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S4 #14: Mission Marketing Podcast — Outbound Lead Gen Best Practices

Reading Time: 4 minutes Outbound lead generation is very much alive and well, and it’s still a valuable part of any marketing strategy. This article will go through best practices for creating a successful outbound lead generation strategy.

S4 #13: B2B Influencer Marketing for Your Healthcare Company With Eric Pela

Reading Time: 4 minutes In this write-up of our podcast, we’ll focus on his experience using B2B influencer marketing to drive business — and how your healthcare company can benefit from adding this unique marketing tactic to your marketing mix.

S4 #12: What is Inbound Lead Generation?

Reading Time: 9 minutes Inbound lead generation is the development of engaging content campaigns that bring in website visitors and convert them into leads. Skimmable, valuable content makes your brand more discoverable in search engines and social media platforms — wherever your target audience is spending time.

S4 #11: Do Companies REALLY need Healthcare SEO?

Reading Time: 11 minutes You don’t need to understand the technology behind healthcare SEO to know that if you aren't ranking for target keywords in your area of expertise, you’re missing out on leads — and that means fewer patients, customers, or clients coming through your door.

S4 #10: Continuing Medical Education With Johnathan Marx: Why It Is So Vital for Your Business

Reading Time: 8 minutes Johnathan and I agreed that online communications and education are really about developing trust and deep-rooted relationships. Posting a wealth of credible information on your website is the first step — then you must make sure search engines are finding it. Once you develop trust with an ever-expanding audience, they’ll keep coming back for more and eventually may opt-in to download more valuable information or schedule an appointment.
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