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Do you know the kind of people you will need to be bringing to move the needle and render a positive return on your investment? You don’t want just any customers. You need to determine which ones will bring about the most success and then set your sights on them. There are instances where the wrong client can slow things down and cause major pain points for your team. Get started attracting your ideal customer profile.

Does This Sound Familiar?

We Are Struggling to Close Deals

If you’re struggling to close deals even after you have implemented various selling methodologies and tactics, then something is not connecting in your sales process – Chances are, your Ideal Account Profile may need some work. Think of your Ideal Account Profile as the foundation for sales success.

We Are Not Hitting Sales and Revenue Goals

At the end of the day, results and revenue reign supreme. If you’re not hitting goals and making your revenue numbers, little else matters. Uhuru is guided by 3 value propositions, one of which is the value we place on results, it’s what drives us to success. The work we do for our client partners must deliver the desired results.

We Are Seeing a Prolonged Sales Cycle

A prolonged sales cycle can affect your company from hitting revenue targets. Working with Uhuru, we do not leave anything to slip through the cracks – this means completing a comprehensive strategy to address all the opportunities for improvement. This starts with correctly targeting the right profile.

Why Do You Need an Ideal Account Profile?

Create Alignment Between Sales and Marketing

Company success relies heavily on the alignment of your sales and marketing efforts. Using data from both your sales and marketing, will play a huge role in determining your ideal account profile. At Uhuru, we do the heavy lifting, analyze your data and determine your account profile for you.

Find the Right Data to Target the Right People

It sounds obvious, but without the right data, you have no hope of targeting the right people. Even if you have all the tools that provide you with all the relevant data about your company, if you don’t know what you’re looking for and what it means, it is going to be hard to provide accurate reporting to develop the correct account profiles.

Find the Similarities and Differences Between Profiles

Determining your Ideal Account Profile means identifying all of the characteristics of those accounts. This will allow you to easily spot the similarities and differences between different profiles, streamlining who you target more efficiently and effectively.

Prioritize and Implement Strategy Where It Will Be Most Successful

There is trial and error in every marketing strategy, but repeated mistakes and wasted time or opportunities is something that we at Uhuru avoid at all costs. Nailing down your Ideal Account Profile will allow you to prioritize and implement the right strategies that target the right audience, to bring you results.

Understand Your Customer Lifetime Value

Determining how valuable a customer is to your company, not just by purchase but by the whole relationship is an asset to your business. Understanding your customer lifetime value will help in determining who you want to continue to target. With this information, Uhuru will be able to develop strategies that will attain new customers and retain existing ones.

Target the Right Companies with Ideal Customer Profiles

Precision is how you will reach optimal efficiency in any business endeavor, such as sales or marketing. We help you aim with the proper precision through an ideal customer profile.

Uhuru’s Approach to Developing an Ideal Account Profile

Identify Your Target Accounts

Your ideal customer and what companies actually fit the mold of your business can be two completely different things. That’s why Uhuru and our team of experts are here to make it easy for you. This is what we do day in and day out, rely on us and our proven methods and processes for determining an ideal account profile.

We Will Define Common Characteristics

When we define the common characteristics of your ideal accounts, we will determine the revenue and size to location, number of employees, length of sales cycle and more, to get a wide picture view of who your customers are.

Fully Understand Problems or “Pain Points”

Understanding the customer pain points is how you can engage with your customers and allow them to feel like you are speaking directly to them. Developing an Ideal Account Profile is a way of understanding the challenges they face and that you can help them solve.

Pinpoint Your Maximum Value Offer

Everything about sales and marketing today revolves around the value you provide a client at every step of the buyer’s journey. Your company has a unique value offer that will address challenges your consumers are facing. We will determine how to maximum your value offer and then get it in front of your ideal account profile.

Continuous Support and Results

Our clients tend to see the number of qualified leads grow more quickly than they would have thought—and we gather that this is why they continue to hold onto their programs with us for many years.

Our Work Speaks for Itself

“With Uhuru's Facebook retargeting campaign, we have achieved a return of 653%”

Antonio Scognamiglio
MAZUUM | Owner

Frequently Asked Questions

About Ideal Account Profile

Remember, an ideal customer profile will ensure you’re getting quality leads, rather than just any leads you can find. You’re carefully and calculatedly targeting for exactitude.

It all boils down to cutting waste. Once you have an ideal customer profile in place, precious company time, funds, workers’ efforts, and other resources need not be spent doing frankly unnecessary activities that could have been better allocated toward other responsibilities—ones that will actually further your bottom line.

From there, you can do so much more than you could before you had one—you can go off and market and sell to your heart’s desire, this time around being confident that you’re getting the right leads. Just have a smart plan and there will be virtually no limit to the possibilities.


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