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PPC Dashboards For
Real-Time Reporting

Uhuru’s PPC dashboard reporting pulls your valuable performance data into one place so you can track your campaign performance in real-time. Instantly analyze your KPIs and identify issues that need immediate attention—our custom-built reporting dashboards display your marketing and sales insights with beautifully designed and useful visualizations.

Does This Sound Familiar?

We Aren’t Sure What the Data Means - We Need Help Analyzing

To accurately analyze your data, you need to understand what it means and where adjustments need to be made. We will provide you with a breakdown of how your campaigns are performing and what the numbers mean.

We are Struggling to Develop the Right KPIs for PPC

The first step in any strategy and at Uhuru is to analyze where you are currently and develop your goals and key performance indicators. This will allow you to accurately track your campaigns and where you are in relation to your objectives.

We Need Help with How Often We Should be Analyzing Data

Your measuring process either backs up or discredits your analysis later on. The timeframe of your goals will help determine how often you need to be analyzing your data. However, at Uhuru, we work on an agile marketing foundation and review and analyze data each week.

Why Do You Need PPC Reporting?

Help You Capitalize on Optimization Opportunities

A good PPC report will align with the goals and objectives that were set in place beforehand. Using this as our guide, we will be able to recognize opportunities for optimization.

Boost Your Decision-Making Capacity with Impactful Imagery
Visual representation of your PPC reporting will be so beneficial when it comes to your decision-making capacity. With the ability to see what’s working, what’s improving, and what isn’t, you can make educated decisions for your next steps.
Empower Your Company to Make Insightful Business Decisions

When you can make intelligent business decisions based on data performance that will positively affect your company – you empower the rest of the team with an upward trajectory and establish more trust and authority within your business.

You Are Able to Organize Your Reports by General and Specific

By organizing your reports with a specific focus on individual goals, you can tackle these objectives with ease. Starting with general and high-level content and then working your way through the campaigns’ detailed stats and components, you’ll make sure all consumers are engaged at all levels.

Segment Performance Data by Intent

Depending on your strategy’s focus, you will want to deliberate what attribution model this will be shaped around. You want to segment your report around the attributed conversions you are tracking to determine the campaign’s intent accurately.

Understand Your Valuable Performance Behavior

Well-designed PPC dashboards aren’t just nice to look at. When it comes to your sales and marketing initiatives, custom data visualizations can do so much more than that.

Uhuru’s Approach to PPC Reporting

Organize Data in a Way That Makes the Most Sense to Your Team

With transparency always the goal for our clients, we want to make this process efficient and effective for you. What works for us, may not work for your team, that’s why we ensure we are preparing your data in a way that is discernible for you.

Integrate All of Your Marketing and Sales Platforms Into One Tool

At Uhuru, we use our custom built databox dashboards to display your marketing and sales insights. We find that streamlining all data to be viewed through one platform is the most effective way to visually represent your reports.

Improve Your Campaign Performance by Finding Challenges

Without the correct reporting tools and KPIs, identifying the successes and challenges would be near impossible. With Uhuru’s reporting process, we are able to quickly diagnose the areas that need addressing.

Assess the Success of Your Marketing and Sales Activities

Aligning your sales and marketing activities is imperative for the success of your business, and with effective reporting, it is easy to assess how those activities are aligning in a positive way and what areas need more support.

Custom Dashboards Built for You

Our team builds out custom, password-protected PPC dashboards that integrate all of your marketing and sales platforms. We work with you to understand your most valuable metrics and KPIs so we can create a plan of action for extracting campaign performance data.

Our Work Speaks for Itself

“With Uhuru's Facebook retargeting campaign, we have achieved a return of 653%”

Antonio Scognamiglio
MAZUUM | Owner

Frequently Asked Questions

About PPC Dashboard Reporting

Success is defined by the metrics we identified before we begin any PPC campaign or reporting. We outline the key performance indicators and your company objectives, so we can clearly see how we are aligning with those goals.

PPC reporting allows you to identify issues proactively and eliminate the risk of a campaign not being successful. At Uhuru, we work in an agile marketing structure, this allows us to evaluate and review our campaigns and strategies on a week to week and month to month basis.

Yes, we use software tools to automate campaigns. We only use software and processes that we have first used as a Uhuru method. The methods we utilize for our clients are tried and true.

Yes. We will not only provide you with your PPC reporting data, but insights to your reports so you understand why strategy decisions are made. This falls under transparency and that is something we value at Uhuru.


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