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We are happy to announce the successful launch of our latest client’s social media campaign. The CCSPCA wanted better integration and a stronger message to be delivered across the social media landscape. We came up with a campaign called “Voice of the CCSPCA” and included a workshops/training for staff, custom social media profiles (Facebook and Twitter), and a new website design.

“We are extremely pleased with Uhuru Network’s delivery and strategic development of our website and social media outlets. Peter and his staff are experts in this area and they provided us with excellent customer service. I was at first skeptical about the transition for a new website and jumping on board with using various social media outlets. They proved me wrong! Peter, what I like to call, Social Media Guru, has empowered our staff and organization and has taken us to an entirely new level. We have increased awareness about overpopulation in the Central Valley and increased our number of supporters by having them design our beautiful website. They helped us streamline important information so we could reach more people in our community. Uhuru Network was always available to answer our questions and our staff really enjoyed the workshops. Our website and social media accounts were built so quickly and we now have the ability to empower our community to find useful information. We now have full control of administering our site. We are progressively moving toward our goal of finding more homes for our animals thanks to the Uhuru Network!”

Barbara Y. Fukumitsu, PHR
Human Resources Manager
Central California SPCA



One of the hallmarks of Uhuru Network is the desire to train and educate all members of an organization using social media tools to create better awareness and understanding of the environment. For the CCSPCA, we held 3, 3-hour workshops over a two week period designed to immerse the staff in the environment; giving them direction and knowledge they will use to create, post, listen, and respond in the each social network. In these workshops, we cover topics from how to use Facebook and Twitter, safety procedures for the online environment, and content/posting strategies.


Custom Profiles

Professional looking profiles are important when presenting your image across the various social platforms. Uhuru Network offers customized profiles for both Facebook and Twitter and we created both for the CCSPCA. We also know the growing importance of optimizing geo-location based services (such as Google Places) as well as consumer oriented sites like Yelp and we make sure those sites are maximized with proper business information and locations.


SPCA Fresno Twitter


SPCA Fresno FB



New Website

The old CCSPCA website was created using flash which meant it was not optimized for today’s world. We created a custom template for the CCSPCA which allowed us to include and emphasize content the CCSPCA wanted. On the backend, we are able to integrate all the social media elements into the site: Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, RSS, Pet Finder, etc. Creating a customized template also allowed us to optimize the SEO for the CCSPCA. The best part is that CCSPCA fully owns and controls the website with no need for an external webmaster.


SPCA Fresno Website



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