What Does Blogging Do For Me? Part 2 – Small Business

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In a previous post we talked about what a blog can do for an individual. In this post we will discuss the many benefits blogging can offer a small business.

Search Result Ranking – Free Exposure

In todays market it is extremely common for people to search the internet to try to find a local business. Wouldn’t it be nice to have your business rank so high that it is listed towards the top or actually on top of the search results. Wouldn’t you like to see your business literally on top of your competitors? Google even has a feature where search results are ordered based on location data. This feature can actually help your small business rank higher in a local search than the larger national companies.

How does blogging help with where I rank in search results?

It’s called search engine optimization and it’s all about how search engines work. The goal of a search engine is to return results that you actually want. To do this the search engine will look for webpages that have the key words you searched for. The frequency of those words on the site impact how relevant the search engine feels the website is. So if you have a blog on your website and you are blogging about relevant information to your field you will be adding those keywords to your site. Think about how many times a certain phrase may appear on your website if you have been blogging for a year or more. Search engines will also value the new content, new content is considered more relevant than old content, so by posting regularly you are adding more content for search engines to crawl as well as telling search engines that you are fresh and relevant.

Demonstrated Value and Expertise

By blogging about your field of business you can quickly establish yourself as an authority. This will benefit any business but especially those in some sort of service industry. Would you rather hire a cleaning company whose webpage consists only of a list of services and a contact page or a company who regularly blogs about their services and displays their knowledge and expertise? Writing how-to guides or opinions on whatever is new in your industry displays that you are passionate about what you do, never forget that there is a human element to business. People want to work with other people, blogging can show the human side of your business.

Sales Channel – Increased Revenue

With the previous two examples we talked about how blogging can bring in additional revenue through clients, but it is also possible to bring in additional revenue from the website itself. You can sell products directly on the website and your blog can help promote them. Selling training courses works very well on the web. Blogging has giving you authority and examples of what a customer might expect from your product. You can also generate revenue with ads or through affiliate marketing. With affiliate marketing it is possible to review a product in your industry, create a blog post about it and put an affiliate link in the post. If the person reading your post clicks on the link and purchases the product you will receive a percentage. This can be very effective; some sites exist which are entirely geared around affiliate links.

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