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If you have a dream, a vision, or a concept, we have a solution: our goal is to help you bring that “something” to life through proven, quality website and app development services. Whatever your idea, product, or service, we know how to bring it to light in the best way possible.

We Specialize in

Providing App and Website Development & Management

We offer a wide range of app and website development and management to make sure we have you covered. When you partner with us and capitalize on our ultra-comprehensive strategies and packages, you won’t need to worry about a thing.

Exploration Research and Strategy Development

Strategy is one of our favorite words. We dive deep into what you’re already doing and use data to come up with a new and improved plan. And if you’re starting from scratch, we know the top market research tools like the back of our hand.
We’ll help you navigate best practices for your industry and your personal business niche—no matter how unique. You deserve to have your story heard, and we tell it through our next-level website development.

Complete Branding and Design

Our designers are at your disposal to make sure your site doesn’t just work well, but looks amazing—something that will bring consistency, appeal, and a heightened level of professionalism to your brand. Capture your audience and keep it. Command attention at every opportunity.

Website Copywriting

Going hand-in-hand with design, the content produced for your business will tag-team your graphics to attract the right people. Whoever you’re targeting, our calculated inbound procedures will see to it that you get interesting and useful information out to your audience so they see you as a trusted authority from the get-go. No true website development is complete without proper design and thoughtful copy.

High-Functioning, User-Friendly Website Build

When your site isn’t functioning in tip-top shape, people may be quick to judge, which turns up your bounce rate. You want to bring people there through smart, SEO-optimized content, irresistible graphics, compelling ads, and other pieces of the puzzle—but once they land on your page, make sure they have a great experience.

The goal is to keep them there as long as possible so they can look through your offerings. If things are broken, slow, or disorganized, you’ll be at a disadvantage. We make sure things are running as they should be to thrill visitors.

SEO, Speed Optimization, and Analytics

SEO will be one of your best friends in creating more awareness around the products and services on your website. Our team is ready to swoop in and apply our website development services and expansive knowledge to get your numbers up.

There are so many other businesses out there on the web these days that you’ll have to fight for the spotlight, but with our analytics capabilities and SEO track record, you can be confident that we come with the punches—together, we can make sure you don’t just get found, but also knock your competitors out of their rankings.

Full Stack Development

When you’re building a custom app or website, there are a lot of complexities, mastery, and skills required to make sure your project goes off without a hitch. Our team of developers in the Mercantyle hive are true full stack developers; they’re trained to handle the art and computer science of front-end, back-end, server management, and database management.

These are the people you want on your side when you’re tackling a huge custom project. When you work with Mercantyle, you’re getting a team with valuable combinations of digital competencies to get projects done faster, more securely, and with confidence in their
capabilities — not to mention lower costs (and stress) for you.

Examples of Our Development Work

"I have been working with Tommy and his team for 18 months on developing and updating a SaaS product which supports my consulting business. My clients have been very impressed with the platform, and it has increased my sales more than I projected. The team is very responsive to any issues that come up and effective in implementing additional features to my product. As my business grows, I will continue to work with Tommy and his team at Uhuru."

Graham Patterson
CrestFP | Founder

The Mercantyle Team

The Mercantyle hive absolutely loves what they do — so it’s easy for them! They bring passion to every project and can’t wait to work with you on breathing new life into your exciting app or website.

Our hives consist of:

  • An experienced strategic marketer who leads the overall strategy.
  • A lead developer to  responsible for directing the development team in the design, development, coding, testing and debugging of applications.
  • A Full-Stack Developer who will work on the front end and back end. Has skills in a wide variety of coding niches.
  • A Graphic/Web Designer. The designer is responsible for the visual creative within that team, with the assistance of the marketers.
  • We also assign a designer/developer. They are responsible for supporting the strategic direction of the development and design. With skillsets in both design and development.
  • And finally, what a lot of teams typically don’t have, but ours do, is an assigned quality assurance editor.
Mercantyle Hive

Examples of Our Development Work

"UHURU has been a “one-stop marketing shop”-ping experience that has supplied our company with a diverse team of highly knowledgeable and capable individuals that continuously deliver on and exceed our expectations. They remain flexible in the face of change, listen to all our concerns, and act with a sense of urgency around all requests. UHURU does what they say they’ll do and precisely when they say they’ll do it. We have weekly check-ins to stay aligned on all of our needs and to establish commitments for the week ahead. We are so thankful for our established relationship and look forward to all the successes their partnership bring to our future!"

Jen Caro
Steven Charles | Chief Commercial Officer

Work With the Mercantyle Hive

If you have an app or website you’d like help with and that you know could use some work, we urge you to pick up the phone or get connected with a member of the Mercantyle team to see what we can do for your business. Our website development services are second to none; we look forward to working with you and learning about your business aspirations.