Law Marketing | Law Practice Website Design

“Too much to do, not enough time.”
“I’m struggling to receive qualified leads from my website.”
“I’m not sure what to do with digital or how it can be effective for my firm.”
If this is how you’re feeling, you need an agency partner that will take care of everything for you. We set up your online foundation and work with your firm on a monthly basis to meet your quarterly and yearly revenue goals.

The Foundation to Your Online Success


Our Market Domination website process integrates everything for your firm to be successful online. We take care of creating website copy that speaks to your ideal client so your website visitors resonate with your company. We utilize professional photography of your firm at your office with the firm’s lawyers and staff members so new visitors have a connection with who they are hiring. Whether it’s local search or mobile optimization, the websites created under our MD Law service generate seamless user experiences that convert visitors into clients.

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Ongoing Lead Generation for You


When you work with us in Business Advantage, we are truly your law firm’s strategic partner. We lay out a strategic plan that aligns your goals and our activities. We create content and offers, then distribute and promote them to drive your ideal clients to your site. Once there, we capture their contact information and implement a lead-nurturing strategy to move them closer to becoming a client. Most digital agencies don’t care who they work with and whether there is a conflict of interest. We will not work with any of your competitors in your market footprint. It just wouldn’t be a Business Advantage if we did.

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How to Increase Leads Using Facebook Ads

Learn how to use Facebook, like an expert, to increase your leads with this on-demand webinar. (Case study: Gym Business)