How To Build a Gym Community With Your Website

By building a gym community on your website you’ll be constantly up to date with your members not just when they go to the gym.

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How To Build a Gym Community With Your Website

Inviting Your Members to Your Website

A website has turned into something so much more than a place to share your gym hours, class schedule or membership options.

A gym website is now a representation of your gym online. Your fitness blog keeps members up to date on what’s going on at your gym and member successes. Your fitness blog also helps lure new members into your gym. Your website is now a method of generating new business and building a community.

A community within your gym is one of the most important aspects of keeping your business thriving. This is especially true of CrossFit boxes where intensity is at it’s highest and every member there is dedicated to making a better lifestyle for themselves.

You might have an amazing sense of community at your gym already, but you’re trying to build a gym community on your website as well. This might be via a fitness blog, photo gallery or other method.

I’m going to provide you with a few tips to help you build a gym community within your website.

Connect your Facebook account to your website

You can do this one of many ways. For example on your fitness blog instead of having your default website comments use Facebook. When using Facebook comments instead of just website comments your gym members can comment using their Facebook accounts. Then those comments get shared with their friends on Facebook.

Users can also reply to the Facebook comment. Your gym members on Facebook can easily join the conversation on your website and help extend your fitness blogs reach.

Share photos from your gym events in blog updates

All of the wonderful images that you or someone on your staff is taking at special events need to be on your website. Think about what you’re doing with them currently. Maybe sharing a few on Facebook or Instagram? To draw your gym members to your website and help build that gym community put those photos to use on your website.

Write a blog post update about the event and share all of the great images in the blog post. Mention the individuals in the blog post and then share that blog post on Facebook tagging the members in the photos.

This draws members back to your website and they will either share it themselves on social media accounts, leave comments, send it to a friend or family member via email. These are all positive actions that help your website grow, your business grow and build the gym community you’re working towards.

Remember you want to increase returning traffic to your website. If you need some help with that read; 5 Ways to Increase Returning Traffic to Your Gym Website.

Write blog posts about members that are going above and beyond

These member blog posts could be about their personal records, community involvement, volunteer work, completing a triathlon or marathon or just something positive that happened.

Did one of your members do something awesome this week? Were they very excited when they told you about it or when they hit that PR while in one of your classes?

Tough-Mudder-team Uhuru Network

Share that with your gym community on your blog! Everyone likes to be recognized especially when they just completed something that was particularly challenging for them.

Show your gym members that you’re paying attention and you appreciate them.

Create a gallery of your gym and continuously update with photos of classes, special events, members or athletes out in the community volunteering, etc.

You can’t let all of the photos you’re taking for your blog and social accounts go to waste. What are you doing with the extras or ones that don’t fit nicely in an update or blog post? Keeping them on a folder on your computer?

Having a gallery on your website that you’re continuously updating with new photos. You can categorize them into groups to keep them neat or just have a long web page filled with photos which would also look pretty cool.

For each photo make sure members are able to click on it to enlarge or share on social media. You want your gym community to easily share the great photos on your website.

By building a gym community on your website, you’ll be constantly up to date with your members not just when they go to the gym. You’ll make them want to continue to visit your website and share it with their friends.

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One thought on “How To Build a Gym Community With Your Website

  1. Building a community website is a good idea for every gym or fitness center so members can find share each other’s experiences, insights, and ideas.

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