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Why Uhuru

A Scrum Team that can Service all YOUR Agile Marketing Needs

Uhuru Agile Marketing Team


NO tricks. Just lots and lots of hard work

You’re hiring an experienced team of  Strategists, Professional Bloggers, Editors, Graphic Designers, Social Media Experts, Programmers, and Campaign Managers. It’s impossible to hire one person to do all of the work necessary to get your business found, increase your leads and grow your revenue.

Uhuru assigns each client a hive team of 6 smart, conceptual people seeking the right answers in an open-minded way to become your marketing team. Adding 6 people to collaborate with your team will be about 20 times as effective as each of them operating independently because each will see what the other might miss–plus they can leverage each other’s strengths while holding each other accountable to higher standards.

Uhuru offers 1-year business advantage programs, for good reason. There are no shortcuts, and it takes a solid year to get going with a fully integrated digital marketing strategy.  Lots of planning, organizing, and teamwork is needed to get real results, which Uhuru gets results over and over again.

Tools, Training, and Trends

Keeping your employees up-to-date on marketing industry trends, tools, and technologies can be costly and too often training simply doesn’t achieve the objective of giving employees the skills they need. That’s why our team has the most up-to-date tools, annual training, and are testing industry trends – so you don’t have to.


Marketing software is expensive for most companies to deploy to their in-house marketing teams. Uhuru has access to the top tools – providing tremendous insights that drive better business and marketing decisions.

Digital Marketing Tools


The world of marketing and sales is moving fast. Multiple times a year, every team member is completing new certifications and training programs. After all, knowledge is power and we bring that power to work for you.

Also, we actually do this stuff!

Our team is unique because they’re real marketers and creators. We aren’t journalists or “researchers.” We’re in-the-trenches and believe that the best way to learn something is to roll up your sleeves and get your hands dirty. This allows our team to test strategies and tactics on our time and not yours.

Here are just some of our internal brands that we work in every day:



Our team needs to stay up-to-date with industry trends and changes because of our fast-paced culture. Whereas, in-house marketers in many companies aren’t able to prioritize keeping up with industry trends.

marketing conferences

Website Design and On-going Digital Marketing

“Year after year, Uhuru’s work has exceeded our expectations. Their staff is extremely experienced in their field of social media, marketing, and design, and consistently deliver not only outstanding visual products but good sound business advice as well. They pay thoughtful attention to our mission and goals and provide strategies that have moved our organization forward by leaps and bounds. We consider ourselves lucky to have had the opportunity to work with such skilled professionals.”

Linda Van Kirk
Executive Director
Central California SPCA


Agile Marketing Agency

“Agile marketing is an approach in which teams identify and focus their collective efforts on high-value activities and projects, complete those tasks collaboratively, measure their impact, and then continuously and incrementally improve the results over time.”

Uhuru is 50-75% faster than we were before Agile and it’s had an incredible improvement on culture.

There are 5 dramatic benefits that our clients experience:

Visibility and Transparency – The entire company understands what’s going on at any given moment and can easily determine the priorities.

Productivity – The same team will be able to accomplish more in the same timeframe (also known as throughput).

Flexibility – As new information is gathered or new variables come into play, changes can be made immediately, and a simple course correction can keep your marketing on track.

Clarity – Priorities are given the spotlight they deserve, and less important tasks see a decrease in time and attention.

Results – The goal of any and all marketing: results are improved and return is increased.

To help understand Agile more clearly, take a look at how we utilize Scrum to streamline our Agency with Agile Marketing.

Our Core Belief

Our core belief is in the power of our people and a relentless pursuit of new ideas and continuous improvement. Combining that with our commitment to deliver exceptional service, and we have a winning formula. Uhuru’s values are present in every part of our company, bringing strength and integrity to our business that our competition can’t touch. Core values of trust, honesty, and integrity are our highest priority and are not just lived, they are evident to everyone who knows us.

Thinking about working with a marketing agency?

Clients’ grow by allowing Uhuru to help connect their company, brand, products or services to their potential buyers’ needs, desires and motivations.

Our agile digital marketing agency is best for:

  • marketing teams – that need outside assistance or smaller companies looking to get started
  • small to mid-sized businesses – looking for significant outside help with digital marketing
  • mid-sized businesses – with aggressive growth goals looking for a full digital marketing program
  • mid-sized businesses  – with very aggressive growth goals or
  • large enterprises – with complex needs

All of our clients know we are helping them achieve their business goals and see us as a long-term trusted advisor, not a vendor.

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