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Custom HubSpot Templates

Learn how we can help you set up your custom HubSpot landing page template to provide value, capture leads, spur action—and do so while ensuring pages stay unique and on-brand!

When you use a HubSpot landing page template, you’re simply utilizing something that’s been tried and tested by others so you could run with it and move forward without waste. HubSpot created customizable templates for businesses like you that want to streamline processes to focus on meeting goals.

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Does This Sound Familiar?

Does this sound familiar

Our Landing Page Templates don’t Match Our Website

With a HubSpot landing page template and guidance from Uhuru, you can make sure you have a consistent look and feel so your clients recognize the brand they’ve come to know and trust. Ensure that your landing pages are well-designed, convert website visitors, and speak to your buyer personas.

We Struggle to Get the Needed Functionality From Our Current Templates

Uhuru has helped countless companies create custom HubSpot landing page templates. We know the ins and outs, the backend and frontend of creating custom templates for your company. Our expert developers work their behind-the-scenes magic to see that your marketing processes are not just effective but efficient.

We Need More Support to Build Custom Templates

When you partner with us, you get custom designed templates that match your company brand. Our assistance comes as a complete package, a one-stop-shop—we have designers, developers, strategists, writers, and more, whose talents are at your disposal, so you get the best HubSpot landing page template, every time.

Get Fully Customized HubSpot Templates For:

User experience
Landing Pages that Look Like Your Website

It would be best if you had all aspects of your website to come together as one, and this includes HubSpot landing pages. Your brand and company identity needs to translate to your conversion funnels, creating a cohesive experience. Everything we create for your company in HubSpot is custom. This includes the design and build of the templates.

Blog Pages that Integrate Seamlessly with Your Brand

Again, aim for a natural smoothness, not something your page visitors have to question because it’s all over the place. Make them feel that they know you already—and show that you are confident you know who YOU are, too.

Fully Customized Forms for Increased Conversion

When you bring us on to help you make the most of a HubSpot landing page template, you’re not getting a cookie-cutter job. We have the experience of what your form needs. We determine the right number of prompts—and the right number of questions, so the prospect has their information captured rather than bouncing from your website.

Drag-and-Drop Modules
Drag-and-Drop Modules Tailored to Your Needs

Each of the landing pages we create in HubSpot for your conversion funnels is easily editable for you and your team. We build the templates so they are easy for you to update or edit. You can easily create new funnels as well with your custom landing pages.

Branded Emails

Email marketing is an essential part of any marketing strategy—it is one of the most cost-effective strategies with one of the highest ROIs. Emails give you the ability to create personalized and custom experiences. With Uhuru’s assistance, together, we can utilize HubSpot custom templates so you can deepen the brand awareness with leads and new customers.

Are You Fully Utilizing HubSpot?

As an official, platinum-certified HubSpot agency partner, we can set you up so you’ll have an efficient, robust platform and tool you’ll come to love and utilize for years to come.

Uhuru’s Approach to HubSpot Templates


Assess Current Branding and Style Guide

We use your company branding guidelines to design pages that match your current website. We determine what type of landing pages we need and design your landing pages from scratch. Meaning you’ll review and approval all designs before development.

Analyze Functionality Needs

Analyze Functionality Needs

It’s not just about aesthetics or whether or not you prefer to use the Oxford Comma. We look beneath the surface at functionality, too. Your site can have beautiful and well-written web pages, but if it’s not functioning correctly, you won’t capture leads through your HubSpot landing pages.

Content Development

Determine Most Commonly Used Layouts and Designs for Custom Modules

If you like what you’re already doing, we can help you stay consistent with your brand with HubSpot’s landing page template tool. We can get you what’s trending or can support you in doing it anyway you’d like—with Uhuru, we not only are your consultants, we execute on strategy as well.

Custom and Compelling Copy, Colors and CTAs

Hands-on Development Directly within HubSpot Design Manager

Dev, not your thing? Again, we’ve got you covered. If something doesn’t look as customizable as you want at first, you can have us dig deeper. Our developers are custom-code wizards and can make your HubSpot landing page template be a thing of your dreams. Envision, ask, and we’ll get them on the job to manipulate the backend.

Training to Get the Most Out of Your Templates

We won’t desert you if you don’t want us to. We can be as involved or uninvolved as you like. We can hold your hand and walk you through things if you’re very new to HubSpot, or if preferred, we can set you up and let you run with it. Training is always available, and we enjoy doing it. Continued learning is one of our biggest company values, and we bet it’s yours, too!

Our Work Speaks for Itself

“In a single year we generated $1,165,000 in tracked revenue from a $263,800 ad spend.”

Antonio Scognamiglio
MAZUUM | Owner

Frequently Asked Questions

About Custom Landing Pages

Remember, we are a certified HubSpot partner. Whether your in-house designer is creating stunning HubSpot web pages, you will want our experts on your side. When it comes to HubSpot to ensure you’re fully utilizing this software to deliver marketing and sales results.

Absolutely, we love web design and have redesigned entire websites for clients in the past as needed. We still do it today when asked because we love the feedback we get from our happy customers each time.

Yes! You like their work and want them to stay—we’re here to make their lives easier, not replace them! We’ll work with your team to make sure they understand all that HubSpot has to offer, so you always get the most out of it.


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