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How Email Marketing Can Grow Your Fitness Business

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Email Marketing & Online Businesses

When was the last time you signed up for an email list because you received a pop up on a website or you opted in because you purchased something from the online store?

After you signed up what did you receive? A welcome email and a series of emails promoting products, discounts, special deals only for newsletter subscribers and even discounts on your birthday. How many times have you clicked on something from those emails? I bet it’s more than once.

I frequently sign up for newsletters from a business I shop at because I want to know what’s new and I know I’m bound to receive a discount of some sort. This might be the same reason you sign up as well.

So, how can you use the same strategy that the online stores use on your fitness business?

email marketing for fitness business-01

Email Marketing & Your Fitness Business

Email marketing can do wonders for your member retention and new member acquisition if you have a strategy in place. The strategy doesn’t even have to be long or complicated. It can be as easy as sending a follow-up email to individuals who do a one-time visit to your gym to get them to come back or become a member.

I’ll share with you a few strategies in email marketing that you can start using for your fitness business today!

Send a follow-up email to all non-members that drop in for a free class

Many fitness businesses are now providing free classes to individuals thinking about joining. The goal is to give these people a taste of what to expect and hopefully get them into a membership commitment before they walk out the door.

So what if those people are not ready to buy now?

Collect their email address and send them a follow-up email. In your email remind them about who you are, when they attended a class, and why they should sign up. It might be tempting but don’t offer them a discount right away.

If they don’t reply to the first email or even the second one, send them another email with a one time discount.

Providing a free class to non-members can be a lucrative strategy for your fitness businesses if you have the email marketing strategy in place to follow up with them after.

Stay in contact with current members via email

This should go without saying, but it’s essential that your business stay in contact with current members via email.

Take into consideration that the average member only goes to the gym twice a week and 67% of people have a gym membership but never use them! Most likely your members are not going to meet their health goals. If you’re a fitness business that is looking to make a difference in the lives of its members then you, as a gym owner, need to stay in contact with your members.

If you want to have happy, healthy members that are going to refer their family and friends then you need to make sure you’re making a difference in their lives not just taking their money.

Send weekly emails to members with valuable information such as; nutrition guides, exercise trackers, meal plans, eating healthy guides, etc. Take into consideration the type of gym you own and what type of content your members need.

If members are happy with your gym and trainers they are more likely to promote your gym to others.

Collect email addresses via your website

Coollect email addresses on your gym website - CrossFit

How are you collecting the information of new visitors arriving at your website?

Your gym website needs a method to capture its visitors. Since you’re most likely writing local content on your fitness blog there is a higher the probability that locals are finding your website.

You want to capture these new visitors and keep in touch with them via email. Most likely they are not ready to commit immediately and by providing valuable information on an on-going basis they are more likely to choose you over your competition down the street.

These are just a few ways you can use email marketing to grow your fitness business. There is a variety of campaigns and strategies you could implement to get an even greater return for your efforts.

Whether it be email marketing, Facebook ads, blogging or keeping in touch with your gym members via Instagram you should always have your business goals in mind. Figure out what you’re trying to achieve and have your digital marketing efforts support that goal.

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