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Develop an Irresistible Offer
to Convert More Leads

An irresistible offer doesn’t have to mean you’re giving out major discounts to leads. Offering a bargain or big sale to a prospect where you shave some money off the top in hopes of enticing the market may be the way many businesses are still doing things, but we don’t believe that’s the ideal approach. There is no need to give away potential funds before you even receive them. Don’t lower your value. Instead, build irresistible offers prospects can’t refuse.

Does This Sound Familiar?

We Don’t Feel We are Effectively Delivering Value at Every Touchpoint

Remember, it’s a trade of sorts. Each side should get something in the end, not lose something. It’s all about long-term gains, not merely meaningless website traffic. Generate information worth its weight in gold. Think an enticing how-to, checklist, or educational materials.

Our Sales People Is NotEarning the Trust of Prospects

If the prospect feels they can get something out of each interaction they have with you, even if it’s not instant money, they will be a more promising permanent relationship and trust will be garnered. Authority will be established on your end so that they only have a desire to keep coming back for more.

We Need to Close More Deals and Get More “Yes”

Let’s pique their desire with your worthy bargaining chip and they won’t care that it’s not a discount you’re offering—they will be able to see clearly that you’re about to be building something big together that will pay out in dividends long after each individual touchpoint. In every step of the funnel they find themselves, the prospect will feel an even firmer reassurance that they made the right choice in choosing you over your competition.

Why is Developing Your Prospecting Offer Important?

Create Smart Investment Offers for Prospects

It’s making a smart investment. We’re not going for the quick wins, but rather, the right customers that will actually be able to further your bottom line in the end. That’s the ultimate goal of putting together an irresistible offer. Let’s find out more about what that means and how that works when you do things our way instead of the traditional way.

Develop a Valuable Trade Off

Using our proven, calculated strategies, we can retain the original pricing you had in mind without compromising the sale. Rather, when you make a trade, aim for perceived value. That essentially means that you will offer them ideas, content, or a partnership that promises to be fruitful in the long term.

Proven Methodology for Your Prospecting

When you’ve nailed down how to develop a simply irresistible offer, you can be confident that prospects will be drawn in—and stay with your company for the long haul. Ultimately this will lead to more sales and more money to continue to fuel the business you love. We have no tricks up our sleeves, just proven methodologies that we’ve perfected after putting them to the test time and time again.

Reach Various Industries with a Streamlined Offer

No matter what line of business you’re in, you would do well to consider prioritizing the creation of an irresistible offer in the experiences with which you provide your prospective customers. Make sure they have zero reason to turn and leave you for another organization. A streamlined offer will help you develop an unbeatable sales outreach process!

Give Your Sales Team the Tools to Create an Irresistible Offer

Just like most things, your strategy or approach is meaningless without the tools to get you there. Think of your prospecting offer as the roadmap to your business’ sales process success without lowering the value of your offering.

Empower Your Team to Construct

an Utterly Irresistible Offer

Ready to develop your irresistible offer? Build something they won’t easily be able to turn down…

Transform How You Sell (The Uhuru Way)

Identify Target Accounts with an Ideal Customer Profile

We make sure that your personas are fully understood, and that you know your goals, too. Again, you’re not just looking to sell to anyone, you want it to be a good match for both parties in order to prevent wasting time, money, and leaving everyone frustrated. You will always find more success in precision targeting than with the approach of taking a shot in the dark. The team here at Uhuru can show you how to make an ideal customer profile (ICP) to cut waste and save resources by getting specific and purposeful with your aim.

Discover Who is Your Champion within the ICP

As a bonus, when you win an engagement that ends up loving you, they will also become a champion for your brand, spreading the good word—because they now fully believe in it—and making it more likely you will win even more accounts, just like them (the right ones)!

Understand Their Problems and Pain

If you don’t know your prospect, how can you know what they’re looking for and hope to be their solution? You need to get to know them on a bit of a deeper level if you want to be the first—and only—business they go to for an answer to their problem or question.

Craft Your Irresistible Offer

We’ll sherpa you there so you won’t have to worry about whether you’re hitting all the right points and not getting tripped up on the nuances. It can be easier than you might think to scare away a sale. You can be doing things 99.9 percent right and they could still bail on you mid-cycle. Over the years, we’ve focused so much on getting to know the potential future customers of our clients—their wants, needs, struggles, and desires—that it’s one of our biggest strengths.

Eliminate Time Wasted on Unsuccessful Prospecting

By spending time targeting the right people you will eliminate wasted time and resources, optimizing your sales team to hit and surpass revenue goals. Crafting an irresistible prospect offer allows you to speak to the right people in the right way.

Our Work Speaks for Itself

“Here’s how we leave our clients’ sales teams better than we found them:”

Antonio Scognamiglio
MAZUUM | Owner

Frequently Asked Questions

About Generating an Irresistible Offer

When creating your ask and determining how to communicate it concisely, don’t get bogged down by thinking that your initial offer of value must be your company’s main offering, nor the service that you ultimately hope to sell to your prospect. Typically, you want to make the ask in your outreach something related to your offering—but not your actual offering. The main offering usually isn’t as effective in starting a conversation in this way, so use the initial value offer to introduce yourself and open the door to a conversation in order to learn more.

The purpose is to provide real value and to open the door to a conversation where you can provide even greater value and insights—and begin to determine whether you may be a good fit to do business together. Help people learn about whether you may be a fit to help them in deeper ways. Your value offer will help empower your sales team to hit their goals.

We will help you determine how you can provide value that is specific to your prospect’s business—specific to your target persona. The way, the initial value offer that is communicated and delivered will vary slightly based on persona. This approach works best if the value you’re providing is not generic or one-size-fits-all. We’ll confirm that the initial value offer is compelling and that the time it takes to produce and deliver that value is minimal.

Our goal with this type of prospecting is to provide value to prospects upfront and at no obligation. This will put them on ease rather than having their guards up, and being on edge like they might be when your standard agency reaches out to them. With all the digital noise and internet saturation these days, they have understandably learned to have the reflex of being wary rather than saying “yes.” That’s why the purpose of this approach is to provide value at every touchpoint.


Ready to Strengthen How You Sell?

Each company’s irresistible offer will be different, and we are so confident in our success and approach that we’re happy to show you our entire process from start to finish. Schedule a customized sales diagnostic and let us show you how we work.