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Keeping your site up-to-date

Anyone who has felt the positive business impact of a great website can tell you, the difference between an outstanding site and a terrible site is the quality of design, content and goal.

Our clients come to us because they understand the importance of creating high-quality, graphically amazing and thoroughly impressive web sites.

All it takes is a little strategy, creativity and a strong understanding of design and code and your website will look and perform exactly the way you want it to. For a while…

Many people and businesses believe once they have an awesome website they’re done. Both beginners who are on their first website and veterans who have had many, will need to look at continually improving and even rebuilding over time if they want it to have an impact on your success.

Why Your Site is Never Done

Keeping your site up-to-date

Keeping your site current is easy, if your website was built for it. Whether you, your digital agency, or web developer should add new content (weekly or at least monthly) and update your home page images a few times a year.

For those who want to see stronger results, keep your site up-to-date with an active blog.

Search Engine Optimization

Managing your search engine optimization (SEO) is an on-going activity that will have substantial impact on your website’s success. Dedicate time every month to track your rankings on strategically targeted phrases, reviewing and adjusting these keywords, and updating your on-site SEO based on the results and performance of your target phrases. This will help keep your content fresh and show Google and other search engines that your website is continually up to date and worthy of a top spot in the search rankings.

Link Building

Keep systematically link building. It’s a continuous process that requires that you write at least two to five blog posts / articles a month on your targeted phrases, frequently (weekly) contact new website owners for possible guest posts, and monitor (monthly) how your competition is building their links. Link building is still an essential part of achieving a high search engine position.

Focusing on updated content and maintaining strong SEO and link building strategies will ensure that your website evolves with your business and is a true representation of who you are. You and your business are never finished – and neither is your website.

If you want to see results with your web presence – realize it takes work and that you’re never done.

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