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Website Design Old Town Clovis – Tourism & Destination

User behavior from website analytics allowed us to better understand Old Town’s visitor. Now users get the information they were truly after on every device.

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Website Optimization Tips – Where to Begin

So you want to start optimizing your website and you want to run some tests. Great! Where do you look to start the optimization process?

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Conversion vs Persuasion – Understanding the Difference

Conversion is a linear process. Consumers move along a path that goes from initial interest to purchase. Once you have defined your path, it is completely possible to measure and optimize the defined steps that move consumers along that path – or “sales funnel”. Either the customers took the next steps or they didn’t and you can see the level of drop-off at each point along the process.

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Pitfalls of Website Optimization

There are good ways and bad ways work on optimizing your website. We’ve covered a few of the good ways: Customer Needs and Perfect Headline. Now lets take a look at some of the ways testing can go wrong.

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Website Optimization: Crafting the Perfect Headline

First, read our article on Optimizing Your Website.

Done? Good. Now you’re ready to work on that headline.

Headlines are important. They are often the first thing that catches a user’s eye so you better make them count. Maybe you are working on a blog post, page, or some other important piece of information and you want to test the most effective use of headlines. Where do you start?

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Website Optmization: Matching Customer Needs with Business Goals

A website should never be a static billboard. It should always be in a constant state of flux as you try to optimize for your audience. Every website has a different look and feel. Visitors likely arrived from a wide variety of sources and for varying purposes so if you have a template you’re building from, you’re work is far from over just because you launched the website.