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S3 #13: Digital Transformation During COVID-19 With Chris Boyer

Chris Boyer has been in health care for over ten years, working in both hospitals and health systems and leading digital teams. He is currently a consultant who helps organizations navigate their digital transformations. Chris also hosts a podcast called Touchpoint where he speaks about digital patient experience and digital marketing. Let's take a look at what Chris has to say about digital transformation during COVID-19.

S3 #12: How to Do Remote Work with Rita Fitzgerald

Rita Fitzgerald graduated from college at the very end of the 2008 recession. She was the youngest person at her first job, so they had her working on the digital side of the house, which led her to become a full-fledged marketer with a focus on digital marketing. When she was pregnant with her first child, she got the opportunity to start working remotely, and she's been doing remote work ever since.

S3 #11: What You Need to Know About Inside Sales with David Ovies

David Ovies is a business results specialist at Uhuru Network where he helps companies with what next steps they need to take to uplevel their marketing and sales.

S3 #10: How Health Care Marketing and Sales Can Adjust to Uncertain Times with Peter Lang

Peter Lang is the CEO of Uhuru Network, a full-service digital marketing agency. Peter has experience in mergers and acquisitions, startup funding, and business strategy. He also has a knack for being able to look around corners and find ways to solve problems that seem impossible. And right now, COVID-19, to some of you, may feel impossible.

S3 #9: Disruption in Health Care and Why the Industry Is Afraid of It With Dinesh Apte

Dinesh Apte is the VP of Healthcare Growth and Strategy at Wellframe. He also has his own digital health consultancy where he helps digital health organizations identify pathways for integrating their solutions into health plans and integrated delivery networks (IDNs).
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