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About Uhuru

A Little About Uhuru

Founded in 2010, the company continues to evolve, improve, and expand.

“Uhuru” means “freedom” in Swahili. What is Uhuru

Much like climbing to the highest peak, there are no real tricks to digital marketing, just lots and lots of hard work.

You are now working with a team of high-level operators and marketers, each with many different skills, to provide you with a competitive advantage.

The Uhuru Team consists of a Strategist, Digital Marketers skilled at content marketing and paid media, Writers, Editors, Graphic Designers, Social Media Experts, Programmers, and Consultants.

Our Brand

Uhuru Brand
Uhuru Network is a world-class agency that specializes in growing businesses through web development (Agile Market Domination) and digital & inbound marketing (Business Advantage). In fact, we’re more than that—our results compete with any business of any size.

We don’t simply participate we strive to dominate every market we serve. We consistently deliver excellence, we are intimidating to our competition and are embraced by employees, customers, and vendors.

Clients repeatedly say we make their life simpler and business better, and they only wish they worked with Uhuru sooner. They have close relationships with us; they trust us and see us as a true partner in the success of their business.

Our Culture

“Culture eats strategy.” -Peter Drucker

We hear our team discussing ways to improve not only Uhuru but themselves too. Our agency is committed to making Uhuru’s employees’ personal dreams come true.

Every employee is thoroughly engaged and understands how his/her role fits into the big picture. We trust each other implicitly and hold each other accountable for excellent work, meeting deadlines and hitting budgets.

“When values are clear, decisions are easy.” -Roy Disney

Our Mission (What are we doing?)

Leave people better than we found them by transforming the way people and businesses execute sales and marketing.

Uhuru Core Values (What matters most to us?)

Core Values are the rules and boundaries that define the company’s culture and personality and provide a final “Should/Shouldn’t” test for all the behaviors and decisions by everyone in the company. The soul of Uhuru.

  1. Always Educate
  2. Encourage Individual Initiatives
  3. Hyper Communication & Clear Expectations
  4. Good Fit
  5. Practice What We Preach
  6. Leave People Better than We Found Them
  7. Give Them More Than What They Expect
  8. We before me

The Uhuru Way is Different

7 things Uhuru Team Members need to know:

  • Uhuru’s not your typical agency.
  • We want you to build your career here.
  • You must bring your whole self.
  • You need to have a growth mindset.
  • We want you to be successful.
  • You’ll have the tools, systems, and training. If you don’t, ask.
  • We before me.