Agile Market Domination

Most websites just don’t work for businesses—they are simply displays of design skills, past work, services, and a contact page. But you can change all that with Uhuru’s Agile Market Domination, which can become the foundation and hub of your integrated online presence. The result? A restructured, re-strategized and re-organized online marketing and sales systems. Our team of experts work one on one with you, CMOs, Marketers, business owners and your management to reengineer your online marketing and sales performance.

A strategic buyer focused website that is built to increase traffic and sales

Your website is one of the most important and powerful ways you can differentiate your business and drive new business. You can’t rely on fancy visuals and quirky website copy to persuade visitors that you are the right fit for them. Most of all, your website shouldn’t be a virtual business card. It needs to be an evolving, integrated hub that connects all your other marketing activities, creating an interesting and credible experience for potential and current buyers.

Our digital marketing consultants, designers, and developers understand how to balance great visuals with a simple, yet effective, layout that is a conversion-focused AgileMD Hub. We understand the principles that make a web experience impactful, persuasive, and actionable.

We do this for our clients every day.


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Our Agile Market Domination Website Process

Your Foundation for Digital Success


In order to design, build, and launch an effective and successful market domination website, we first develop a strategy centered around your ideal target’s buyer persona. To determine the strategic direction of the new website, we interview key stakeholders to get a deep understanding of your business and how the launch of a market domination website will aid in achieving its goals for the next 4 to 5 years. In addition to the interview, we conduct market research to identify key competitors in your industry, determine your ideal audience, and develop the market domination strategy document that will serve as the strategic blueprint for the website.


Uhuru creates website copy that resonates with your ideal buyer, communicates the benefit of your value proposition, and tells your brand’s story. This is crucial for attracting ideal visitors to your website, and is a critical component in turning visitors into buyers. We audit your existing content and also perform extensive research in companies in similar industries to determine what will and will not work for your content strategy. We can take care of writing all website copy from scratch or simply enhance what’s already there and then optimize for visitors and search engines.


Professional photography will help deliver your brand’s message and set the tone of the website by reinforcing your story, credibility, and value proposition. Professional photography of your business gives your website viewers a personal look at who you are and what you’re all about, creating familiarity, comfort, and a level of authenticity you won’t find among a sea of stock photo websites. Uhuru focuses on capturing photos from a specific and tailored shot list that aligns specifically with your market domination website success.


With video you’re able to captivate your visitors and showcase your company's culture and personality in a way photography can’t. Creating useful, educational, and/or explanatory videos for your product or service will not only help your audience retain valuable information about your business, but keep them on your website. With 78% of adults watching videos online, it’s hard to ignore that videos can have an impact on your sales. Show and tell your visitors why your company, products, or service is perfect for them. When videos are published to your company’s YouTube channel and optimized for keywords, it will also extend the reach of your brand by appearing in both YouTube and Google’s search results.

Custom Design

There are over 833 million active websites—what’s going to make yours stand out? How are you differentiating? In addition to videography, photography, and copywriting, a custom responsive design will not only help your company stand out, but reinforce the benefits of your brand. Our goal is to develop a unique visual representation that communicates your business’s value and separate you from your competition. Our specific design process creates a persuasive user experience that drives the desired user behavior across all devices.

Fully Responsive

Creating a seamless user experience on desktop, mobile, and tablet devices is no longer an option; it’s required for your digital success. With consumers spending more than 15 hours a week researching on their smartphones, having a website that looks great and functions correctly on every device is not a point that should be taken lightly. We develop websites that not only provide a smooth experience across all touchpoints but we also measure performance and conversions that originate from handheld devices.

Coded Just for You

Your business isn’t “one size fits all” and neither is your website. We create custom frameworks (specializing in WordPress) to ensure this powerful marketing tool is solely built to achieve your goals. We build an easy-to-use back end to make it simple for your business to have administrative control. Our no-fuss approach to web development removes bloated excess and creates fast-loading websites that provide your company what it needs to be successful.

Conversion Integration

Your ideal visitor is on your website reviewing service offerings. Now what? Having a way to capture your visitor and turn them into a lead is the start of the buyer’s journey. Having valuable content offers integrated on website pages and blog posts with call-to-action buttons that lead them to landing pages (where you’ll be able to capture their information) is how we help you develop your company’s leads. We set up your website to work for you, even while your sales reps are sleeping.

User Experience

We take into consideration the different type of visitors that will arrive to your website and mock their flow through the website, pinpointing key areas of interaction. These user experiences are created to make sure the process of acquiring new customers, or a website visitor finding the information they need, is as quick as possible. Different users in different buying cycles have different goals, and each of these variables is determined in development for optimal use and conversion.


We work with you to develop an SEO website launch strategy based on your revenue objectives, sales targets, and competitor research. We research competitors in your industry and determine their SEO rankings to build and break down their success to create an SEO plan for your website. Investing in a solid SEO foundation will save you money in the long run as organic search listings have a click-through rate of 94%, compared to paid search advertising which has a click-through rate of 6%. SEO guarantees long-term online marketing success and a lower cost per acquisition throughout the life of your business.

User Testing

Before the “real” launch there is a soft launch for every market domination website where we conduct usability testing. Our process includes conducting a gap analysis between the original planned goals and the actual activity within the website. Our team of experts examines the efficiency, accuracy, and emotional response of the audience. We monitor how long it takes a user to understand the purpose of the site or to complete tasks, such as finding content, form completion, registration, and other defined tasks.

Speed Optimization

Our MD websites are not only beautiful, business-generating machines, they are quick as a wink. Speed has a high impact on user experience, conversion rates, and keeping visitors on your website, so we make sure your MD website loads in 2 seconds or less. Google also uses website load time in ranking factors, so speed is important throughout the buyer’s journey; from the first time visitors find your website via search to after they have become a client and now return to your website for ongoing valuable content.

Social Media Setup

With the speed at which content is shared your website needs to optimized for social shareability. We implement social meta tags and connect your social accounts with your website for optimal shareability. With an entirely new website design, your social media accounts need to be a part of your new hub. Social media cover images and profile designs are created to match the style of your MD website. We optimize your Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin Company Page, and Google + accounts.

Web Analytics

Setting your website up for success means having data to base your decisions on, not just gut feelings. Integrating web analytics into your website gives your company insights into your visitors and buyers to help you make strategic decisions that have a positive impact on your goals. Knowing what your ideal visitor is reading and what they are clicking on will help your company track its success.


Tested and approved, the website is launched—with our detailed Launch Sequence—for your organization’s use and benefit. We hold a meeting recap to review critical factors of success and move full throttle into your ongoing business growth program, Business Advantage.


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Website Design and On-going Digital Marketing

Year after year, Uhuru's work has exceeded our expectations. Their staff are extremely experienced in their field of social media, marketing, and design, and consistently deliver not only outstanding visual products, but good sound business advice as well. They pay thoughtful attention to our mission and goals and provide strategies that have moved our organization forward by leaps and bounds. We consider ourselves lucky to have had the opportunity to work with such a skilled professionals.

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