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Facebook Ads are the perfect complement to your Digital Marketing Campaigns. With Uhuru at the helm, we will develop and manage your Facebook Ads campaigns and develop a strategic ads plan built targeting your ideal buyers to gain a return on investment. Learn more about how our Facebook ads management services can help you.

Does This Sound Familiar?

facebook ads management

I Don’t Know How to Remarket to My Target Market

Do you remember the last time you did a Google search for something you were interested in purchasing and then logged into Facebook only to have a solution to what you were looking for staring right back at you? This is the power this impressive platform holds for a business—and it can do the same for yours.

I Need a Team with Proven Methods and Tactics

With Uhuru, you will have the right team on your side. We can help position your ads the way they need to be for optimal performance via proven Facebook ads management tactics.

We Need Targeted Advertising for Our Products and Services

Facebook advertising is inherently important because of the value it can generate in today’s digital marketing narrative. Facebook ads allow you to leverage the most cost-effective and targeted form of advertising available today. Facebook ads are a critical part of a full marketing funnel, as they amplify content and help you find new users and potential customers.

Why You Need Facebook Ads Management

Connect with Your Audience and Understand Their Needs

Two things in which we proudly specialize—buyer persona development and creating customer journey maps. Getting to know your future customers’ journey is crucial if you want to be able to connect with them in a way that shows you understand them and their needs. Your prospects want to be treated as individuals and get as customized of an experience as possible each time they interact with your brand.

Create KPIs and Hit Your Targets

Your key performance indicators, or KPIs, need to be one of your prime focuses. Setting KPIs is a necessary place to start as it is what really enables a team to make smart business decisions. It’s all about value—both for you and the perceived value for your prospective buyers. These will facilitate the proper route being built when it comes to a most-effective marketing and sales strategy.

Optimize Your Facebook Ads with A/B Testing

We are results-driven, and we’re sure you are too—which is why we take data-driven A/B testing and optimizations extremely seriously. Making sure something isn’t just created as a one-off project but that it continues to work at optimal levels for you in the long term is important to us. Quality work doesn’t just look nice, but functions at a level that is going to propel your business to new heights.

Convert Leads with Effective CTAs

Landing page development and optimizations make sure your ads are pushing your leads to take action. When a web page is well-optimized, your target audience is more likely to be found regardless of how saturated with other competing content. We have the knowledge and experience and for optimizing landing pages for Facebook Ads CTAs for conversions.

Amplify Your Content Reach

You want to make sure your target audience is aware of your content, facebook ads are a great compliment to that. Content Promotion is an amazing way to easily scale your content, you will also end up reaching more leads than if you just relied on organic promotion.

A Facebook Ad Strategy That Works

Our confidence comes from the fact that we have helped so many companies elevate their marketing strategy through our services like Facebook Ads management and beyond.

Uhuru’s Approach to Facebook Ads Management

Facebook Ads Audit

When you work with us to handle your Facebook Ads management, we’ll start with a Facebook Ads audit to essentially conduct a checkup on the health of your current efforts. This way we can see what is working that you have been doing—and what is not. If there are areas that could be made better, we will take strategic steps to improve them.

Tried and True Methods

The measures we utilize have been tried and tested countless times to see what the best solution is before we use them in your advertising. After the necessary analysis, we will know what to change in order to make your marketing the best it has ever been. This is all fueled by our mastery of the art of strategizing. When you trust us with your Facebook Ads management, you will be able to compete with the top companies out there in your industry so your company can emerge the one in the spotlight over theirs.

Advertise to the Right Audience

Our Facebook Ads optimizations will ensure your dollars are aimed in the right places so there is only efficiency and no waste. You want to reach the right people, in the right places, at the right times—every time. Uhuru Facebook ads management will let you get THAT specific. Don’t advertise to irrelevant audiences. That does nothing toward anyone’s time or efforts. Our calculated tricks, processes, and procedures have productivity, alone, in mind.

Reporting and Monitoring

Our team is unique because we’re marketing gurus and passionate creators. You’re hiring an experienced team of strategists, professional bloggers, editors, graphic designers, social media experts, web developers, and more. We take an agile approach to marketing, which gives us the flexibility to pivot based on your business needs.

Full Service Agency

When we say we are a full-service agency, we mean it. At Uhuru, we don’t just talk the talk, but we walk the walk. We stand by our values and our goal is to be a TRUE digital marketing partner. We are only happy with results if you are ecstatic—if your numbers don’t increase in a way that leaves your jaw dropping to the floor, we consider that a failure on our end.

Consultative Approach

Clients love our consultative approach in which we act as a sherpa of sorts to gently guide you where you need to go for significant business growth—while still letting you stay in the driver’s seat when you want to be. Uhuru has a passion for and commitment to providing you with the data and insights needed to scale your business through this robust social media platform.

Our Work Speaks for Itself

“Here are a few examples of how we’ve been leaving people better than we found them...”

Antonio Scognamiglio
MAZUUM | Owner

Frequently Asked Questions

About Facebook Ad Management

The first question you should ask yourself when running Facebook ads (or ads on any other platform) is what is the goal. This will help you define the KPIs you should track to understand the effectiveness of your ads. For example, if your goal is selling goods online, you can use Facebook’s attribution system to calculate ROAS (return on ad spend). In summary, make sure you have a conversation about goals and KPIs with your team or service provider to make sure you get the most out of your investment.

Running multiple campaigns on Facebook has several benefits. It allows you to target different audiences and buyer personas, and it can help you improve conversions. For example, if you run Facebook ads to drive ticket sales for an online event, these conversion-based ads can work on their own. However, you can run branding ads at the same time for the same audience. Now the audience will not only see ads prompting them to buy tickets, they will also see brand ads that give your company more authority and generate trust, thus increasing the probability of them buying a ticket to the event.

Yes, we can use existing CRM data to better target potential customers. CRM data can help us create retargeting campaigns, “lookalike” audiences, and can even help us segment audiences and campaigns to create personalized content and ads.

Our PPC experts are constantly reading up on the latest trends through marketing specific news sources, as well as through Facebook’s own certification courses and Business Help Center. Additionally, our global experts come from different fields of expertise, giving us an advantage in adapting to new challenges and trends. Our internal communication allows our experts to learn from each other, so that when one person identifies a trend, they can share this knowledge to our whole team.

Generate Results From Facebooks Ads

Our team is ready to start an epic journey together. More leads—not to mention more qualified ones—could start coming your way as soon as today! Schedule a Free Facebook Ads audit to determine how ​we can optimize your campaigns' effectiveness.