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Your business needs to rank in local searches through Google, Bing, Apple Maps, and other search engines. Using our local SEO services is where you need to start to put yourself on the map.

Every business can grow by using these types of SEO strategies to attract local clients. At Uhuru, we have an up-to-date understanding of how search engines work and how your business can rank locally.

Does This Sound Familiar?

I Need a Larger Presence in Local SEO

You may be utilizing on-page SEO, but if your business revolves around local traffic, you need to utilize local optimization. We can help amplify your positioning, so you get found.

I’m New to the Market and Need to Establish Our Company Presence

A great way to introduce yourself to a new market is to establish your presence through local SEO. At Uhuru, we can create a strategy to help you reach those goals using best practices and our many years of experience.

My Reviews Vary from Positive to Negative and are Irregular at Best

Dealing with reviews—positive, negative, or irregular is imperative for your overall SEO game plan. Reviews, especially in the local arena, can really have an impact on your brand.

Why Do You Need A Local SEO Strategy?

Changing Consumer Behaviour
Consumer behavior is changing, and as a business, you need to meet them where they are if you want to attract them as customers. So many now turn to local online searches as their first mode of finding an answer to a question or problem.
Lower Competition

Using local SEO is a smart choice as there is less competition there. Where the market is less saturated is where you can make your mark. If you want your brand to shine, utilize this avenue.

Add More Credit to Your Ranking
Remember, you want your prospects to see you as an authority in the space, a leader in your area of expertise, and THE only solution they will want or need. You want them to keep coming back for more, so do what you can do garner accreditation and win trust.
Local SEO Drives Mobile Traffic
Get more people to land on your page. They cannot become customers if they don’t know about you, and in this digital era, where so many people have smartphones, they are unlikely to get to know your brand if you are not making use of local SEO. We can help you harness the power of SEO through mobile.
Free Sources of Advertisements
This is one of the best parts: you don’t even have to pay for this valuable type of advertising! If you are worried about spending too much money upfront on your marketing strategy, this is an easy early step, as it has the potential to render a lot of business at no cost to you.

Ready for Your Business to Rank on Local Search?

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Be Found Locally: Uhuru’s Approach to Local SEO

Local Keyword Strategy

We complete keyword research and create a list of targeted keywords to find which words and phrases are best to use for your business to rank in local search. We utilize several of the leading tools and technologies that help us make the right, calculated choices for your brand.

Directory Listings

We optimize all of your listings to make your business as appealing as possible to potential customers. Uhuru specialists are kept abreast of best practices and the latest trends to get your business listings up to par with where they need to be.

Utilize Online Reviews

Even if you have a negative review, you still need to address it—you cannot only thank positive reviewers. It’s almost more important to respond appropriately to the negatives to turn the experience around and show how excellent your customer service is. This can feel uncomfortable at first and be tricky, but we know just how to handle it and are here to guide you.

Local Competitive Analysis

We analyze your local competitors to decide what your local SEO strategy should and should be. By analyzing the competition, we can determine where your website or business listings fall short and create a plan to address those issues immediately.

Content Creation with Local Focus

Using all of the information we have gathered, we begin creating content relevant for local SEO to help increase the likelihood of your business ranking for local searches. We keep locations, cities, and regional keywords in mind when developing content for local searches.

Our Work Speaks for Itself

“In a single year we generated $1,165,000 in tracked revenue from a $263,800 ad spend.”

Antonio Scognamiglio
MAZUUM | Owner

Frequently Asked Questions

About Local SEO

It allows you to focus exclusively on local search by optimizing your Google Business Listing and other directory listings. This will help put your business in front of local customers who will also be more relevant.
A local strategy works best for companies that have storefronts or physical locations. This also allows you to stay competitive with neighboring businesses. Buying locally helps boost the economy and will encourage consumers to shop local.
If you’re spending money on marketing without local SEO, you’re not getting the best return from your investment. Local optimization puts your marketing efforts in front of your ideal customer at the right time and in the right place to help your business grow.
Have you ever heard the term, “content is king?” Content that is targeted to your local customers based on current events and news is bound to grab their attention and make them feel that you value them. This strategy also helps you get ranked for each specific location.

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