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Facebook Outreach Strategy

We use Facebook as one of our main avenues of social media outreach, as it is a robust tool proven to work wonders for all types of companies—all across the world. 

Facebook has over 2.2 billion active users each month, and businesses from nearly every vertical are wise to keep up their presence on the social media giant. 

Does This Sound Familiar?

My Business Needs More Leads, and I Needed Them YESTERDAY

There are so many ways to utilize Facebook and boost your lead generation. From Facebook posts, landing pages, gated content, ads and more, Uhuru will be able to develop a Facebook outreach strategy that focuses on getting you those leads!

We Need to Attract Higher Quality Leads and Faster Than We Are Now

Through Facebook Ad Systems, you will be able to connect with people that want to know about your business. This allows your campaign to gather more information about your consumer by customizing questions to your target audience, which will generate and convert more high quality leads.

Our Content Isn’t Reaching the Right People

Companies simply cannot reach their goals and sell their products or services if they don’t get the word out to the right people. Facebook is a fantastic place to segment and target your audience with specific metrics.

Benefits of Social Media Outreach

Get Qualified Leads - Fast!

Facebook has really helped to streamline the lead generation process on their platform. With the systems and processes they have in place, they are able to entice consumers to convert just by making it easy and fast for them to submit information and not feel inconvenienced.

Generate More Leads Than Ever Before

The opportunity to achieve more leads on Facebook, is made possible because of the ability to generate direct and indirect leads through one platform. Utilizing Facebook to share content directly and as a path to conversion, increases your access to more qualified leads.

Have Less Time Spent Prospecting

Prospect research can be time consuming, but with Facebook outreach, a lot of the work is already done for you. Thanks to auto populating forms and segmenting opportunities, honing in on your target audience and getting their contact information will be more efficient than you have experienced.

Reach Your Leads on Their Preferred Platform

There are so many platforms and ways that marketers are trying to reach consumers in the current digital marketplace. With Facebook, you’re reaching your audience where they already are, they don’t have to go out searching for it, you’ve made it easy for them to become a lead.

Reach a Variety of Businesses and Industries

There are a range of businesses that can especially gain traction and sow the seeds for winning sales through social media outreach, namely Facebook. From B2B Tech Companies, Luxury or High-Value Consumer Products, Professional Services, or B2B Products.

We Get Results

Facebook can help—and we’ve mastered just how to use it to the advantage of businesses of every shape and size. Let us revolutionize your sales through better utilization of the social media outreach powerhouse known as Facebook.

Uhuru’s Approach to Facebook Outreach

Develop Detailed Prospect Research

Detailed prospect research enables us to reach out with extremely personalized messages, making it more likely the person will view your company in a positive light and respond. Our outreach process consists of two main phases: the initial outreach, and then the subsequent follow-up.

Utilize Various Outreach Methods

At Uhuru, we use various outreach methods, sequences and frequencies customized to what will best for your business and your ideal target market. Before we begin our outreach process, we ensure that your Sales teams’ Facebook accounts are optimized for establishing authority, a sense of leadership, and for building trust. We can boost the optimization of these profiles if they are not already at the level they should be.

Successful Outreach for a Variety of Business Types

Facebook outreach has shown great success for a variety of business types, but if, for instance, you’re targeting e-commerce businesses or B2C businesses, you have a particularly high potential of achieving some truly impressive results with Facebook. Most—if not all—of your customers are on there.

Target Segmented Audiences With Specific Content

We always structure our messages to express genuine, personalized interest, so the prospect feels our care for taking their business to new heights. With Facebook Outreach, we are able to target segmented audiences, to reach the right people at the right time.

Amplify Content With Facebook Outreach

Your content could be amazing, but it is invaluable if you aren’t reaching and engaging with your target market. Amplify your message and content by utilizing Facebook to reach your audience where they already are.

Our Work Speaks For Itself

“In a single year we generated $1,165,000 in tracked revenue from a $263,800 ad spend.”

Antonio Scognamiglio
MAZUUM | Owner

Frequently Asked Questions

About Facebook Outreach

Facebook outreach is fantastic when it comes to establishing your brand as a trusted leader in the space, connecting with people, and ultimately, growing your business with more leads.

Campaign outreach varies per industry and campaign. Generally results are seen 2-3 weeks after the campaign has been triggered.

We do extensive research to make sure the leads we bring in will match your goals. Uhuru aims for qualified leads—not just any leads, as that could end up wasting the prospect’s time and your resources. It’s all about targeted efforts for maximum efficiency.
No. Because these are such customized experiences, the prospect is sure to see our social media outreach efforts as valuable rather than spammy. They will see that we are trying to build a true, symbiotic partnership and that you are not merely trying to get their business. The more personalized, the better. This is where companies that do outreach but do not personalize tend to fail.

Generate Leads & Sales From Facebook

We take the weight off by taking care of your social media outreach through Facebook to get you an increased number of leads that will make you wonder why you didn’t start with us sooner. To take the first small leap to make your sales soar, schedule your complimentary sales assessment today!