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LinkedIn Outreach:
Prospecting and b2b Lead Generation

Convert prospects into qualified leads on their platform of choice using a sophisticated, proven outreach strategy. Our experienced sales professionals proudly handle LinkedIn outreach for a multitude of happy clients. With Uhuru, you could be generating high-quality B2B leads, at scale, on LinkedIn.

Does This Sound Familiar?

linkedin outreach strategy

We Need Help Increasing Our Close Rate on LinkedIn

If you are already utilizing a LinkedIn outreach strategy, chances are a fresh eye to your current approach will improve your close rates. Rely on our expert outbound lead generation team to tailor a strategy for your business.

We are Struggling to Find an Effective Sales Prospecting Strategy

For a full and effective outbound sales prospecting strategy, you need to include LinkedIn outreach. LinkedIn is a great platform for reaching B2B and B2C companies and individuals. Not utilizing LinkedIn in your sales strategy is an oversight!

We Need Help Creating a Consistent, Effective and Personalized Outreach

Developing an outreach program that is consistent, effective, and personalized is time-consuming but necessary for a successful strategy. At Uhuru, we are confident in our proficiency in building the blueprint to reach your business goals.

Why Do You Need LinkedIn Outreach?

Identify Prospects With the Greatest Potential

We identify leads who fit your ideal buyer criteria and your target persona, regarding the role they play in your sales process. We don’t believe in wasting time going after people who won’t be a good match for your business. Uhuru is focused on efficiency—finding, grabbing the attention, and piquing the interest of the right prospects for you, not sending you on an irrelevant goose chas

Implement Account-Based Sales

You’ll establish a strategic foundation for your future outbound and account-based selling success, build and optimize your outbound lead generation engine, increase outbound opportunities and sales, and shorten time-to-revenue on all your sales and marketing efforts.

Refine Your Lead-Targeting Strategy With Prospect Profiles

Optimize the LinkedIn profiles of your sales team and high-profile team members to establish authority and build trust. We know what an effective page should look like, what should be included and what should be removed, and how to get you found through proper SEO. Uhuru experts grow your personal LinkedIn network with prospects and engage with them using personalized, value-adding messaging.

Start Conversations With People Who are Eager to Talk

LinkedIn is ideal for verifying that a lead is who they say they are, that they have a specific role at a given company and that we can contact them. The ability to start conversations with specifically targeted accounts allows you to educate them on how your company can solve their challenge.

Generate Predictable Revenue

Through Uhuru’s expertise and tested methods, you can predictably drive more revenue by getting qualified leads consistently. A good LinkedIn outreach strategy will foster scalable results, reaching more warm leads, and converting to scheduled meetings.

Fully Managed LinkedIn Outreach Execution

We offer truly comprehensive services to help get your numbers closer to where you’d like them to be—and see your business reach the next level, faster. Find out about some of the many great features that you could be seeing in your program when you sign on with our LinkedIn outreach team.

Uhuru Approach to LinkedIn Outreach

Boost Your Outbound Lead Generation

A successful outbound lead generation funnel will have a thoughtful and holistic approach that includes the best platforms for reaching your ideal prospects. LinkedIn is a great social media tool for so many companies, and industries. We work with our clients to create an advantageous strategy to boost their lead generation, we are confident that we can do the same for you!

Align Your Sales and Marketing Teams

Sales and marketing teams alignment is a huge proponent for any business to reach their company goals. The buyer’s journey has changed, and you can not ignore misalignment between sales and marketing – It will lead to ineffectiveness and wasted resources. At Uhuru we have developed best practices for creating alignment that will support your revenue goals.

Help Define Your Sales Process

There are areas of the sales process that will remain the same for everyone but to truly see the effectiveness of your sales process, you need to define how that process will work for your company and industry. Uhuru’s experience defining the sales process for our clients is extensive and efficacious.

Generate Higher Quality Leads Quickly

LikedIn is an amazing platform for generating more leads and quickly. This platform offers multiple methods for reaching leads in unique ways that connect and ultimately lead to conversions. When you work with Uhuru, you get a team of people that understand how to optimize the LinkedIn capabilities to your advantage.

Use LinkedIn for Account Based Selling

You’ll establish a strategic foundation for your future outbound and account-based selling success, build and optimize your outbound lead generation engine, increase outbound opportunities and sales, and shorten time-to-revenue on all your sales and marketing efforts.

Our Work Speaks For Itself

“In a single year we generated $1,165,000 in tracked revenue from a $263,800 ad spend.”

Antonio Scognamiglio
MAZUUM | Owner

Frequently Asked Questions

About LinkedIn Outreach Services

Inbound is a long-term game and a necessary component to the foundation of your marketing strategy. But if you need to generate sales now, you have to have some outbound activity to drive monthly or quarterly performance initiatives.

If you don’t do outbound, you’re at the whim of Google, your inbound initiative campaigns, and the buyer’s journey in a variable market. So, you will need to go after the market in as many ways possible in order to optimize your lead-to-customer conversion rates.
Customer acquisition through LinkedIn outreach is about reaching people where they are and providing them value. It’s about proactively getting in front of them instead of merely sitting around waiting for them to be ready to buy. Outbound allows us to do just that.

It depends on the package. For the Fast and Faster packages, approximately 200–400 leads will be generated and reached out to per week, depending on how sophisticated your qualified buyer criteria are and the complexity of your sales offers. For the Fastest package, we are committed to generating and reaching out to a whopping 400–600 leads per week.

The short answer is: Leads should be delivered in about 30 days. Our team has a 2-week adaptation period to get up to speed on your sales processes and buyer personas. After that, our more aggressive outreach starts. You will see results during even just the first weeks of outreach!

And to reach maximum conversion potential, it typically takes 60–90 days of adjustments, but you can be confident that the results will be visible well before that.

No, this is personalized 1:1 outreach.

Remember, the idea is to create value and make things feel as personalized as possible for the people receiving messages on behalf of your business. We know what to say to make sure people are getting the right experience every time—one that is actually enjoyable, that they would not mind having again.

That’s what makes them continue to talk to your company, not just because of your products or services (which they might not even get far enough into your funnel to learn about what you offer without the right tactics on your side) but the way they are approached and treated.


LinkedIn Outreach For Lead Generation

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