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Innovative health care companies too often fall prey to bad marketing advice and poor execution. While this is a problem for any organization, digital health and health tech teams need marketing that gets results so they can reach the people who really need them, achieve their missions, and ultimately make health care better for us all.

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How Is Our Health Care Marketing Unique

Some marketing companies will spin a web of tech terminology around a list of tactics and call it your health care marketing strategy. That’s not us.

At Uhuru, the first thing we do is listen—to you.

It’s your mission we want to amplify. It’s your brand we want to enhance. And it’s your ideal patients and customers we want to attract. Until we fully understand your unique style and standard of care we won’t begin to employ our hardwon tactics or devise our cutting edge strategies.

How have we achieved such high client success rates for over a decade now? We work with healthcare professionals who excel at their specialty because they love it as much as we love inbound marketing. We’re so good at our profession because you’re so good at yours.

We’re unique, because you are.


Who Needs Results-Driven Health Care Marketing

Digital Health Companies


Medical Products/Devices

Consumer Health Products and Fitness


EMRs and EHRs

Not Seeing Results?

  • Wondering how to build credibility in the health care industry?
  • Not getting leads?
  • Getting leads but not sure what to do with them?
  • Feel like you’re throwing money away on your marketing efforts?
  • No alignment between your marketing and sales team?


Our Free Audit Process

If you are wondering how this can work for your company then get a free consultation. It’s a simple process and you will even get some tips that will help you optimize your health care marketing strategies.

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Don’t Take Our Word For It

“In a single year we generated $1,165,000 in tracked revenue from a $263,800 ad spend.”

Antonio Scognamiglio
MAZUUM | Owner

Our Approach to Health Care Marketing Strategy

Understand Your Why

Before you can most effectively convince leads they need your product or service, you need to define your marketing story.

Identify Your Buyer

Marketing to everyone is marketing to no one. Create ideal customer profiles and buyer personas to reach the right people.

Articulate the Value You Provide

Your marketing content shouldn’t focus on the features and benefits of your product because, frankly, no one cares. Instead, what problem does your company help solve?

Assess Your Current Position

Our team will perform assessments of your marketing and sales assets to ensure we have a full picture of where opportunities and gaps are.

Attract Prospects

Discover what content your prospects need to move through your buyers’ journey and define how they find you.

Build your execution plan

Get your marketing roadmap for the next two quarters and create your marketing and sales wishlist for the rest of the year so your team is aligned on priorities.

How We Help


Increased visibility on search engines with health care marketing best practices.


Full inbound marketing funnel that generates leads and drives revenue.

Buyer Focused Content

The best content your health care buyers have ever seen.

Frequently Asked Questions

About Your Health Care Marketing Consultation

You’ll meet with one of our health care business results specialists who will help you discover how to turn opportunities into results.

Yes, we can. We have helped many companies get results fast. The best way to know if we can help is to schedule a call.

Your first consultation is free. We believe in the power of innovative health care companies to change health care for the better, and we want to help you achieve that mission.

We’ll audit your digital properties and come prepared to share the opportunities we find.


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