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7 Things You’re Doing Wrong on Your Gym Website

Doing Wrong Your Gym fitness Website

Do you own a gym that needs to be generating more business? Do you have a website that is not converting for you as much as you had hoped?

There are millions of gym websites online and most of them are unsuccessful. They don’t speak to their ideal buyers, they don’t provide valuable content and they don’t represent the gym. Most gym websites go unnoticed so you believe websites are ineffective but that’s not the case.

Doing Wrong Your Gym fitness Website

1. Not providing useful content

Your business is built on helping people achieve personal goals in connection with their health. Everyone that’s a member is either trying to get fit or stay fit. Providing useful information with your content marketing via blog posts or content offers that help members and even non-members is crucial.

Share blog posts on a workout routine using your equipment. Have your coaches do quick instructional videos on workout movements. Share a pdf on a nutrition plan that you recommend for your members. Write a blog post on where you can eat healthy locally.

Sharing useful content on your website and blog not only helps keep your members happy but it also helps you get found online because you’re constantly updating your website which Google loves.

2. Not having professional photography of your gym and coaches

Yes, exercise machines and most equipment looks exactly the same. You might be wondering why you should invest in professional photography and not just use stock imagery. If your competition has cool, awesome photos of their gym, members and trainers/coaches on their website and all you have is stock photography who do you think they are going to go with?

Setting your gym website apart in the plethora of websites with one of a kind photography will create a connection with your visitors. It will display your brand, your gym personality and they will be able to create a deeper connection with your gym.

As a tip, when including members in your photography make sure to include a variety of people. Men, women, old, young and people working towards their goals. Having a variety will help the visitor connect with one over the other. Not everyone sees themselves as a toned, 26 year old, blonde, women.

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3. Not optimizing for local search

Most likely when someone is searching for a gym they are doing so locally. Does your gym show up in search terms? Is your gym listed in local directories and in Google Places?

Your website needs to be SEO optimized for your city or region so when potential gym members are searching for “gym your city” they find yours.

Not to mention that consumers spend more than 15 hours per week researching on their mobile phones and location proximity matters. 69% of consumers expect business to be within 5 miles of their location. Are you showing up? Review your SEO for local and see if you can make a positive change that will impact your business.

4. Not capturing website visitors

If your ideal buyer arrives at your website do you have a way to capture their information?

The majority of the visitors arriving at your website are looking for more information. If they are not a member yet they are researching whether they are going to join your gym or another one in the area. If they are a member they are looking for your class schedule, workouts or nutritional information.

Whether the visitor is new or returning your website needs to have a way to capture their information so you can keep them informed via email and persuade them to join your gym.

A contact list of current and yet to become members is one of the most valuable resources your gym can own.

5. Not clearly stating what is unique about your gym, what it offers.

Do you have one on one training? Offer special boot camps? Do you offer a daycare for customers with children? How are you different from all the other gyms?

A gym website typically just have the basics. We’re located here, we have machines, workout here. Nothing special.

Stand out by sharing what makes your gym the best option. Clearly state it in the website menu and have a page for each service. Not only does this help the visitors but also people searching via Google. Having a content filled website with service offerings and useful content will have your website ranking above your competition.

6. No Social Proof (credibility)

Are your members happy? Do they like your gym? Do you share that on your website?

Demonstrating credibility on your website is a quick way to woo your visitors. If they see an exceptional review or life changing transformation what do you think they are going to do? Try to find out more about your gym.

You can’t assume that people will know that you have an awesome gym with the best personal trainers and have changed the lives of your members. You need to show them with text, photos and even video.

7. Stock website template

It might be easy to search for a “gym website template” find one that you like, add some of your content and call it a day. There are thousands of people doing it so you wonder what’s the harm.

The problem with stock website templates is they are not strategically built for your business. Everyone gets the same features, design and layout. No thought is put into your ideal buyer or your brand. Most of the time they are bloated themes with too many options that you’ll never use and are very slow.

You need your gym website to stand out online and you’re only going to do so with a website designed and built specifically for your brand and your ideal member. It will resonate with your visitors and drive more business.

Bonus Tip! Not knowing who you’re gym customers are and if they’re even going to your gym.

When you have get a new customer you want to keep them right? How are you staying in touch with your gym customers? Do you know why they bought a gym subscription in the first place? Do they want to lose weight? Build muscle? Training for a triathlon?

Getting to know you customers and providing valuable and personalized content to them on an ongoing basis is one of the most important things you can do to have happy customers and create gym evangelists.

For example; you have a group of customers that is training for a marathon. It’s their first time so they start researching for information online. Wouldn’t it be great if their gym sent them a personalized email with a workout regimen to prepare them for the marathon? With weekly or monthly tips and advice on further preparation. How do you think they would respond? I bet it would be positive. So positive, that they might invite their friends, non-members, to join your gym. Because you care about them and their on-going health.

A little attention can accomplish a lot. Loyalty, promotion, positive energy and brand evangelists.

Take a moment and review your gym website. Are you committing any of these website crimes? Do you need to optimize for local? Do you need to start providing ongoing useful content? Are you staying connected with your current members to foster engagement and create evangelists?

Your website is your sales workhorse. They sell your gym all day and night and are meant to grow your business. If you’re not hitting your growth goals online take a moment to revisit your website strategy and see what you could be doing differently.

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