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Significantly improve your lead generation with LinkedIn by Optimizing your profile the Uhuru Way. The problem is that many businesses are utilizing the networking—and ultimately, sales—powers of platforms like LinkedIn that the internet has become saturated. 

Does This Sound Familiar?

linkedin profile optimization service

We Don’t Know What to Share and Not to Share

Utilizing LinkedIn to share content is a huge asset. But with so much content being shared, it is imperative to share content that is going to be engaging to your target market and where they are in the buyer’s journey. Let the Uhuru experts take your LinkedIn Outreach to the next level.

We Are Not Consistent With Our Engagement

Consistency is another influential factor that will contribute to building your brand awareness, trust, and authority with your target audience. Uhuru’s Hive methodology, allows us to create beautiful and engaging content that will consistently reach the right audience at the right time.

We Are Struggling to Navigate the Constantly Changing LinkedIn

Like most digital platforms and social media sites, there is constant evolution and changes that require marketers to evolve with it and stay ahead of the curve. At Uhuru, we pride ourselves on delivering the best to our clients and taking advantage of the opportunities that present themselves with new digital trends.

Why LinkedIn Profile Optimization?

Build Brand Authority for Your Business

Sharing your content on LinkedIn helps to build your credibility, your presence, and your contacts. With over 500 million members, it’s one of the best ways to reach out and share your expertise. While the quantity of contacts is important, so is the quality of those contacts. We focus on those people – who share interests and who can benefit from your expertise.

Create Trust with Your Target Market

Help your future new customers locate your profiles so they can read about you and what you do, creating trust with your business. You have great things to offer, but they can’t be sold if people don’t know about you. Make your profile effective, not just to exist and look nice. We make it do real work for you.

Develop Credibility through an Optimized Profile

There are several reasons you’ll want to rally around the practice of LinkedIn profile optimization. No longer is it productive to merely have a profile. It is essentially useless these days if it is not properly optimized for search. You risk any unoptimized profile into which you put time and effort just sitting there gathering virtual dust.

Lead Your Prospects to You

It’s more than simply having the right headline and keywords. We work to do these things and more. We fill in any and all potential gaps. Make sure the right people are finding you, the wrong ones aren’t and that your brand, products, and services get the attention deserved.

Reach Companies in Numerous Industries

Our team would argue that any and all businesses should aim for proper LinkedIn profile optimization. However, this is especially key for companies in these industries: B2B Companies, Tech Companies, Health Care Vendors, SaaS Companies, and Professional Service Organizations. Reach these businesses and more through proper LinkedIn Profile Optimization.

Get More Leads with LinkedIn

Stocked with experts, our team works to craft the ideal profile for you and all your client-facing staff so that you are fully utilizing your LinkedIn profile optimization. Ready to Get More Leads?

Uhuru’s Approach to LinkedIn Profile Optimization

Page Optimization Through Compelling Headlines

A compelling headline written-up from scratch specifically for the individual whose page needs optimizing

Clearly Communicate Your Value Offer

Copy clearly and enticingly communicating the value you offer, upfront, with the right keywords where needed

Consistent and Lively Social Presence

The maintaining of a consistent and lively social presence that is kept updated so onlookers know you’re both active and passionate both making connections and participating in valuable discussions within your space

Behind the Scenes Support

Another great thing we pride ourselves on is the fact that your prospects will never know Uhuru was there. We support you from behind the scenes for the most authentic feel. We’re essentially ghostwriters for your brand—we’ll do the heavy lifting so you don’t have to, but they’ll always see communications as being from you.

Establish LinkedIn Authority

Make sure you connect with colleagues and clients on LinkedIn. While the quantity of contacts is important, so is the quality of those contacts. Try to focus on those people who are in the same business as you, who have the same interests, or who can benefit from your expertise.

Our Work Speaks For Itself

“In a single year we generated $1,165,000 in tracked revenue from a $263,800 ad spend.”

Antonio Scognamiglio
MAZUUM | Owner

Frequently Asked Questions

About LinkedIn Profile Optimization

Studies report that as many as 332 million people use LinkedIn. If you think many of your best prospects are not included in that group, you may want to reconsider whether your business is living in the modern era. We can get you caught up with the digital era so that you are at the cutting edge—and that your competitors aren’t getting all the good sales before you can get to them.

Users join LinkedIn to advance their professional careers, expand their network, and seek out new jobs. LinkedIn draws people of all types, but the majority of its users are professionally orientated. If your business offers a service or product that might appeal to this type of person, advertising on LinkedIn could be a good move. LinkedIn is perfect for B2B situations, when your business is targeting other businesses as customers.

In a way, yes, it is. If this helps you understand why it’s so important to have an impeccable and highly functioning profile, all the better! So many of your prospects are on LinkedIn just waiting to hear about the latest and greatest products and services available, and if your profile is not optimized then they unfortunately may never find you.

From our experience we start seeing improvements rank within a few weeks. Drawing traffic to your LinkedIn page isn’t just a set it and forget it deal. The more effort you dedicate towards drawing people to your LinkedIn page(s), the more connections you’ll gain and thereby the more often you’ll appear in LinkedIn searches.


Boost Your LinkedIn

If you’re ready to start building credibility on LinkedIn so you can watch those new leads—and subsequently, sales—pour in, give us a call. We’ll get you set up with your very own, personalized diagnostic performed, in detail, by our experienced team. It’s time to make big moves and we’d be thrilled to be of assistance in growing your business to realize it’s full potential.