Important announcements: New Business Growth Programs, Uhuru’s Italy office in Rome, and our latest Senior Digital Marketing Consultant

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We have some important announcements to share. Our new growth programs, Uhuru’s Italy office in Rome, and introducing Fabrizio Trentacosti, our latest Senior Digital Marketing Consultant.

Uhuru exists for one reason: To help grow your business.

With our mission in mind, we’re excited to share with you are Business Growth Programs.

Business Growth Programs

Our Uhuru team works hard always to provide you with the best and most current services by staying on top of the latest changes and digital marketing industry updates.

With industry changes come new opportunities for your digital marketing efforts.

These opportunities call on us to improve and evolve Uhuru as well. We’ve recently launched our NEW website highlighting our new program areas and improved services to help you achieve your desired growth goals.

We’ve grown our business by becoming an actual business advantage to its clients by offering digital marketing strategies to attack, attract, capture, track, and nurture buyers.

We’ve also found that our team and clients are happiest when we can stand side by side each month to be proactive in growing their business.

Our two primary services Market Domination (MD) and Business Advantage (BA) are goal-driven and metric-oriented programs that increase traffic, leads, and buyers.

Uhuru’s MD process is the foundation of your digital hub. A strategic, buyer-focused website built to grow your business. With in-house web design, development, photography, videography, copywriting, search engine optimization, conversion funnels, social media, and mobile and tablet responsiveness.

Destination Market Domination Website DesignMarket Domination – Websites built specifically for successful digital marketing


Business Advantage is tailored to your business goals and consists of getting the attention of your ideal buyer in the spaces where they hang out, attracting your ideal clients, so they reach out to you, converting visitors into leads, tracking the performance of monthly campaigns, closing subscribers into buyers, and delighting buyers into promoting your brand.

We’re always updating our website with new guides, resources, blog posts and webinar training sessions to provide you with information that will help you in your digital marketing efforts.

Uhuru Network Business Advantage
Business Advantage – increasing the number of ideal visitors to your website, capturing them with valuable content, and nurturing them into buyers.


We have also become a HubSpot Certified Agency Partner. Since our certification, we’ve been recognized as the premier HubSpot agency in California’s Central Valley and Rome, Italy by specializing in a business growth-oriented inbound marketing. We don’t just enthusiastically recommend it to our clients; we use it ourselves.

HubSpot is the world’s leading inbound marketing and sales platform and works hand-in-hand with Agency Partners to grow their businesses and their client’s businesses through inbound software, services, and support.

Uhuru Italy

Uhuru’s Italian ties can be traced back to 2009. and the Italian counterpart launched in 2009 with Co-founders Fabrizio Trentacosti and Peter Lang. TrucchiFacebook was the first (unofficial) Facebook resource in Italy. 

Fabrizio TrentacostiFabrizio Trentacosti – Senior Digital Marketing Consultant

Today, TrucchiFacebook hosts over 500,000 visits per month.

The community focuses on Facebook Marketing, security, privacy for both personal and business usage, and a Facebook support forum that has answers to thousands of users questions. Fabrizio was featured on a prominent Italian radio network (Radio 105), where Fabrizio was a regular guest answering listener’s Facebook questions. has evolved with its partnership with Uhuru to offer strategic and tactical content related to Facebook Marketing.

The community we’ve cultivated on has a high need for help in all things digital marketing, which lead to Uhuru’s expansion into Italy. Both Market Domination and Business Advantage are helping Italian companies reach their business goals!

Finally, at Uhuru Network, we have an exceptionally talented team, whose values and commitment are #1. It’s our commitment and excellence in business and digital marketing that has allowed us to be a competitive advantage for so many of our clients.

Talk soon!

Uhuru Network Team

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