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5 Ways to Increase Returning Traffic to Your Gym Website

5 Ways to Increase Returning Traffic to Your Gym Website
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Increasing Website Traffic and Reaching Your Goals

Increasing the traffic to your gym website is a goal that should always be top of mind for a gym owner. Whether that website traffic is new or returning, from current members or yet-to-be members there are tactics you can employ to make sure you have a constant flow of traffic to your gym website.

5 Ways to Increase Returning Traffic to Your Gym Website

But before we jump right into the list, lets take into account what goals. You need to take into consideration your goals to determine the type of traffic you want to attract and the tactics you will implement in order to reach those goals.

For example: If you want to increase the number of current gym members going to your website versus the number of new visitors, the methods you use to reach a current member are different from those looking at your website considering becoming a member.

It’s important to note that creating valuable content will bring traffic to your website no matter what, it’s just the type of content that you create that attracts the different audiences.

So you might be thinking, “if I create a blog post about the success of a current member wouldn’t new visitors see that as well?”, the answer is yes, of course, it’s what you do with the traffic once they get there that’s important.

For new visitors you want to capture their information in order to continue to provide them with valuable information so they will become members. For returning visitors it might serve as a source of inspiration and they might share that member success with a friend, someone who is considering joining a gym.

Keeping those points in mind here are a few ways you could increase returning traffic to your gym website.

Why Current Member Traffic is Important

Goal: Increase returning traffic or current member traffic to your gym website.

Why: You might be thinking, “why would I want to increase traffic to my website of members that I already have, I don’t need to convince them.” But you do have to keep them! Keeping your current gym members happy is as important as attracting new members because if they love your gym they will become your gym promoters.

Turning your current members into your gym promoters is something that can be done with your website.

There are many more methods to create client promoters but today we’re just covering one method of keeping your gym members which is providing valuable content on your gym website.

Five ways to increase returning traffic to your gym website


1. Answer common questions you get at your gym in the form of a blog post.
There are questions that your members are constantly asking, those questions should be answered on the website.

If you created a blog post where you answered a common question and maybe even include a photo if necessary it would solve two problems. One, it would answer your members question and it would increase traffic to your website. Instead of repeatedly answering the question in person or via a Facebook group, direct them to the blog post!

Also, chances are other members have the same question they are just not asking or they might be shy.

Common questions solve a lot of simple problems, are great for SEO if done correctly, and they let your members know that you are paying attention.

2. Feature members that are doing an awesome job.
Most individuals attending gym want and need positive reinforcement. They want to know that they are making progress and are doing a good job. What better way to recognize an awesome member than sharing their story on your website.

Not only will it make them feel good but it also serves as motivation for other members. People love stories and when you back up that storey with real life improvements it’ll motivate them.

Sharing a members successful is also great for class ethos, it encourages members to support each other and give constant “good jobs” and high-fives. When you have a positive gym atmosphere it makes members excited to workout and this excitement is contagious. This is when your members start sharing your gym with their friends and that’s when your members become your promoters.

Creating blog posts featuring members successes might be a simple idea but it can have a huge impact on not only traffic but overall spirit.

3. Provide meal plans to members that are looking for food advice.
The root of a lot of individuals health problems and the reason they start going to the gym is their eating habits. Weight, sickness and overall happiness can be directly correlated to eating habits.

Having a healthy lifestyle is very difficult for most individuals. It may be become of time, money, ideas, know-how or in some cases just laziness. I know as a gym owner you’ve probably heard it all and you constantly are asked what you eat.

If you know that eating healthy is a battle for most of your gym members why not provide them with healthy meal plans that they could use on a weekly or monthly basis. Make it easy for them to eat healthy. Provide them with a downloadable guide with meals, shopping lists and a few tips to help them throughout the week.

Provide this information in the form of a free downloadable pdf in a blog post on your gym website. For current members you might already have their email addresses so you send them the blog post via email and they go to your website to read all about it.

As I mentioned that some tactics will work for attracting new and returning visitors so if you’re or one of your coaches is going through the trouble of creating this valuable meal plan you need to have new visitors give you their email in order to download it.

4. Provide video how to’s and explanations
If at your gym there is special equipment or you own a CrossFit box there are moves that your members need to know in order to do the classes or use the equipment correctly. This is where educational videos and blog posts come into play.

In CrossFit boxes, there are many new moves that most new members will not know. There is an onramp course that you provide but most individuals will not learn it so quickly, why not provide educational videos where the coaches review how a move is supposed to look and the steps to get to the desired end result.

If every week there was a new instructional video on your gym website where you could direct current members to who need help it will increase traffic and keep your members happy.

If new visitors also find it useful, even better, win-win.

5. Use your website to share you gym schedule and/or WOD’s.
If you or your coaches are constantly being asked, “Is there a class today? Do you have yoga on Mondays?” There might be a good chance that your members need an easy to get to schedule.

Your gym schedule, or if you own a CrossFit gym, your schedule and WOD’s is something that your members look at everyday. They need a reminder on when class is and what they are expected to do that class.

If you need to decrease the number of text messages, Facebook messages or emails, they you need to have a way for members to see the schedule on your website.

You know they will be looking that that schedule constantly, so it’s important to always keep it up to date.

Points to Keep in Mind

These are just a few ways you could create blog posts that your current gym members find valuable. There are many more ways to do so like via email, social media, member events and so on. Find a method that’s most effective for your business and focus on that.

Listen to your members. If ideas is what you’re, lacking ask your members. They will let you know what they need help with, what will make them happy and what they need in order to reach their goals.

Always keep your members top of mind. There are goals you’re trying to hit and monthly reporting that you review but if your members are not happy your business could suffer. Let them know that you have their wellness in mind by providing them more than expected. Go that extra mile because everyone needs a little more encouragement.

What are you writing about on your gym website? Are you members inspiring you to create more content?

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