10 Easy Blog Post Topics

We are going to introduce you to 10 easy blog post topics that will help you generate plenty of content.

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Do you ever have trouble coming up with ideas for blog posts? Worry no more! We are going to introduce you to 10 easy blog post topics that will help you generate plenty of content.

Tried and True Easy Blog Post Topics

These topics are widely used, offer numerous possibilities and can help you dodge the writer’s block that creeps up from time-to-time.

1. Tips and Tricks. Quick and easy guides that give insightful information or provide a unique way of doing everyday activities is one of the easiest methods of generating content for your blog.

2. “Best of”. Do a “best of” post. You can come up with all sorts of topics related to your field (or not). Do a daily post-roundup featuring the best posts on a certain topic, the best websites in various categories, or your favorite bloggers. The possibilities are endless!

3. Podcast/Video. Do a podcast or video review. Try an audio interview with someone (make it someone of value to your readers, not just your mom) and post it to your blog. If you typically post written content, this is a great way to freshen up the content and offer your readers something new.

4. Revisit an Old Post. Revisit an old post and offer a fresh perspective or offer updated details. Readers may not always go back to old posts, and this is a great way to showcase old content and create some internal links.

5. Customer Profile. If you’ve done work for a client, show it off a little. Talk about what you’ve done and what the customer thought of your work. These types of profiles are great to show what you do and let your customers speak highly of you.

6. Product Review. Review a product or service. This is a fairly easy way to provide your thoughts and insights to a relevant audience.

Bold and Attention Grabbing Topics

There are also a few methods for gaining traffic that are a little more controversial – and that’s the idea. You are trying to stir up some emotion and get people to either love you or hate you.

7. Debate a Controversy. If there is a controversy in your industry – debate it! Show the pros and cons and take a side. If this is a hot button issue, then you are likely to generate some strong feelings.

8. Disagree With a Celebrity. There are top bloggers out there with large followings, and one of the ways to tap into their audience is to disagree with them. This strategy can be hazardous to your brand so do it sparingly but if you actually disagree, say so.

9. Make a Bold Prediction. Anyone can say the sun will rise tomorrow. Be bold and make a firm prediction about something relevant. When people take stances like this, you will generate those agreeing with you and those that don’t. Either way, you will excite your readers.

10. Slam Your Competitors. CAUTION: This strategy is by far the most controversial and puts you at the greatest risk of ticking off industry leaders and your potential customers. If you don’t have a legitimate issue with any of your competitors, stay clear of this topic by a wide margin. However, if you’re looking for a fight and trying to court controversy, go right on ahead.

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One thought on “10 Easy Blog Post Topics

  1. Sensible advice though I can honestly say that thinking up topics to blog on is not generally the issue. My problem is not enough time to write posts around all the titles I ve made a note of!

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