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Value Creation in
Your Sales Process

Value creation is when you have something to offer a prospect that gives them something to gain, so they don’t feel like they’re just throwing their money away if they invest. When you create true value for your leads, they will want to keep coming back for more, want to build a relationship with your brand—and you will garner a sense of trust and authority in their eyes. They will know what you are doing is meant to benefit both of you, not solely your business. Don’t ask for something if you can’t provide something in return (or first).

Does This Sound Familiar?

We are Experiencing Difficulty with Customer Retention

It’s not only about getting new leads—customer retention is just as crucial to your overall success. Don’t lose customers by failing to show you truly care and understand them through value creation.

We are Unable to Hit Sales and Revenue Goals

Your sales people are just not hitting the numbers you’d like. They are starting to wonder whether something is missing. We know what that thing is and we can work with you to correct it.

We are Having Difficulty Building Trust with Prospects

Don’t expect prospects to simply trust you right off the bat. You have to earn it. They won’t know you and your brand well in the beginning. Show them who you are—an insightful and resourceful leader in the field—and increased sales will follow.

Why You Need Value Creation in Your Sales Process

Find the Right Customers

When you are creating value for your prospects, you are going to start attracting the right target audience. The right customers for you will look to your company to solve their challenge or problem, this happens because they now recognize you as a brand they trust because you provided value to them before they were a client.

Find the Gap, Create Value and Fill the Gap

It shouldn’t be as hard as it feels right now. Your sales people are skilled but they’re overlooking a critical detail, one which we specialize in: value creation. We’ll get them where they need to be for more ideal outcomes.

Paint a Picture of Success to Your Prospects

Value creation in sales is how you will be able to demonstrate what you are able to provide to your prospects and paint the picture of success that will come with working with your business. If your prospects do not see the value in what you can offer them, your sales process will be meaningless and without results.

Reposition Your Price as an Investment

The buyer’s journey has evolved which means that your sales process must evolve with it. The new digital marketplace allows consumers to research solutions to their pain points and challenges, making it important to stand out from your competitors. Your prospects want to feel like they are making the right decision on where they take their business, positioning your product or services as an investment is a building block to providing value and building trust.

Build Trust with Your Target Market

Value is associated with trust with the new marketing methodology and tactics. Marketers know that value is the most effective way to establish yourself as an authority in your industry and build trust with your target market. Value creation is developed through providing education, insight and solutions to your prospects prior to becoming a client.

Provide Value to Your Prospects

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Understand Your Ideal Prospect

Value creation is critical to success in your sales process. If your readers feel that they are receiving value and solutions for their individual triggers, they’ll view your company as a worthy place to use to fill their unique needs. If you fail to do this, they understandably may take their business elsewhere to get the solutions they seek.

Define Your Prospects Problems and Pain Points

A customized approach is preferred by audiences. They appreciate that you’re doing your homework. This strays from traditional marketing approaches being phased out across the globe due to their lack of efficacy—people don’t want an ad being shoved at them. Rather, the digital age is upon us, and demands personalized, valuable experiences over noise.

Create Value Offers that Build Trust and Solve Problems

We like value creation because it ensures your prospects feel you are genuine and that your partnership is going to be a symbiotic one. When you show your customers you’re fostering a real relationship rather than looking for a one-sided gain, the engagement proves mutually beneficial. They know there’s something in it for them, too.

Provide Educational Content to your Target Prospects

The value in providing educational content to your prospects can go further than just educating them. You begin to establish yourself as an industry leader, build trust and consistency with your target market.

Create a Personalized Experience for Your Prospects

The purchasing journey has evolved over the years and trying to sell at your prospects will not be successful. Consumers want to feel like you have taken the time to get to know them, their challenges and pain points – by creating value in sales you will create a connection that will engage and help speed up the sales process, leading to more closed deals.

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Frequently Asked Questions

About Value Creation

Business is a two-way street. You don’t want your potential new customers to think you’re only in the interaction for yourself. Think of it as a trade. Why should they give you the time of day if you don’t have something to offer them, especially when the internet is so saturated with other businesses in your vertical, and they know they have options. Make them choose you this way—you and no one else. Give them resources that will enhance their lives, without asking for anything in return, and you’ll solidify their trust in your brand.

After value creation, it’s time to send it out—we will help you decide which channels would be best to disperse your content for the highest return on investment (ROI). Not every platform will render the same results for every type of piece you develop, so allow us to steer you in the right direction.

This one’s about testing. You learn from experience. You’ll know what works when you get a good turnout in terms of who downloads your offers and who comes back for more. If you don’t have anyone downloading your offers, changes likely need to be made, and we can help you there. We have been creating enticing, irresistible offers for businesses for a long time and we will use what we know will actually work for your target market based upon real data.

Always document your numbers. That’s how you will know what is working and what needs to be updated. You cannot know where you are going if you don’t know where you have been, so detailing outcomes and measuring will help you generate a roadmap for future content endeavors. You will improve each and every time to churn out new content if you approach it this way.


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