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S4 #8: The Patient Voice: The Driving Force Behind Your Healthcare Marketing

Reading Time: 5 minutes It’s powerful because patients sometimes feel like they don't have a voice. That they have this condition, have lived with it their whole lives, have the knowledge of or having to deal with it, and they share that with the rest of the world in case it can help others. Let’s talk more about this concept of the patient voice and why it’s so important for all types of healthcare organizations to listen wholeheartedly.

S4 #7: Patient Personas: What They Need from You

Reading Time: 8 minutes It's so important to consider those patient personas as real humans and how, as medical providers, digital health companies, or other types of health tech companies, we serve them and we give them what they need in order to be successful on their health journeys. Let’s kick it off by recapping what patient personas are in case you missed our other posts. We’ll get into why they’re important, what's different about them from other personas, and more!

S4 #6: Medical Provider Personas: What They Need From You

Reading Time: 10 minutes This is a crucial area to cover, so we want to ensure you have it down pat. These are our proven tactics for developing full, successful strategies for our clients. Now you can implement them at your own healthcare organization. Without further ado, let’s jump on in—there’s no time to waste, since the sooner you know how to adopt these factors into your plan, the sooner you can see your numbers soar—from patient acquisition and retention to your overall bottom line.

S4 #5: A Health System Buyer Persona: What It Needs From You

Reading Time: 9 minutes ...buyer personas are a vital part of the foundation that helps make up your marketing strategy. You’re painting a semi-fictional picture, but still want to be as specific as possible. Without a buyer persona, you wouldn’t know who you’re selling to—and that would make it very difficult to market effectively.

S4 #4: The Importance of Health Tech Marketing

Reading Time: 7 minutes Health marketing is crucial because what the clinicians at your facilities do is so important and people need to know about it. The more people that are aware of your practice and how superb it is, the more people can benefit from its services. Almost never has that been more critical than now, when we have a global pandemic on our hands and people are scrambling to stay healthy—also creating more competition for your specific brand or health care network. Let’s talk a bit more about why it is imperative that you have a good digital health care marketing strategy and some ways you can set one up for greater future success.
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