It’s difficult enough getting new visitors to your website on a daily basis and working on growing your community to create evangelists. Having your time split between social media management, writing, emails, website management, and ad management leaves little time for business development. With Market Domination and Business Advantage for publishers, you are no longer left to your own devices. We work with you on building your brand and your business.

The Foundation to Your Online Success


Designing and developing a website for a company that is constantly publishing new content requires a digital agency that is experienced in the industry of publishing. Our team is home to two bloggers that created their brands from scratch. With over 15 years of combined blogging experience, we know what it takes to create a successful publishing website. Our MD websites are not only optimized for content and SEO but also integrate conversion funnels to turn your visitors into brand promoters.

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Ongoing Lead Generation for You


Being a publisher, there are a number of things that you manage on an ongoing basis. You’re constantly creating new content and you’re on all the social networks, but you don’t have a way of tracking what’s working and what’s not. You’re not sure where you should be spending the majority of your time because everything is important. If keeping up with your website and audience growth has become difficult, you need Business Advantage. We work with you to set monthly goals and we work toward these goals together on a monthly basis. With our weekly touchpoints and reporting, you’ll know your business is on the right path toward reaching its growth goals.

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How to Increase Leads Using Facebook Ads

Learn how to use Facebook, like an expert, to increase your leads with this on-demand webinar. (Case study: Gym Business)