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We’re Not Your Average Sales and Marketing Services Agency

We are well aware that there are a lot of digital and inbound marketing agencies. But that doesn’t intimidate us.

Our results-driven work ethic, irrefutable methods, and most uncommon (and therefore unparalleled) team allow us to be confident that we simply do things better. You get the functional expertise, objective opinions, and retained “brains” of our team in your programs. What you need to know for now is that our advantage—which will quickly become YOUR advantage—is the principles, practices, and people that make us unique.

Functional Expertise

We have significant experience and expertise handling marketing and sales challenges. The marketing and sales obstacles you are facing may be new to your organization while our highly respected and talented team has solved these types of problems over and over for decades. We live and breathe sales and marketing services.

Objective Opinion

Many outside the marketing industry misunderstand or fail to realize that there is a true structural advantage to having a third party supporting your initiatives.

Perhaps your senior management, board of directors, or implementers are unsure about what it takes to expand sales and marketing. We study your company’s situation and provide an objective outsider recommendation so your business can confidently proceed in the right direction. Our expertise will break the log jams, bring new issues to light, uncover new frameworks or ways of thinking, and help your company make the right decisions to propel forward.

Retained “Brains”

We provide smart team members to our clients to help solve pressing problems. And our team is the best of the best from every background. As a remote company, we are able to source talent from anywhere, whether it’s Belgrade, Serbia or California, USA.

You have a full plate of work and a tight timeline. You may not have the resources internally to solve the many facets of your sales and marketing services needs. Augment your existing resources with a smart, trusted team that will manage a large chunk of marketing and sales responsibilities.

Don’t Take Our Word For It

“In a single year we generated $1,165,000 in tracked revenue from a $263,800 ad spend.”

Antonio Scognamiglio
MAZUUM | Owner

Digital Marketing Solutions

Our KPI-oriented team of marketing experts implements proven goal-driven marketing and sales strategies designed to supercharge your company. To help you dominate your market, we execute successful business strategies that produce consistent results using the following marketing solutions.

Grow Your Business With Inbound Marketing

Business Advantage (BA)

Our BA program consists of ongoing integrated campaigns that generate leads for your sales team and build customer loyalty for your business. Our primary focus is providing persistent success by increasing the number of ideal visitors to your website, capturing them with valuable content, and nurturing them into buyers.

Paid Customer Acquisition

BA Attack

Our BA Attack program offers predictable, scalable, and repeatable lead generation and sales from paid acquisition. We work with you to optimize your e-commerce experience, sales pages, content offers, ads, and emails to generate more leads and clients for your business.

Sales Process Transformation

Sales Enablement

We document an optimized sales process to establish a common framework and language for your sales team to turn leads into clients. Our systems and processes allow us to hone in on the right mindset, skills, and technology that enable us to create a repeatable and consistent pipeline.

Prospecting & Outbound Lead Generation

BA Attack Outbound

Do you want to open the lead generation flood gates? We implement our outreach strategy—from prospecting to conversion—to increase the number of leads sent to your sales team. We even save your sales team time by taking on data entry and other tedious tasks.

Website Design & Development

Agile Market Domination (MD)

We help you build a strategic, buyer-focused website that is designed to increase traffic and sales. Your website is an evolving, integrated hub that connects all other marketing activities and creates a compelling experience for potential and current buyers.

HubSpot Implementation That Works


We’ve talked to thousands of companies who have HubSpot implementations that are not supporting their sales and marketing services. That’s why we help clients correctly utilize HubSpot CRM for digital marketing success. Our teams have the experience to set up your HubSpot CRM, Marketing Hub Enterprise, and Sales Hub for optimal ongoing execution.

Marketing Strategy Engagement

Uhuru Strategic Framework

Uhuru’s proprietary strategic framework is the foundation for all marketing activities and provides guidance throughout long-term engagements (12–18 months or more). It is a framework that is used as a reference, to make marketing decisions, and to guide campaign development.

Free Guide

How to Build a Full Inbound Conversion Funnel

Get our step-by-step guide that outlines each component of a highly effective funnel and how to create it.

Our Work

Here are some of our all-time favorite pieces we’ve brought to life for our valued clients. Here at Uhuru, we love presenting our work and seeing how delighted our clients are with the end result. We don’t consider our job done if our clients aren’t delighted with what we have produced. And we don’t give up easily—if they aren’t impressed, we implement edits until they fall in love with the project as deeply as we have. We’re fueled by your excitement.

Marketing and Sales Training and Strategies

Why You Should Utilize Business Webinars as an Inbound Sales Opportunity
Why You Should Utilize Business Webinars as an Inbound Sales Opportunity
How to Facilitate Teamwork in the Workplace
How to Facilitate Teamwork in the Workplace
How to Grow Your Patient Acquisition With Healthcare Digital Marketing
How to Grow Your Patient Acquisition With Healthcare Digital Marketing

Consultative Selling:

Definition, Meaning, Process, and Techniques

We break down how we approach and conduct each of the three calls we make with prospects, where we connect with their brand, and how we explore their active strategies and thoroughly diagnose the areas that need improvement.