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S4 #16: Season 4 Finale: Live Website Audit

16 - Final Live Website
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16 - Final Live Website

In the latest podcast episode, The Mission Marketing all-stars do a live walk-through to show how we perform a website audit and the opportunities discovered in those findings.

A website audit checks website diagnostics, opportunities for improvement, and brand messaging. The goal is to show company owners where there are opportunities to drive conversions, increase traffic, and attract their target audience.

When we conduct a website audit, our goal is to help you:

  • Increase your online sales
  • Build and optimize your lead-generation engine
  • Drive more organic traffic
  • Improve your conversion rates
  • Optimize current ad spend to increase your ROI

Opportunities Found for a Pediatric Health Company

Whitney and Shelby conducted a live website audit on the Mission Marketing Podcast. Here are the opportunities they found or problem areas to resolve for this pediatric health company.

Increase Conversion Rates on Homepage

A conversion rate is any goal or action you want a user to take on your website. The goal can be to sign up for a consultation, fill out a form for a free sample, or download a resource.

Currently, the homepage is only asking for visitor information at the decision stage of their journey. Fewer than 3% of website visitors are typically in the decision stage, making this offer unappealing to 97% of website visitors.

If you offer an early-stage offer (e.g., e-book, whitepaper, checklist) that provides value to your visitor free-of-charge, your visitor-to-patient conversion rates will increase.

Increase Conversion Rates by Gating Valuable Content

This company is providing valuable content that could be leveraged to increase conversion rates. However, a major opportunity was missed by not asking for visitor information — especially if you’re providing TOFU content and resources.

Whether you’re trying to appeal to B2C or B2B companies, your target audience will be doing research. When you offer valuable, helpful content (like a podcast) up-front, it helps prospects with their research and showcases your business as a thought leader.

Without creating value, it’s impossible to stand out from the crowd. The whole point of content marketing is to give, give, give — before you ask a prospect to open up their wallet or schedule an appointment with you.

Gating your valuable content by requesting a simple email capture will lead to an increase in conversion rates and help you nurture the lead through the rest of the funnel.

Increase Organic Traffic with Website Performance

During our website audit, we found multiple irrelevant pages in the XML Sitemap.

When you’re submitting irrelevant pages to search engines, it negatively impacts your ability to rank in searches.

Why? Because when Google or other search engines crawl your site, they start with the XML sitemap. The sitemap tells the crawlers where your important pages are located and relevant information, like when your website pages were last updated (which affects search).

When there are issues with the sitemap, search crawlers get confused. When crawlers are confused, they will likely miss out on crawling your important pages or waste time crawling pages that don’t matter (like a Terms and Conditions page).

Increase Your Organic Traffic by Getting the Blog Going

In this website audit, we found that they didn’t have a blog. Providing content in blog post format is one of the best ways to get your valuable content out into the world and drive organic traffic.

If you don’t have a blog, you’re completely missing out on a very significant piece of the (marketing) pie.

Providing a blog and content to go along with it should be a part of everyone’s marketing strategy. A blog can help get your company name in front of your target audience, promote yourself and your business, establish yourself as an authority, convert traffic into leads, and help your sales team sell to prospects.

Creating blog content alone has the potential to drive a massive amount of organic traffic to your site.

Increase Brand Engagement Through an “About Us” Story Video

A great way to increase brand engagement is through an “About Us” video.

Neglecting to share your About Us story is a missed opportunity for visitors to get to know your brand and the purpose and mission of the company.

A well-planned About Us page is an excellent thing to have, but you can kick it up a notch by using video storytelling.

Best practices in making an introductory video:

  • Introduce who you are
  • Tell your story (explain your “why”)
  • Create intimacy
  • Talk about your guarantees and promises

Increase Brand Engagement by Breaking Out of Your Resources Page

Having a resources page that houses all of your resources is fine, but it requires that your visitors go there and dig around for the information they’re looking for.

You’ll see better results by embedding resources in a contextually relevant way on your website, strategically placing content within the patient’s journey.

In this website audit, we found a helpful resource regarding crisis resources stuck on their Resources page. This content is useful to potential clients and should be at the forefront of the website as an option to download on their main website pages.

Increase Brand Reach With Content Amplification

This pediatric health company has invested in content but isn’t leveraging it optimally. You have an opportunity to amplify your content to generate predictable prospects and greater revenue with a content amplification strategy.

Content amplification is a multi-channel approach that uses paid and earned media to promote and distribute content. The goal of amplification is to increase your brand’s reach while encouraging the audience to move seamlessly down your sales funnel.

Increase Lead-generation Engine by Fixing a Google Analytics Error

The website we reviewed had the same Google Analytics ID tracking twice for every page view.

When two Analytics IDs are tracking, it means that when a visitor views a page, there are two page views recorded in Google Analytics, giving the illusion of doubled performance and extremely low bounce rates. Accurate analytics data is critical for making strategic decisions in marketing and sales.

Fixing Analytics errors is low-hanging fruit that has a significant impact on achieving business objectives.

Are You Missing Business Opportunities?

Your website, content, and all online properties should be focused on one goal: generating leads.

Often, companies don’t know where to apply changes or don’t understand why they aren’t generating leads.

With a Uhuru website audit, we’ll help identify opportunities to improve your digital marketing so you can drive traffic and leads straight to your virtual door. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us to schedule a complimentary website audit. We can’t wait to start helping you reach your goals!

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