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Thinking Through Facebook Ads – A Case Study

This isn’t a post about developing a complete Facebook advertising strategy, it is instead designed to show you how to think strategically and tactically about Facebook advertising.

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Website Design Case Study: Milne Photography

Milne Photography has been an on-going client of Uhuru Network for since 2010. Since then, the small business only does digital marketing and has grown every year. In this website design case study, you’ll see the changes made over many years. Over time, continuous improvements are essential to respond to Search Engine and technology changes, like […]

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Case Study: CCSPCA

We are happy to announce the successful launch of our latest client’s social media campaign. The CCSPCA wanted better integration and a stronger message to be delivered across the social media landscape. We came up with a campaign called “Voice of the CCSPCA” and included a workshops/training for staff, custom social media profiles (Facebook and […]

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The Importance of Posting Once Per Day – Facebook

You often read that pages should post at least once per day on your Facebook fan page. Why and who made this rule? We hear that you should touch base with your community, but be careful of over-posting or you will turn off you fan base. Are people just repeating what they heard? Why should […]