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The Health Hive helps mission-driven companies reach the people who really need them by creating marketing strategies that turn B2B and B2C healthcare audiences into raving fans.

You Care About Patients—

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With Uhuru’s help, you can take your healthcare marketing to new heights. The team has years of cumulative experience in healthcare marketing services and is always excited to share their knowledge and expertise with those in this vital industry. We understand how important it is to both retain patients and find new ones in order to keep your organization growing, especially during these times.

We’ll help you communicate with your audiences so they not only hear about you but tell their family and friends, too—and keep coming back for more. Let us assist you in better positioning your practice as a leader in the field!

We Specialize In Providing Healthcare Marketing Services

Our clients range from hospital-acquired infection (HAI) control solutions, patient care management technology, personal injury (PI) medical lien services, DNA-based nutrition programs, and beyond—nearly tripling website traffic for some. Is your niche next on the roster?

Digital Marketing Strategy

We start by taking a deep dive into what you’re already doing, and then after our detailed assessment, you’ll have a better idea of what your roadmap should look like. Our seasoned strategists will help you along the way when it comes to following your customized strategy through to success.

Content Development

Have you ever heard the expression, “content is king?” It’s true. Some healthcare organizations think they don’t need content. We strongly disagree. Anyone can benefit from creating content that will not only build trust with your audience by showing them you’re a great resource, but it will boost your search engine optimization (SEO) rankings game beyond your wildest dreams. Whether you already have blogs and content offers and just want to improve them, or you’re starting from scratch—we can help.

Complete Branding & Design

While copy is important, design will also help people land on your webpage and stay there for long enough to get through the key information you need to get across. The branding and design portion of our healthcare marketing services will see to it that your content is digestible and presented in the most professional way so visitors are sure to be drawn in, and take you seriously once there. Design can capture attention, convey feelings, set tones, and more—so you want to get this right.

Amplifying Your Message

It’s how you’ll get more people than ever to know about you and your top-notch clinicians. It will get future patients excited to become part of your organization’s community of caring professionals. Getting the right message out to the right people will result in a larger customer base and for those people that sign on to be confident they made the right choice. The internet is so saturated with content now that every organization is online, so make sure you stand out and don’t get lost in the crowd. We’ll ensure your voice doesn’t get drowned out.

Our Work Speaks For Itself

"I am very happy with the investment. The steps and the dollars I would have saved had I done this 15 years ago would mean the company would have had a totally different look and approach. It’s been fantastic, it still is fantastic, and it’s what we need to be doing to build the company the right way."

Mike Laky
Enable Me | CEO

The Health Hive Team

We’re made up of designers, strategists, writers, makers—all passionate about your industry because we know it means helping people. Offering healthcare marketing services means we get to make an impact every day for organizations, their staff, and their patients. So go ahead, learn a little bit more about us and get a sense of whether we’re right for you!

Whitney Cole

Whitney has been helping grow organizations like yours through smart, strategic healthcare marketing services for a long time. She even had her own agency before joining forces with Uhuru because it’s a space that’s near and dear to her heart—for both personal and professional reasons—and she wanted to help others as much as the industry helped her.

David Massee

Dave brings years of experience with top agencies in the U.S.
He has a wide breadth of experience, having managed and led strategy for performance-driven campaigns across several niches. Dave brings an intense, diligent focus to campaigns that we are so excited to apply to your brand.
Dave is also a proud husband who loves to hike, spend time with his pets, and make others laugh.

Caitlin Hurst
Graphic Designer

As a master designer, Caitlin is all about quality. She dives headfirst into the smallest details, from color schemes and text to layout and everything in between—to ensure you have the best-looking marketing materials around. She can make sure your competitors are jealous when they see your website and ads.

Oryna Schiffman
Senior Copywriter

Oryna loves to slip into the shoes of your personas and learn to speak their language so she can usher them through the buyer’s journey to your virtual door. She’ll research your product or service until her curiosity — and your creatives  — are satisfied.  She’ll tweak the style, tone, and voice of your copy until it rings true to your brand and compels your future customers to click and convert.

Marjorie Peterson
Scrum Master

Scrum is the framework that helps us move as quickly and efficiently as we do as a team, and it’s due to Marjorie’s attention to detail when it comes to planning ahead and being proactive. She looks at the bigger picture to decompose steps into bite-size bits then uses them to create everyone’s schedule, assign tasks, delegate workloads, keep everything flowing, and see to it that deadlines are met each and every time.

Charlie Guiang

Charlie is our coding wiz. He can do just about anything with his back-end skills and whips up fully functioning websites with all their features like it’s nothing. If you want dev work done, this is your guy. If something breaks—which is rare because of his vast knowledge of development—it can virtually be fixed in the blink of an eye, ensuring your website is kept at a level of usability that won’t just keep visitors from getting frustrated, but will delight them.

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When you sign onto work with our Health Hive to get all your healthcare marketing services needs met, you may find—like many of our others have—that your expectations will actually be exceeded. We love the surprised looks on clients' faces when we hop on meetings to show them progress reports and they see the numbers we're getting for them. And we want you to have the same experience! So don’t wait, reach out TODAY. Your competitors could be getting ahead as you read this, and we don’t want that.