools we use are at your disposal so you feel confident in what you’re getting from us. Be on our wavelength.

And we don’t charge for Admin or Meetings. They are worked into our program—why shouldn’t they be? We work with you to generate optimal results, period. If we need another meeting, no problem. We’ll schedule it. Again, we are 100% invested in your success, and we don’t let up on our commitments. When you sign on, you get our unwavering promise of support, from all hives, at all levels.

At the end of the day, from agile marketing and scrum to team structure and level of commitment, we’re different—and we’re proud of that. Why Uhuru? Because once you get a taste of how we operate, you won’t want to go looking for anyone else to be your consult. Because it would mean going back to the stale old ways to which you’d grown accustomed—but that just don’t seem to fit you anymore now that you can see skyrocketing advancement in your future.

You’ll never want to go back to the ways that weren’t quite working for you.


Here’s How You Can Start Working with Uhuru

If you like what you’ve learned thus far, about our agile marketing approach or anything else, the next step should be easy for you to take. Request a FREE consultation so one of our experts can be in touch. If you were never one to let words on a page, alone, convince you of something, hear for yourself what we are like to work with and you can feel more secure in making your decision.