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Welcome to Uhuru’s

Health Care Marketing Podcast

Hey there, it’s Scott Allen, host of Uhuru’s Health Care Marketing Podcast. After years of helping digital health companies with their marketing, I realized many of them were facing a similar set of problems: they struggled to know their health care buyers, they didn’t know how to attract and convert those buyers, and they struggled to close deals.

All of this added up to one big problem: digital health companies weren’t getting the traction they needed to help make health care a better place for us all.

This podcast has one goal: we want digital health companies like yours to be successful so that patients, doctors, nurses, frontline staff – everyone who has a stake in health care – benefits from your innovative products and services.

Join me as I interview health care experts, marketing experts, sales experts, and business experts from across industries. Then take what you’ve learned to change health care for good!


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