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HubSpot Import

Whether you’re setting up a new HubSpot account or migrating from another customer relationship management system (CRM), a critical step is importing your current contact data — that is, in a correct, complete, and organized way. This ensures you’re not losing anything and that you can easily access the contact information you need for your marketing and sales efforts.

We can give you the tools to make things easier and more streamlined for you and your team members with a guided HubSpot import.

Does This Sound Familiar?

We Are Struggling to Correctly Import Our Data

What happens when you don’t plan for your data import? Contacts could get mislabeled, excluded from communication channels they should be in, history gets lost, clients get sent wrong information — trust us, we’ve heard horror stories.

Our Data Is Not Organized or Consistent

To get the most out of your marketing campaigns, you need to understand your data and be able to make improvements or pivots based on that information. But if you do not have a system for keeping your data organized, you are going to have a lot of inconsistencies. A proper HubSpot import can prevent this from happening.

We Don’t Have the Tools To Streamline Our Migration

We at Uhuru are a team of platinum-level certified HubSpot partners, so we know the ins and outs of the platform and would love to make sure you’re covered and successful. You need the correct tools to make this happen — and with the right partner on your side, you can!

Why Do You Need a HubSpot Import Strategy?

Smooth Onboarding for Your Team and Improved User Experience

To make things go smoothly, we ensure you have a strategy in place so your HubSpot import project goes off without a hitch. Letting us help you with your HubSpot import will make for happier employees — when there are no fires to put out, you decrease stress and frustration, increase productivity, and further your bottom line.

Minimal Interruptions in Process

Reduce downtime. Impediments in your team’s day aren’t good for anyone — something going wrong during your HubSpot import could lead to displeased consumers and burned out workers.

Historical Data for Comparative Analysis

We assess what you were doing before to ensure that you make the right moves in the future and meet your goals. The system can be tricky if you’re new to it and a HubSpot import can be a big project — a hassle-free experience can make all the difference.

Clean and Consolidated Data

Cleaner data means a more efficient process for everyone down the line. It also means your staff will make minimal errors when they use these contacts. Messy data leads to confusion and costly mistakes.

Unified Data From Disparate Systems

Streamline your systems by getting expert HubSpot import assistance. Bring all your previous data and tools together to get one ultimate set — make your life easier and your information more effective.

Learn How HubSpot Import Can Elevate Your Business

A HubSpot import seems pretty simple, right? Well, with a basic understanding of the software, you could migrate your data. But, if you’re looking to elevate your business and get the most from your HubSpot import, then working with professionals who have extensive knowledge is the only way to go.

Uhuru’s Approach to HubSpot Imports

Assess Your Current Data Sources and the Data Being Tracked

We do everything necessary to make sure you have what you need to reach your goals with a HubSpot import. Uhuru doesn’t do a task and leave clients hanging. We’re a real partner who can do a deep dive into your current system to recommend improvements.

Review the Organization of Data Exports From Each Source

If we see something that doesn’t look like it will work well with your HubSpot import, we will report these thoughts back to you. We won’t ignore areas that could use help — we provide a comprehensive solution.

Analyze Your HubSpot Properties

Our specialists will comb through and make sure everything is in tip-top shape — not just “okay.” We never settle for mediocre. We want our clients to smash their goals for growth.

Export and Clean Your Data

Disorganized data won’t get you the leads and results you want. Clean data is always the most efficient way to get what you’re chasing. We can guide your HubSpot import to ease your frustration and save your staff the headache.

Import Data Into HubSpot and Test Results

We don’t just do the job and leave — we stick around after the HubSpot import to make sure everything is running smoothly. You can’t calculate your next move without analyzing the results, and we test everything so you’ll have the clearest picture possible.

Our Work Speaks for Itself

“In a single year we generated $1,165,000 in tracked revenue from a $263,800 ad spend.”

Antonio Scognamiglio
MAZUUM | Owner

Frequently Asked Questions

About Generating an Irresistible Offer

Absolutely. We can work with you to figure out what went wrong during your import and help you either clean up and reorganize the data you have or export and re-import with the correct structure.

We can work with you to import records related to contacts, companies, deals, products, service tickets, and notes. However, we recommend that all data be imported into HubSpot at the same time so there are no information gaps.

Yes! If you have other technology platforms that are not being replaced by HubSpot but you still want to track their data, we can help you set up an ongoing data stream — either through a pre-built connection or by building a custom integration for you.


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