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Content Creation Services and Blogging Success

All businesses can benefit from blogging and other content creation services. Your company’s blog and content are two of the most effective ways to attract potential buyers to your website. Businesses who blog receive 55 percent more website visitors and are 13x more likely to see a positive ROI than companies who don’t.

We create educational content for your target buyer that pulls them toward your website.

Does This Sound Familiar?

content creation services

I Want to Educate My Consumer but Don’t Want to Help My Competitors

If you’re not educating your clients, your competitors will. Your focus needs to be on educating your consumers, not your competition.

Does Blogging Have a Substantial Influence on Sales and Revenue?

The answer is yes. But content marketing is about providing the right content to the right audience at the right time.

Why Should We Invest in a Business Blog?

Investing in a business blog will improve conversions. Focusing your content on resolving customers’ pain points, your company becomes a thought leader and will attract your target audience.

Why Your Company Needs Content & Resources?

Rank for Valuable Keywords

With the vast majority of buyers now completing online research before speaking with a sales rep, ranking informational keywords is more important than ever before. With consistent blogging, your company can rank for the most valuable keywords and rank above your competition.

Educate Your Leads

Since many buyers research before contacting any company, your enterprise can be the one that provides them that information. By creating content that answers your leads’ questions, they organically find your website.

Drive Organic Traffic

If your ideal buyer finds your solution organically, they enter your sales funnel independently and without ads. By building a content repository and continually growing your organic traffic every month, the leads come to you. Blogging improves engagement with your brand and establishes trust with your potential buyers.

Use Content as Sales Collateral

Questions come up often in the sales process, wouldn’t it be great if you already had all the sales collateral your sales reps keep asking you for? Your sales reps can use these content resources with their prospects while on sales calls or emails.

Drive Long Term Results

At Uhuru, we focus on creating long-form, evergreen blog posts that are valuable to your company now and in the future. We develop informational resources that are not just popular now. We want your investment in content to bring you returns for many years to come.

We Create Content That Attracts Your Ideal Buyers

Discover why your blog posts might not be generating any traffic or organic leads.

Uhuru’s Approach to SEO and Content Creation Strategy

Resonate With Your Ideal Buyer

It is imperative to understand your prospects’ “why”—the reasons behind their purchasing decisions to create effective content. We build a content production schedule to ensure each piece of content we create is useful and informational and will answer your prospects’ questions.

Determine Your Unique Value Proposition

A compelling value proposition must provide clarity, credibility, exclusivity, and appeal. We work with you to communicate your value in various content offers and blog posts throughout the buyer’s journey.

Document and Communicate Your Brand's Story

To communicate your brand story, we’ll develop a clear vision and remain consistent in that messaging through your narrative. To ensure consistency in writing, we create editorial and brand guidelines that each blog post or content offer is compared with.

Build Brand Trust

Brand trust means you have identified yourself as an authority in your industry because the content you create is valuable to the consumer. We ensure that each piece we develop builds on that brand trust.

Directs Customers Down the Marketing Funnel

Move your prospects from TOFU (Top of the Funnel) through BOFU (Bottom of the Funnel) and finally to a closed deal, by creating content that addresses their needs and challenges at each stage.

Our Work Speaks for Itself

“In a single year we generated $1,165,000 in tracked revenue from a $263,800 ad spend.”

Antonio Scognamiglio
MAZUUM | Owner

Frequently Asked Questions

About Blogging and Content Creation

Before you begin creating content, it is essential to know who your buyer personas are. Knowing this should inform you of what they are searching for and what type of content they will find valuable. With this information, you can create content that focuses on your buyer persona that either educates them, helps answer questions they have, or helps bring them to a buying decision. Developing content around their buying cycle is what will bring your company the most success.

When you provide useful and informative blog posts that align with your brand positioning and value proposition and answer the common questions for your target and existing buyers, your business and executives will be seen as authorities. Providing ongoing valuable content to your client is something that many businesses overlook, but it’s what keeps your client coming back. Your clients will eventually turn from just one-time buyers to promoters of your brand if you continue to nurture them through your blog.

Yes! We research competitors in your industry and determine their SEO ranking to build and break down their success to create an SEO plan for your content. SEO guarantees long-term online marketing success and a lower cost per acquisition throughout the life of your business.

Depending on your industry and how unique your product or service offering is, we either have you review and approve outlines before writing the first draft or conduct interviews with subject matter experts in your company.

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