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Get To Know Your Customers
Buyer Persona Creation

Buyer personas are fictional, generalized representations of your ideal customers that help you understand your real-life potential clients—or prospective buyers. Personas make it easier for you to tailor content to the specific desires, behaviors, and concerns of different groups. Everyone is a bit different, and you have to get to know them to reach them successfully. They each want to be treated as a unique individual, so get to know your customers.

Does This Sound Familiar?

We Feel As Though We Are Taking an Aimless Route

If you don’t get to know your customers before you try to sell, you will be dealing with a lot of guesswork. You must base every move you make on the needs of your ideal customers. And to understand their wants and needs, you need to do your research and get to know them.

We Don’t Have Enough Data to Base Our Sales Efforts

This is where something we like to call buyer personas come in. It’s what keeps you from merely taking a shot in the dark with your marketing and sales efforts. These personas are an invaluable tool that takes time to set up, but once they are in place, you will have a wealth of knowledge to build a solid strategy for the future.

We Are Concerned That We Are Selling to the Wrong People

You’re ultimately customizing or targeting your marketing for different segments of your audience. The right message isn’t going to the wrong people, and vise-versa—potentially scaring off the right people and accidentally attracting those who won’t help your bottom line further.

Why Do You Need to Create Buyer Personas?

67% of a Buyer’s Decision is Complete Before They Reach Sales
So you don’t want to mess up this first experience you have with them. Unfortunately, in today’s world, you often have one shot to convince someone of something, as the internet is inundated with all sorts of other businesses and advertising (thus they can’t help but to put their blinders and their guards up, and have little patience).
Attention Are Getting Shorter and Shorter
Make every interaction count. Convince them that you are there to be their solution. The only way to really do this is to get to know your customers, and get to know them well. Understand them on as deep a level as possible. Leave no stone unturned.
Customers Want to Feel Like You Care About Them
Every clue you garner will make for a stronger roadmap. You will be using it in your copy, your ads, and everything else. Figure out what they like, what they dislike, what their aspirations are, what their family life is like, what is important to them, what annoys them, what they do for a living, even their age range.
Bring in More Sales and Close More Deals
You worked to create a whole marketing plan and still aren’t meeting those numbers. This is disappointing because you and your team spent time, money, and other resources on these only for not much to come out of it all. Creating your buyer persona could be the missing piece that ties your strategy together.
Identify Where Your Consumers Hang Out Online
Get to know your customers on a more intimate level when you develop buyer personas. You can easily identify where they spend most of their time online, this way, you can develop a plan to get them information where they are spending most of their time. We love working to understand every little detail about the people we will be helping sell to so that our clients realize success every time.

Get to Know Your Customers

We have worked with many clients to align their understanding of their customers, if you want to be effective, this is necessary. You MUST Get to Know Your Customers for Successful Selling—We Can Help.

Uhuru’s Approach to Buyer Persona Development

Define Your Ideal Buyer Personas

It’s standard to have at least three buyer personas. We work with you to develop who is your ideal buyer persona and who is the best fit for your company. When you write around specific types of people, the prospects in these groupings always feel like you’re catering to them, for a most personalized, relevant, and valuable experience. You need to get to know your customers so that you can put yourself in their shoes and really know what they want—and this is something in which we specialize.

Build Out Your Company Roadmap and Strategy

Buyer personas are the foundation of any strategy. You can’t develop a strategy around a customer you don’t know or understand. When you allow us to take the reins and approach things this way for you, your prospects will quickly begin to see you as a trusted resource. When you make it a priority to get to know your customers, they will appreciate that you did your homework and made them feel like you’re talking to them—and no one else.

Arm Your Sales Team to Build Rapport and Better Serve

This is going to help your organization on all levels. Everyone in your company will use your buyer personas on some level to accomplish their responsibilities—marketing, sales, customer service, and beyond. Once you have built a relationship with your personas, they will want to keep working with you. They will keep coming back for more, as opposed to a company that has not bothered to build proper rapport with their personas.

Prioritize and Segment Leads with Your Buyer Personas

Once you have aligned characteristics with your personas, it allows you to make educated decisions to optimize your sales process and marketing strategy. By segmenting your leads or clients into groups based on similarities and differences, you can accurately engage with your consumers. Our clients typically most appreciate the way we’ve built a team to support them that is different than most of the agency models that exist. We have a unified team, as opposed to departmental teams, to help you solve problems.

Generate More and Higher Quality Sales Leads

When you’re working effectively and efficiently, with the right tools and foundation, you eliminate issues that hinder the sales process. Knowing the right people to target your messaging to is going to convert to higher quality leads. We go further by building out personas with reference to their contribution in your sales process. We don’t invest effort into increasing vanity metrics. We always build out a comprehensive profile of your buyers with the end in mind—that means sales and customer satisfaction.

Our Results Speak for Themselves

“In a single year we generated $1,165,000 in tracked revenue from a $263,800 ad spend.”

Antonio Scognamiglio
MAZUUM | Owner

Frequently Asked Questions

Buyer Personas and Our Services

When you work with us, we like to think of it as a partnership. We will work together to understand your company, business and industry, that is the only way we can accurately develop buyer personas and help you get to know your customers.
Yes, we will need to work with people in your organization that are connected to sales, marketing and customer service – your client facing roles. They will have great insight as they are involved with getting to know your customers on a regular basis.
This is all relative to your company, industry and goals. But there are a few main factors that are important to each buyer persona, no matter your company’s individual variables.
On some level, a buyer persona is based on a stereotype. But that is what separates the companies who are successfully implementing buyer personas and those who are still working out the kinks. When you work with Uhuru, you can rely on us to execute this in a very tailored and customized way.

Understand and Qualify Your Customers

Qualify your leads, so you’re not wasting their time and your resources. You don’t want to attract people that will not be relevant to your business nor help with your goals, so have us do a complimentary strategy session.