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Uhuru Hives
Our Innovative Team Structure

While some marketing agencies have departments, pods, or other ways of constructing their teams, we use a hive structure here at Uhuru. Like everything we do, we spend a lot of time perfecting our processes. We’re always striving for improvement and believe we aren’t done until we find what works best. We test everything until it’s fail-proof.

We have found it’s the optimal way to work and provide the best support and results for our clients. Here’s why.

What Is a Hive?

A hive is a group made up of people who all specialize in different things. It’s the whole package—an all-in-one team that benefits our valued clients in their marketing or sales engagement. By contrast: in traditional departments, a team often specializes in one thing.

We give you access to the experts directly working on your engagement, from creative to strategy or development. All hives together make up one tight-knit group, but you will always have your pick to the one that aligns with your needs.

How Does a Hive Structure Benefit You?

Here’s a little bit more about why we like to structure our teams this way—and because of these proven methods, why we don’t ever plan on going to departments.


At Uhuru, we like to be transparent. After all, we’re building long-standing relationships with our clients, and we aim to keep it that way. Want a window into what we do? We don’t just build you one window. We create a glass castle—so feel free to peek inside.

More Access

You will always have access to all of the team members working on your projects. No team member is out of reach, and you won’t have a single point of contact but access to the team members directly creating your work. We’re an open book. No matter the time of day, it’s likely someone will be online to answer your question.

More Collaborative

This collaborative approach helps us churn quality work faster than ever before. We work as one cohesive unit. Working together with you toward one unified goal—making numbers soar for your business—is what we’re all about, and this structure helps us accomplish that.

Hives Keep You in the Driver’s Seat

Your company is in the center of our hive. We like to be your sherpas and guide you. When you have new ideas, let us know, we can pivot fast. With any new plan, we get to work right away with our group of seasoned professionals that dig in, divide, and conquer.

Teams That Fit Your Needs

These are the dynamic, agile hives that specialize in your specific industry or marketing and sales needs.

Health Hive

Healthcare Marketing

If you’re in the healthcare and medical space, then working with the team that specializes in the healthcare industry is key to your success. Our experts have extensive knowledge of your niche and want to share your vital work with the world. These team members know how to craft messages packed with empathy, sensitivity, scientific research that are easily digestible. Whether you’re B2B or B2C, we know how to speak to and attract your persona.


Lead Gen Hive

Lead Generation 

This hive is dedicated to getting you leads. They’re tuned in to the most effective cold outreach practices, so they provide your sales team with the leads they need. Their proven methods weed out unqualified leads, giving your sales team the leads they need to drive revenue. If you’re focused on growth, the importance of predictable and scalable lead generation can’t be overstated.


Mercantyle Hive

Website & Full-Stack Development

If you need a custom website that not only has an easy to use backend but supports your marketing objectives, then this is your hive. A high-functioning site is critical to making a good impression on future clients. Broken page elements or even a simple slow load time can send would-be clients away—we make sure they come in and stay there. Mercantyle can build any type of website or app you need.


Marketing Hive

Marketing Strategy & Execution

Their clients range from chemical plants that manufacture vital materials to robotics manufacturers that help the environment. This team analyzes what your digital strategy needs to be to get found online. From SEO to content development, if you need an outsourced marketing team to assist you in all of your marketing needs, this is the team that will help you build your marketing strategy and execute it as well.



Work with Our Teams!

With our agile hive structure, we complete more work in less time—with even more transparency. You’ll have a specialized team in your corner with expertise in every field, helping you when you need it and collaborating to surpass any goal you set in front of us.

Get in touch, and we’ll give you a detailed walkthrough of what we can do for your company.