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Email marketing services is an effective approach for targeting your audience and sending your unique story straight to their inbox. You cannot afford to miss out on this crucial tool. When it comes to one of the most beneficial forms of marketing you can utilize, we’ve got you covered.

Does This Sound Familiar?

email marketing services

We Need More Engaging Content for Our Audience

Personalize your messaging by providing your audience with valuable and targeted information that speaks to their interests and needs.

We’re Struggling With Maintaining Consistent Website Traffic

A friendly email campaign about your services or products can help boost website traffic. By segmenting your list based on subscriber interests, you can sync your email campaigns to your website content.

We Need to Hit Our Revenue Goals

Reach your revenue goals with an email marketing strategy that is tailored to the needs of your business, industry, and buyer personas.

Why You Need an Effective Email Marketing Strategy

Deploy Effective Email Campaigns

The creation and smart deployment of email campaigns is an established business growth technique. Cutting through the noise of consumers’ inboxes with messages that provide value, cater to their interests, and encourage engagement is crucial.

Get the Right Message in Front of the Right Audience

People like to feel special knowing that companies did their homework and actually bothered to learn about their wants and needs. Uhuru is composed of experts who know how to personalize and target emails to get the right message in front of the right audience, every time.

Influence the Recipient to Take Action

Our emails don’t annoy or frustrate the recipient. Rather, they influence them to take action and learn about your products and services, ultimately giving them a gentle push toward making a purchase.

Provide Value to Your Customers

We focus on forging great, trusting relationships by providing your consumers with helpful tips and valuable resources. Keep in mind, the relationship you have with existing customers is just as crucial as establishing new ones.

Generate Leads and Nurture Contacts

The right email marketing strategy will generate leads and contacts and nurture them all along the way. We make sure you establish these relationships with potential customers and clients at every point of your buyer’s journey funnel so that you have segmented email marketing activities that meet customer needs.

Increase Engagement, Leads, and Sales with Email

Discover how you can identify gaps in your email messaging and optimize your email funnels.

Uhuru’s Full-Service Email Marketing Solutions

Email Auditing

We audit existing campaigns by aiming to understand your goals. It’s our job to not just understand your business, your industry, and your competitors, but your targeting audience as well, so we know how they think and what drives their buying decisions.

Email Design

Creative and design are a major part of our offerings because aesthetics are a factor that can prompt a prospect to keep reading or toss the email in their virtual trash bin. We have in-house graphic designers and developers that will work with you to optimize your email marketing design and templates to make sure that your brand is accurately represented.

Email Copywriting

The words you choose to fill your headlines and email copy can either scare off a potential buyer or pull them in. Copywriting is essential for conversions. When a lead is interested in your content and absorbs everything you’re feeding them through carefully and artfully crafted words, they are more likely to trust your brand and want to see more. We make your story more believable and encourage customers to take the next step.

Full In-House Capabilities

Our team of marketing experts will help you continue to grow your marketing lists through social and paid media channels. We are the complete package, hitting all the areas you need to include in your overall email marketing strategy for optimal results.

Full Management and Automation

We develop automated email sequences that nurture your leads throughout your buyer’s journey. We can help you segment your leads and develop automation rules and triggers to close more deals and achieve your sales goals.

Our Work Speaks for Itself

“In a single year we generated $1,165,000 in tracked revenue from a $263,800 ad spend.”

Antonio Scognamiglio
MAZUUM | Owner

Frequently Asked Questions

About Email Marketing

We work with the softwares you are currently using or we recommend HubSpot for marketing automation. If you are looking to change your email software, take a look at our HubSpot implementation, it might be something we can help you with.

Definitely. We run email tests for a variety of campaigns and offers. If it’s an evergreen campaign, we’ll test different subjects or copy in the email, see what generates the best results and implement it for the next campaign.

We review and analyze email open rates, click through rates, conversions, and bounced emails. The data from each email will tell us if we need to adjust our subject lines or call to action in the email.

We only email your current email lists or generate new lists organically or with paid ads. The message we send also depends on the campaigns we work on together and the goal of the campaign. For example, sending campaigns to marketing qualified leads would be different than sales qualified leads and current clients. Together we’ll develop an email strategy to ensure success.


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