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PPC Management Services

Our PPC management services grows businesses. Uhuru ads experts will manage, test, and refine your paid media campaigns across multiple platforms to target your most qualified buyers.

Does This Sound Familiar?

Need Someone to Take Control of the Implementation of Your Paid Media

Uhuru will lead the strategy and implementation of your paid media. These experts specialize in Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, LinkedIn Ads and other lead generation platforms. 

We Are Driving Traffic but Not Conversions

There are a few reasons or mistakes that are being made, for why your traffic is getting clicks but you’re not getting conversions. At Uhuru, we will break down what isn’t working for your PPC and how we can improve it.

I Need Help Sticking to a Budget

When you’re managing PPC campaigns and want to see higher results, don’t revert to throwing more money at it or modifying your budget. Our paid media experts will develop a strategy to maximize your output and budget.

Get Better PPC Management

Analyzing Your PPC Strategy
As with anything, you cannot build an effective roadmap if you do not have a plan in place, and we are obsessed with strategy. It prevents aimless movement and rather, fosters precise, calculated decisions. Everything should be measured and analyzed so see where you have been and best determine where you are going.
Weekly Strategy Development and Adjustments

We work on an agile marketing framework that allows us to quickly and effectively adjust our campaigns and strategies. At the end of each sprint, we evaluate the successes and improvements to help you reach your goals.

Paid Media Report
At the end of each month to show campaign performance and how your budget was allocated. We also offer quarterly reviews, where we go over your keywords, CPC, ad sets, campaign types, and new, exciting recommendations based on findings for the next 90­ days of your program. It’s important that we review every quarter to ensure we are still aligned on all goals and whether we are delivering precisely the level of management that is right for you.
Diversify Your Marketing Portfolio

It’s important to be sure things are in place optimally at all touch points. You should have multiple channels and funnels. Realize that different things will connect better with different people based on who they are. Similarly to investing, you want to diversify your marketing portfolio in a way when considering proper PPC management

Strategy Development
We develop a strategy based on your existing campaigns and begin optimizing your campaigns using best-practices, immediately. If you’re starting from ground level, we will create a full funnel PPC plan (detailing KPIs, buyer personas, content offers, and more) in order to create the necessary ad accounts, place the necessary tracking pixels, etc.—all from the ground-up. It is not a problem for us, we do it all the time.

No Existing PPC vs Existing PPC

We’ve done both—whatever your situation, our team can be of service when it comes to your ideal PPC management services.

Uhuru’s PPC Framework

In-Depth Client Onboarding process

At Uhuru, we rely on our in-depth onboarding processes, complete with a diagnostic and thorough audits. These will provide the insight needed to create a game plan that truly works. We have tested it time and time again and worked to perfect it over the years, so we know it gets the job done. We won’t use a process or procedure if it has not been proven to churn out significant results. We only keep the ones with optimal performance and improve where we see it’s needed.

Stay Ahead of the Curve

This is how we stay on the cutting-edge for you—so you can, in turn, stay on the cutting-edge for your clients. And none of what we do is kept under wraps. We don’t like secrets because we want our clients to feel that they are true partners in what we are doing. You will always have vision into your full marketing funnel & KPIs through status reports, personalized guidance, and honest consultations.

Full Service Agency

Our clients enjoy the convenience and comprehensive feel of being taken care of, as we have everything you need in one place. From in-house developers and graphic designers to copywriters and editors, we are well-versed in influencing and guiding an overall strategy, from start to finish. There will be no missing pieces. In fact, we review the performance of more than just your ad campaigns—we look at landing page metrics, the content of your lead gen offer, your buyer personas, your email nurturing funnel, and beyond.

Extensive PPC Analysis

Our team provides extensive analyses of your past and current campaigns so we can be sure to provide you with a powerful and accurate campaign for the ongoing engagement. Our assessment consists of things like ad copy and graphics, calls-to-action, A/B Testing, and audience targeting to see where adjustments should be made to amplify outcomes. If there is an issue, we will explain it in plain, jargon-free terms so everyone is clear and on the same page.

Funnels That Reach Your Audience at All Stages

You need to have top of the funnel (ToFu) ads, middle of the funnel (MoFu) ads, and of course bottom of the funnel (BoFu) ads so you ensure you have a complete funnel going. Having only a partial direction or only some steps set up will simply not work if you want to really grow. Reach and meet people where they are to show you care about providing value. Customers are not looking to help your business like we are—they are looking for a solution to their own problem, and we want you to be positioned to be the answer.

Our Work Speaks For Itself

“In a single year we generated $1,165,000 in tracked revenue from a $263,800 ad spend.”

Antonio Scognamiglio
MAZUUM | Owner

Frequently Asked Questions

About PPC Management

You should own your own ad accounts. We believe in transparency, delivering value, and that you should own your own account and data.

Uhuru has identified the patterns that limit and restrict PPC growth and shown our clients how to create a powerful campaigns over their competition by taking success concepts from different industries and adapting them for clients and specific businesses. Uhuru is really good at just jumping in finding out what’s wrong with a business and propelling it. In practice, it’s our strategic process that enables us to get a good understanding of the your needs and business. 

Ad spend is on your own account, which is separate from our program fee. Whatever you pay for ads on Facebook or Google, etc. goes directly to them. We don’t mark it up. 

PPC Advertising management is a planned managerial process designed to oversee and control the various advertising activities involved in your program… Therefore, advertising and other elements of the promotional campaign can be shared as long as the teams are integrated.


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