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Lead Nurturing Services
& How Workflow Automation Works

Lead nurturing is the process of developing relationships with your prospects with the intent to close the deal when they’re ready. Lead nurturing services are important to inbound marketing because it’s your chance to give value to your leads and customers.

Does This Sound Familiar?

We Need to See B2B Benefits but Also Save Time and Resources?

Benefit from a shortened sales cycle by automating workflows, segmenting leads, and increasing your number of marketing channels. Workflow automation for lead nurturing also helps you approach leads in a timely manner and helps you develop personal relationships with your leads.

How Do We Deliver Relevant, Valuable Content to Our Database?

This will help you make a case as to why your brand and solution are best suited to solve that lead’s problem. Being able to segment leads by buyer persona and lifecycle stage allows you to send them content that meets them where they are and speaks to them, specifically.

How Do We Increase Our Customer Lifetime Value in B2C?

Promote upsells based on historical purchases while maintaining a positive brand experience and relationship. You want to keep your brand top of mind, as this helps your brand continue to provide value. This avenue helps you deliver the right message at the right time—every time.

Why You Need Workflows and Automated Nurturing in Your Marketing Strategy

Segmented Leads
This is a vital part of lead nurturing. All consumers want a personalized buyer’s experience. Having your leads segmented by stage of the buyer’s journey allows you to provide helpful and relevant content that addresses their current challenges or questions.
Develop Relevant Content

A documented buyer persona and lifecycle stage allows you to send consumers content that meets them where they are and speaks to them specifically.

Effectively Utilize Your Platform
When a lead converts on our site, they should be enrolled in an appropriate workflow using automation. It keeps things organized, keeps things going, and makes less work for you.
Effectively Report on KPIs
Key performance indicators (KPIs) are a powerful management and business performance tool. They are essential to track the performance of your marketing efforts against targets and goals to see what’s working and for continuous improvement.
Get More Quality Leads
Marketing and sales alignment is the key to a successful process and a huge opportunity for improving business performance. Collaboration on revenue goals can dramatically improve sales productivity and marketing return on investment (ROI).

Discover How Workflow Automation While Lead Nurturing Can Help Your Business

We help you set goals and create purposeful automation. 

Uhuru’s Approach to Workflows and Automated Nurturing

Handling the Awareness Stage

We make sure your funnel is complete, from start to finish. The journey goes as follows: you start by taking a prospect through the “top of the funnel,” or TOFU stage, just to get their feet wet. Put yourself on their radar without sounding pushy. This is simply an educational stage, so we don’t want to take it too far if we don’t want to scare off a potential future sale. We push a bit further in the next stage.

Tackling the Consideration Stage

This would be the “middle of the funnel,” or, what we like to call MOFU. This is in between the first and last stage, referred to as the “bottom of the funnel,” or your BOFU phase. We push a bit harder here—still being careful not to sound too salesy because the prospect still needs to know you have their best interests in mind rather than your own. You want them to be confident in your commitment to providing trustworthy value to them.

Conquering the Decision Stage

We strategize and develop the content needed for your automated workflows by determining what information your buyer persona needs at each step of their buyer’s journey. We also determine the best channels to communicate and promote each piece of content.

Creating Exhilarating Landing Pages

Uhuru will also help you design and develop landing pages and forms based on the stage of the buyer’s journey and the type of information we need from that potential customer. We follow best practices—and the smartest way to determine what works to convert your landing page visitors is always to test it.

Lead Nurturing With Email Marketing Campaigns

Based on buyer personas, KPIs, and lifecycle stages, Uhuru develops successful automated email marketing campaigns. The number of workflows depends on what we are trying to accomplish. Essentially, we want the workflows to be cohesive and work collaboratively to tie together the pieces of your overall nurturing objectives.

Our Work Speaks For Itself

“In a single year we generated $1,165,000 in tracked revenue from a $263,800 ad spend.”

Antonio Scognamiglio
MAZUUM | Owner

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