Uhuru, a full-funnel marketing and digital ads agency specializing in outbound and inbound lead generation, was established in California in 2010 by Peter and Vanessa Rodriguez Lang.

The company, which has offices in San Francisco and Austin, Texas, is dedicated to building a location-independent organization servicing clients across North America, Europe, and Australia.

Uhuru successfully completed a rigorous expansion process and demonstrated real potential and ambition to continue to scale internationally.

Co-founders Peter & Vanessa and A-Team continue their growth via acquisition approach by acquiring four agencies that have been rolled up into the Uhuru Brand.

  • Mercantyle, a Denver, CO-based Full Stack Development Agency
  • CixeFive, a Dallas, TX-based Inbound Marketing Agency
  • The Mission Maven, a fully distributed content marketing agency
  • BBM&D, a Ventura CA-based creative design, and strategic marketing agency

“We have an amazing team, who has been instrumental in delivering the results to retain expert status. We’re excited about how far the business has come, but this is only the beginning.” – Vanessa

Tommy Pasque, former Managing Partner of Mercantyle:
“This is a logical and exciting step for our company. It will help our team serve clients even better and create sustainable growth. Overnight, we improved our design, strategic and operational capabilities. And we gain the support of digital marketing experts in many domains, experienced in working together in a mature international group.”

Vanessa Rodriguez Lang

President / Investor / Partner

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Peter Lang

CEO / Investor / Partner

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Robin Martino

Head of People

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Michele Lopez

Head of Process

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Erin Cece

Head of Integration

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Tony Atkins

Head of Agency M&A Strategy

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