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With LinkedIn advertising, you can boost website traffic and leads for your B2B business. Start serving ads to high-level executives and decision-makers to generate high-quality leads and sales.

Our LinkedIn ads marketing services can help you tap into one of the top B2B lead generation sources. With the capability of targeting based on occupation, job title, and location, you can generate more targeted qualified leads for your enterprise.

Does This Sound Familiar?

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We Need to Reach a Enterprise or B2B Consumers

In terms of a professional social platform, LinkedIn is at the forefront. Widely known for its large network of educated professionals, LinkedIn marketing services will be the best option to invest your time.

We Need to Serve Ads to High-Level Executives and Decision-Makers

If your business works within the B2B industry, the best way to reach your high-level executives and decision makers is by having a presence with LinkedIn ads. At Uhuru, we will create content to reach your audience.

I Don’t Understand LinkedIn’s New Analytics

Let our marketing rockstars take the reins, analyzing your data and the impact it is having on your target market. We will continue to create ways to optimize your ads performance through our popular LinkedIn marketing services.

Why Do You Need LinkedIn Ads Marketing?

Leverage Lead-Nurturing Possibilities

What happens once your leads become part of your database? Leveraging lead nurturing is what converts leads into clients. Learn how to target ads more directly to your most high-value prospects with LinkedIn Lead Nurturing tools.

Extensive B2B Networking Opportunities

Improve your business’s LinkedIn profile, and optimize your page’s performance by identifying your audience. Create valuable advertising content to reach the right B2B buyer personas at the right time, every time.

LinkedIn Ads Convert Well on Gated Content

There is a diverse range of ways marketers can utilize LinkedIn advertising to reach their target audience. Uhuru’s LinkedIn marketing services provide a great opportunity to get leads to convert through strategically gated content.

Target Your Audience with Industry-Specific Variables

Each social media platform has factors that work to target the desired audience. Those factors include what is taken into account when creating buyer personas and target markets. Through LinkedIn ads, you can segment these factors into industry-specific variables. LinkedIn is the industry leader in targeting ads based on these professional variables.

Unique Advertising Types Through LinkedIn Ads

LinkedIn is unique in the sense that it provides different ad types for you to take advantage of—with offerings such as sponsored InMail, Lead Ads, and more, we will help take your B2B lead generation to the next level.

LinkedIn Ads That Generate B2B Conversions

Take a deeper look into how LinkedIn Ads generate B2B leads and how your business can use this to nurture those leads into sales for your company.

Uhuru’s Approach to LinkedIn Ads Strategy


Conduct an audit on the campaigns that your organization is currently running. This is how you will move forward in the most efficient and productive way, as you will know exactly where improvements need to be made. We’re not about guess work here.

Buyer Personas

We create buyer personas for your company to help identify your target audience and tailor your LinkedIn marketing strategy to appeal to the ideal audience. People want to feel like you’re talking to them—and them alone. Show them that you care, that you did your homework, and that you understand them and their needs.

PPC Strategy

As part of our LinkedIn marketing services, we audit your buyer personas to develop an effective social advertising strategy tailored to reach each of your ideal buyers. We advise you on which types of ads you should be running and create campaigns for different stages in the buyer’s journey to build out your marketing funnel.

Content Creation

We write and edit your creative (both copy and design) for your LinkedIn ads, in addition to managing them. As an add-on to your program, we can also create long-form content—such as content offers—that we use as lead magnets across all of your advertising platforms.

Track and Report

We test new landing pages, audiences, copy and offers to ensure that performance is truly improving. At the end of each month, we prepare a report that outlines the performance of your campaigns so you can see our LinkedIn marketing services working for you.

Our Work Speaks for Itself

“Check out how we’ve been staying true to our motto and leaving people better than we found them:”

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Frequently Asked Questions

About LinkedIn Ads and Our LinkedIn Marketing Services

The audience that typically spends time on the website is what sets LinkedIn apart from other advertising platforms. Top executives, directors, managers, and other decision-makers utilize the site—so you’re putting valuable content in front of the individuals that can really help your business thrive.

Yes, we will write copy, edit, and design creative in addition to deploying, managing, and optimizing your ads.

Simply put, this depends on your business, but nearly any company can benefit from LinkedIn. LinkedIn ads tend to be more costly than other platforms, but it can bring in more qualified leads that may invest in your product or service.

Yes, on LinkedIn, you have the ability to target by job title, job function, location, industry, company size, and education.

Investing in Uhuru’s LinkedIn marketing services will help your business achieve long-term benefits. Your campaigns will be expertly tailored to attract your target audience effectively. Also, by outsourcing your LinkedIn advertising efforts, you will have more time to focus on other areas of your business.

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